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Kenmore 565.60582 Use And Care Manual

Countertop microwave oven
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Microwave Oven
Use & Care Guide
Models 565.60582,60584,60586,60589
and Co.,
DP 16579
IL 60179



  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 565.60582

  • Page 1 Countertop Microwave Oven Use & Care Guide Models 565.60582,60584,60586,60589 Sears, Roebuck and Co., DP 16579 Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A
  • Page 2 PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY (a) Do not attempt to operate this oven with the door open since open-door operation can result in harmful exposure to microwave energy. It is important not to defeat or tamper with the safety interlocks. (b) Do not place any Object between the oven front face and the door or allow soil or cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing surfaces.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    WARRANTY United States. For one year from the date of purchase, This Warranty applies only while this if this Kenmore Elite Microwave Oven product is in use in the United States. fails due to a defect in material or The Warranty give you specific legal...
  • Page 4: Proper And Safe Use Of Your Oven

    Do not do home canning in this rest must be in the oven during microwave oven as it is impossible to cooking. See page 8. be sure all contents of the jar have Place the cookware gently on the reached boiling temperature.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    iMPORTANT SAFETY iNSTRUCTiONS When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: WARNING - To reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, fire, injury to persons or exposure to excessive microwave energy: • Read all instructions before use. •...
  • Page 6: Grounding Instructions

    Three-pronged (grounding) plug UTENSILS See following page for further instructions "Materials you can use in microwave oven or to be avoided in CAUTION microwave oven." Personal injury Hazard Utensil Test: • Tightly-closed utensils 1.
  • Page 7 Materials use in microwave oven Utensils Remarks Aluminum foil Shielding only. Small smooth pieces can be used to cover thin parts of meat or poultry to prevent overcooking. occur if foil is too close to oven walls. The foil should least 1 inch away from oven walls.
  • Page 8: Names Of Oven Parts And Accessories

    EvenWave ® System The Windmill fan is a unique Kenmore microwave stirrer system that is visible on the right wall of the oven cavity. It mixes and redistributes the microwave energy in every direction within the oven. The microwaves then bounce off the specially arranged embossments on the interior walls in such a way that the energy is evenly distributed throughout the oven.
  • Page 9: Installation

    565. 60582 20-69911/20-6911 WARNING: (27 inch) oven over an electric oven, it must only (White) (30inch) 20-69913/20-6913 be installed over the following Kenmore 565. 60584 (27 inch)20-69914 Electric Ovens, Stock No.: (Bisque) (30 inch)20-69916 (27 inch) 47485, 47486, 47489, 47189 565.
  • Page 10: Control Panel And Features

    CONTROL PANEL AND FEATURES 11-- Beep Sound A beep sounds when a keypad is pressed, to confirm your key entry.
  • Page 11 [;UN I RUL PANI-L l-i:::A i UR_._ {(;ONT.} (1) indicators indicators light or flash in the display KITCHEN window. Auto FINE DEFROST: 1I 2/3: Indicate current cooking defrosting stage. QUICK DEF: Lights during Auto Defrost. defrosting LOCK: Lights to indicate the child is less crucial.
  • Page 12: Setting Clock

    To set the correct time of day, follow the steps as below. Example: To set 3:15: IStep Procedure Keypad Touch CLOCK. Turn DIAL until 3: is indicated in the display. Push DIAL. indicated in the display. DiAL until 3;15 ¢_ Push DIAL.
  • Page 13: Kitchen Timer

    r_l I _,.,l'lr"l'_l IIIIV61C::K You can use the Kitchen Timer function independently, program is going on in the oven. Example: To set timer for 3 minutes: Step Procedure Keypad Touch KITCHEN TIMER. Turn DIAL until 3:00 is indicated in the display. (up to 9 hours) The time increments are as...
  • Page 14 Example: To cook at power level P 80 for 40 seconds: Step Procedure Keypad Touch TIME• Turn DiAL until :40 is indicated in the display. The time increments are as follows: Time _increment 0-5 min. 10 sec. 5-10 rain. 30 sec. 10-30 rain.
  • Page 15: Sensor Cooking

    SENSOR COOKING Sensor Cooking menu allow you to reheat or cook food automatically. This feature provides accurate and fast microwaving for a variety of popular foods. Example: To reheat soup: Step Procedure Keypad ;Turn DIAL until SOUP appears "1 i in the display. Push DIAL.
  • Page 16: Automatic Defrost By Weight

    AUTOMATIC DEFROST BY WEIGHT The bestdefrosting time and power levelsare automatically determined depending on the food weight you enter. The feature provides two options: FINE DEFROST: Use for thorough defrosting of frozen foods, when it is important to have the center section defrosted as well as the outside. Examples for recommendeduse are: whole chicken, roastsand steak.
  • Page 17 Note: Weight can be entered up to 5,9 Ibs. Beep tone sounds 5 seconds during the defrosting cycle to signal that food should be rearranged to improve defrosting performance. Open the door and rearrange the food. The oven continues the defrosting cycle to the end if you do not open the deer.
  • Page 18: Add Minute

    MINUTE This feature allows you to cook at maximum power level for I minute without pushing the DIAL to start cooking. You can also extend the cooking time up to 90 minutes by repeatedly pushing this keypad during Time Cooking. Example: To set ADD MINUTE for 2 minutes: Step...
  • Page 19: Cooking Techniques

    Delicate speed and efficiency. For warming, Some foods require special attention when cooked in the microwave oven. heating, and defrosting, nothing really compares. There are a few tips that will Delicate foods such as eggs, cheese,...
  • Page 20: Sensor Cooking

    SENSOR COOKING General Sensor Cooking Tips: • The following foods are not • For Foods not listed in the Sensor recommended: Reheating/Cooking Guide, use Time entrees or vegetables, raw or uncooked food, food that must be cooking. reheated uncovered, foods needing After DIAL is pressed, do not a dry look or crisp surface after open the door while the words...
  • Page 21 SENSOR COOKING (CONT.) Reheating Guide Item/Amount Menu Course Casserole/Entree Cover with plastic wrap or casserole lid. Stir after reheating, Lasagna Macaroni Foods that cannot be stirred(ex. lasagna) should Cheese be allowedto stand covered for a few minutes 6 oz. - 20 oz. FROZEN after reheating.
  • Page 22 Menu Course Item/Amount Special Asparagus, Wash. Prepare and cut into slices, cubes, Broccoli,Brussels wedges, or julienne strips for fresh vegetables. FRESH sprouts, Cabbage, The best container for cooking vegetables is a Cauliflower, VEGETABLE 1/2 to 2 quart microwave-safe Mushrooms. Onion, SOFT Add 1 - 4 tbs.
  • Page 23 FRESH VEGETABLE SOFT RECIPE Asparagus with Orange-Balsamic Vinaigrette Cooking Time: About 5 - 8 minutes Ib asparagus, washed and trimmed Trim asparagus so that stems will lie flat in microwave-safe dish. tbsp (30 mL) water tsp (10 mL) finely grated orange Add water.
  • Page 24 CHICKEN PIECES RECIPE Chicken Breasts with Lemon, Soy and Ginger Cooking Time: About 6 - 8 minutes Put chicken in a small shallow baking skinless, boneless chicken breast dish. Scatter onion over chicken. halves (6 oz. each) Combine all remaining ingredients and _/4 cup (50 mL) sliced onion pour over chicken.
  • Page 25: Appetizers

    CONVERTING RECIPES Cover appetizers or dips only when called for by a recipe. Use casserole Most hot appetizers adapt well to lids, wax paper, plastic wrap, or paper microwave cooking, the exception being towel. those wrapped in pastry. Pastry requires the hot environment of the conventional Appetizers and dips that contain oven to become crisp.
  • Page 26: Meats, Poultry And Fish

    PREPARATION CHECKING Beef: The color inside meat indicates • Use a microwave-safe dish, etc. doneness, Rare roast should be red Defrost Frozen foods completely. Wash poultry and fish in cool water. inside. Medium is pink and gray indicates well done. - Arrange small items in a single layer in dish, avoid overlapping edges of Pork: Cooked pork meat should be gray...
  • Page 27 Cooking Stand Food Time Time Beef P 50 15 - 20 min. 5 rain. Meat loaf, 11/2 Ib Pork Chops, loin 1/2 inch thick, 7 oz each 3 - 5 min. 2 min. P100 PI00 6 - 8 min. 3 min. P100 9 - 11 min.
  • Page 28: Eggs

    Stand Cooking Food Time Time Poultry Chicken pieces, 5 min. PIO0 5 - 8 min. up to 2 lbs 1 Ib Fish and Seafood Fish fillets, 3/4 lb P100 4 - 6 rain. 3 min. 5 min. Fish steaks 2, P 50 6 - 9 min.
  • Page 29: Baked Goods And Desserts

    Since food rises higher in the stand about 10 minutes before cooking microwave oven, you will not see a loss in order for some of the gas to be lost. in volume from the reduction of soda or...
  • Page 30: Cleaning

    Here's a comparative warranty and Service is nationwide. Maintenance Agreement chart showing ou the benefits of a Sears Microwave Your Sears Kenmore Elite Microwave )ven Maintenance Agreement. Oven has added value when you consider that Sears has a service unit...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    I K(..)U("r'L_I"IUU ! IN_ Check your problem by using the chart below and try the solutions the microwave oven still does not work properly, contact the nearest center. (TROUBLE CAUSE ERROR 1 light if door is ERROR message (ERROR 1 or ERROR opened before time countdown...
  • Page 32 TROUBLE CAUSE • Materials to be avoided Arcing or sparking. microwave oven are used. ° The oven is operated when empty, • Food refuse remains in the cavity or inside the cavity is uncleaned. • Materials to be avoided Unevenly cooked foods.
  • Page 33 For in-home repair of a major appliance, no matter who made it, no matter Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1 -800=4 - M Y-H O M E*' (1-800-469-4663) Para pedir servicio o ordenar piezas: 1-888-SU-HOGAR °= (1-888-784-6427) Pour tout ie service: 1-877=LE-FOYER °"(1-877-533-6937) For repair of carry-in...