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Kenmore 721.62342 Use And Care Manual

Kenmore microwave oven user manual
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Use and Care Guide
Manual de Uso y Cuidado
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
P/NO.: 3828W5A2594



  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 721.62342

  • Page 1 MICROWAVE OVEN Use and Care Guide HORNO DE MICROONDAS Manual de Uso y Cuidado Models/Modelos 721.62342 Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. P/NO.: 3828W5A2594 ®
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    FULL FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY THE MAGNETRON For five years from the date of purchase, magnetron in this Kenmore microwave fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Sears will repair it free of charge. Kitchen Timer ...
  • Page 3: Safety

    PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY ... , Do not attempt to operate this oven with the door open, since open-door in harmful exposure to microwave interlock. • Do not operate the oven if it is damaged. properly and that there is no damage - door (bent)
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    3) Do not use straight-sided containers in your with narrow necks. 4) After heating, allow the container to stand in the microwave oven for a short time before removing the container. 5) Use extreme care when inserting a spoon or other utensil into the container.
  • Page 5: Understanding Your Microwave Oven

    *IEC 60705 RATING STANDARD Specifications subject to change without prior notice. INSTALLATION 1. Remove your Kenmore microwave oven and all packing materials from the shipping carton. 2. Place the oven on a level surface that provides least 4 inches of space at the left, right, top, and rear sides for proper ventilation.
  • Page 6: Parts And Accessories

    6. STOP/CLEAR. Touch this pad to stop the oven or c_earentries, 7. KITCHEN TIMER. Touch this pad to use your microwave oven as a kitchen timer. 8. CLOCK. Touch this pad to enter the time of day. 9. POWER. Touch this pad to set a cooking power.
  • Page 7: Cookware Guide

    COOKWARE GUIDE Most heat-resistant, non-metallic cookware is safe for use in your microwave oven. However, to test cookware before using, follow these steps: 1. Place the empty cookware in the microwave oven. 2. Measure 1 cup of water in a glass measuring cup and place it in the oven beside the cookware.
  • Page 8: Tips For Microwave Cooking

    TESTING FOR DONENESS Because foods cook quickly in a microwave oven, you need to test frequently for doneness. STANDING TIME Depending on density, food often needs to stand from 2 to 15 minutes after you remove it from the oven.
  • Page 9: Using Your Microwave Oven

    Example: To set the clock for 10:30(AM). Display Shows: ¸¸¸/¸¸¸¸¸¸¸;;¸.¸¸¸¸.¸.¸¸¸¸¸¸,% STOP " clear : E,_TEE T,mc nc nau o... ,n : 3u n Tn,_ru 5 TAET ,!0: 39 fir T_,,-u , f UU_-R&- am tn 1__7 n Tml_rU ;11 I IU 5TRET "<_i_!_i_!_;_,!_a,,,, :_:;,_,,:_,;_i _,_S_i_i_!_'_...
  • Page 10: Sensor Cook Operation Instruction

    SENSOR COOK OPERATION Sensor touch cooking provides exciting new features to make microwaving easier. Sensor menu with all the popular food choices, helps you to rehea[ perfectly because it has been pre-programmed and can tell how _ong to reheat food items. Potato, Rice Popcorn, Fresh Vegetable Frozen Vegetable, Frozen Entr_...
  • Page 11: Sensor Cook Table

    SENSOR COOK TABLE CATEGORY Potato Pierce each potato with a fork and place on the oven tray around the ewe, at least one inch apart. Rice, Place rice and twice as much Eiquid (water or chicken or vegetable stock) in a 2-quart microwavable dish, Cover with plas- tic wrap.
  • Page 12: Auto Defrost

    AUTO DEFROST Three defrost sequences are preset in the oven. The auto defrost feature provides you with the best defrosting method for frozen foods., The cooking guide will show you which defrost sequen_ for the food you are defrosting. For added convenience the Auto Defrost includes a buiff-in beep mechanism that reminds you to check, turn over, separate, or rearrange to get...
  • Page 13: Auto Defrost Table

    AUTO DEFROST TABLE Food to be Defrost_ Beef Ground beef_ Round steak Cubes for stew, Tenderloin steak, Pot roast, Rib roast Rump roast Chuck roast, Hamburger patty Lamb MEAT Chops (1 inch thick), Rolled roast Pork Chops ( _ F_inch tNck), Hot dogs, Spareribs, Country-style ribs.
  • Page 14: Multi-Stage Cooking

    When the first stage is over, you will hear two sho_ tones as the oven b_ins the second s_ge MICROWAVE Your microwave oven has 10 cook power _eve_s to let you cook or heat a wide varie_ of foods. Refer to the table below for suggestions: Microwave...
  • Page 15: Cooking Tips

    WARNING: Do not use aluminum COOKING TIPS Meat 1. No special techniques are required. Meat should be prepared as with conventional cooking. Season if desired. Always thoroughly defrost meat before cook- ing. 2. Place the meat on a microwave roasting rack or microwave-proof plate and place on the turntable.
  • Page 16: Cooking Tips

    COOKING TIPS (continued) Fish 1. Arrange fish in a large shallow non-metallic dish or casserole. 2. Cover with pierced microwave plastic wrap or casserole lid. 3. Place the dish on the turntable. 4. Cook according to the instructions in the Fresh Fish Cooking Table below. Flakes of butter can be added to the fish if desired.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Have you: • Set a cooking time? • Touched START? Steam is normally produced during cooking. The microwave oven has been designed to vent this steam. Yes. Never operate the oven empty or without the glass turntable. No. The metal screen bounces the energy back to the oven cavity.
  • Page 18 CAUTION: Do not overcook. Standing time allows foods to continue cooking evenly for a few minutes after the actual microwave oven cooking cycle. The amount of standing time depends upon the density of the foods. As in conventional...
  • Page 19: Before Calling For Service

    BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE You can often correct operating problems yourself. If your microwave oven fails to work properly, locate the operating problem in the list below and try the solutions listed for each problem. If the microwave oven still does not work properly, contact the nearest Sears Authorized Service Center.
  • Page 20 For repair- in your home- of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, no matter who, made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and iiiiii owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.