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Kenmore 415.16218 Use And Care Manual

Liquid propane gas grill


AssemblyInstructions/Use and Care Manual
with Grill@Night
Night Light
Model No. 415.162180
This Grill Is For
OutdoorUse Only
• Read this manual
before cooking
grill. Failure to follow all
result in fire or explosion
which could
cause property
injury or death.
• Combustion
when using this product
known to the State of
to cause cancer, birth
defects, or other reproductive
• Parts
• Assembly
• Safety Rules
• Use and Care
• Troubleshooting
• Read and follow all Safety
and Use & Care Directions
to assemble
and cook.
• Some parts may contain sharp edges,
as noted in these
Wear protective
if necessary.
Call 1-800-4-MY-HOME
Parts Ordering:
Call 1-800-366-PART
To Installer/Assembler:
these instructions
To Consumer:
Keep this
manual for future
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179



Summary of Contents for Kenmore 415.16218

  • Page 1 AssemblyInstructions/Use and Care Manual LiquidPropaneGasGrill with Grill@Night Night Light Model No. 415.162180 This Grill Is For OutdoorUse Only • Read this manual grill. Failure to follow all manufacturer's instructions result in fire or explosion cause property damage, injury or death. •...
  • Page 2 FOR YOUR SAFETY 1. Do not store or use gasoline flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. 2. An LP tank not connected not be stored in the vicinity other appliance. FOR YOUR SAFETY If you smell gas: 1.
  • Page 3 For Your Safety ... Grill Service Center ... Product Record Information ... Safety Symbols ... Installation Safety Precautions ... Kenmore Grill Warranty ... Parts List ... Parts Diagram ... Assembly ... Use and Care ... Cooking Chart... Troubleshooting... Repair Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart purchase.
  • Page 4 Leg Assembly... Base ... Midshelf ... #10-24x2 ° CarriageBolt ... #10-24 PlasticTee Knob... WheelAssembly... 1"Hitch Pin... Leg Extender ... Upper FrontPanel ... Lower FrontPanel ... Upper PanelWire ... CondimentWire ... Grill Bottom... BurnerAssembly ... CollectorBox ... #10-16xl/2" Self-TapScrew... Electrode ... ControlPanel ...
  • Page 5 & 463845504 • 5...
  • Page 6 CartAssemblyStep 1 [] Positionbaseon edgewith tankholeto left side. [] Insertlegs intobaseandattachwith carriagebolts and plasticwingnuts.Usetop holeson left side. DO NOTFULLYTIGHTEN. [] Insertmidshelfwire intoholeson insidesof legs, long wirestowardleft side.Fullytightencarriage boltsand plasticwingnuts. Leg Assembly\ \\\\\\\\\\\ "4 6.463845504 Longmidshelf wire to leftside. Qty.8 Qty.8 _Base...
  • Page 7 CartAssemblyStep 2 [] Insertwheel/hubcap assembliesinto bottomholeson left legs. [] Securebeneathbasewith hitchpins. See inset below. [] Push leg extendersintoright legs. Wheel/Hubcap Assembly _Leg Extender with hitchpin in axle bolt. Qty. 2 463845504* 7...
  • Page 8 UpperAndLowerFrontPanelAssembly [] Snapthe upperand lowerfront panelstogether. [] Insertthe two pinson lowerpanelintoholesin front of cartbase. [] Snapthe upperpaneloverthe midshelf wire. UpperFront Panel LowerFrontPan_ 8,463845504 Upperpanel snapsonto midshelf wire. NOTE-" Rearview of cart. Wheels are to right side.
  • Page 9 UpperPanelWireAndCondiment WireAssembly [] Insertpanelwire throughupperpaneland intoleg, then bendwire slightlyto insertoppositeend. [] Hookouterwiresof condimentwire intoholesin upperpanel,rotatecondimentwire down,and insert remainingwiresintoholesin front of lowerpanel. NOTE-" Rearview of cart. Wheels are to right side. Condiment Wire NOTE; front view of cart. Wheels are to left side. 463845504* 9...
  • Page 10 Grill Bottom/Control PanelAssemblyand TankWire [] Carefullyplacegrillbottom/control panelassembly onto cart,so as not to scratchpainton legs.Makesure controlpanelbracketfits over supportbar on eachside. [] Insertcarriageboltsthroughgrill bottomand centerholein support bar.Threadmetalwingnutsonto boltsbutdo notfully tighten. [] Insertcarriageboltsthroughcontrolpanelbracketand front holesin supportbar.Securewith plasticwingnuts. [] Fullytightenmetalwingnuts. [] Press controlknobsontovalvestems. [] Insertendsof tankwire intoslots on eachside oftank holein base. Leantank wiretowardmidshelf.
  • Page 11 End Cap,Side Shelf,Tool HolderandV-bar Assembly [] Insertend capsintoendsof leg tubes. [] Position sideshelf ontoright legsas shown belowand securewithfour wingscrews. [] Position tool holderonto leftfront leg and securewithtwo carriageboltsand plastic wingnuts.Usethetwo outerholes.Do not usethe middlehole. [] Place V-barintogrill bottom,restingon supports at eachend. End Cap Holder Qty.2...
  • Page 12 SidebumerAssembly [] Placesidebumerbodyonto legs.Secureat front with one wingscrewthroughleg,tool holder,and intobody. [] Inserttab on sideburner frame intohole in body.At roarleg,insertcarriageboltthroughframe, body, andmiddleleg hole. Securewith metalwingnut. [] Insertsideburner tube intolargeframe hole.Insertburner'sthreadedstud intosmallframe hole.Attachmetalwingnut to stud,but do notfully tighten. [] Insertsideburner valveinto burnertube andsnapvalvecup intobody.Note propertube-to-valve engagement in figure A. Onceproperengagement is made,fully tightenmetalwing nutbeneathburner.
  • Page 13 Grill Lid,Temperature Gaugeand BezelAssembly [] Attachgrill lidto grillbottomwith hingepinsand hitchpins. [] Removewingnut from temperature gauge,insertgaugeintobezel,then intohole in grill lid. Securewith wingnut. _Temperature Gauge _Bezel Temperature GaugeWing Nut Qty.2 p/n 4156513 Qty.2 Grill Lid _J-45 p/n4156513 463845504.13...
  • Page 14 Grill@Night Night LightHandleAssembly Note: On the underside of the lampassembliesare%" for leftside and "R" for rightside.Matchto letteron the handle. [] Lampassembliesinstallinsidegrilllid. Insertthumbscrews (provided with handle)throughlampassembliesand grilllid, then intohandle. [] Removethe two batterydoorscrewsandinstallthe sixC-sizebatteriesas indicatedinsidebatterycompartment. [] Replacebatterydoor and screws. Note: Twoextra bulbsare containedinsidethe bulb holders,attached to the bottomof the handle.
  • Page 15 SwingAway And Cooking Grate A ssembly [] InsertlowerSwingAway pivotwires intobottom holesin sides of grilllid. [] InsertlowerSwingAway leg wires intotop holes in sidesof grillbottom. [] InsertupperSwingAway pivotwires intomiddle holesin sides of grilllid. [] InsertupperSwingAway legwires intoloops on side of lowerSwingAway. [] Place cookinggrate ontograte restsin grillbottom.
  • Page 16 TankWire, LPTank,GreaseClip and Battery and ignitorButtonAssembly [] Place LPtank intoholein basewithtankvalvefacing towardfront of grill. [] To secureLPtank, pull tankwire overthe side ofthe tank, towardthetank collar. [] See Useand Care sectionfor connection of regulator to LPtank. [] Hanggreaseclipbeneathgrillbottom.See inset below.To collect grease,hangan emptysoupcan(not included)from greaseclip.
  • Page 17 • Never fill the cylinder beyond 80% full, An overfilled spare LP tank is hazardous due to possible gas released from the safety relief valve. • The safety relief valve on the LP tank could activate releasing gas and cause an intense fire with risk of property damage, serious injury or death.
  • Page 18 LPTank Exchange • Many retailers thatsell grills offer you the option of replacing your empty LP tank through an exchange service. Use only those reputable exchange companies that inspect, precision fill, test and certify their cylinders. Exchange your tank only for an OPD safety feature-equipped tank as described in the "LP Tank"...
  • Page 19 Hold couplingnut and regulator as shownfor properconnection to LPtankvalve. 6. Turn the coupling nut clockwise and tightento a full stop. The regulator will seal on the back-check feature in the LP tank valve, resulting in some resistance. An additional one-half to three-quarters turn is required to complete the connection.
  • Page 20 • Do not use charcoal or ceramic briquets in a gas grill. (Unless briquets are supplied with your grill.) • Use grill at least 3 ft. from any wall or surface. Maintain 10 ft.
  • Page 21 • Putting out grease fires by closing the lid is not possible. Grills are well ventilated for safety reasons. • Do not use water on a grease fire. Personal injury may result. If a grease fire develops, turn knobs and LP tank off.
  • Page 22: Burner Flame/Ignitor/Valve/Hose Check

    • Before each use, check to see if hoses are cut or worn. Replace damaged hoses before using grill. Use only identical Kenmore replacement valve/hose/regulator assembly. General Grill Cleaning • Do not mistake brown or black accumulation of grease and smoke for paint.
  • Page 23 Cleaning The Burner Assembly Follow these instructions to clean and/or replace parts of bumer assembly or if you have trouble igniting grill. 1. Turn gas off at control knobs and LP tank, 2. Remove cooking grate and V-bar. 3. Remove grease can from beneath grill. Beneath grill bottom, disconnect ignitor wire from electrode.
  • Page 24 Storing Your Grill • Clean cooking grates. • Store in dry location. • When LP tank is connected to grill, store outdoors in well- ventilated space and out of reach of children. • Cover grill if stored outdoors. • Store grill indoors ONLY if LP tank is turned off and disconnected, removed from grill and stored outdoors.
  • Page 25 Cooking Chart Cooking times and temperatures may vary according to specific recipes, cooking conditions or barbecue equipment used. Take these factors into consideration to insure best results. If you use the indirect cooking method (indirect cooking is lighting only one burner and placing food on opposite side of cooking grate), allow more grilling time.
  • Page 26 Troubleshooting Problem PossibleCause • Wire andlorelectrodecoveredwith Burner(s)will not light usingignitor. cookingresidue. • Electrode and burnerarewet. • Electrode crackedor broken"sparksat crack" • Wire is looseor disconnected. • Wire is shorting(sparking) between ignitor a nd electrode. • Bad ignitor. Burner(s)will not • Nogas flow. matchlight.
  • Page 27 Troubleshooting - Electronic Ignition System Problem Possible Cause Nosparksappearat • Batterynot installed anyelectrodeswhen properly. ignition buttonis pushed;no noisecan be heardfrom spark • Deadbattery. module. • Buttonassemblynot installedproperly. • Faul_spark module. Nosparksappearat • Outputlead connections not anyelectrodeswhen ignition buttonis complete. pushed; n oiseCAN be heardfrom spark module.
  • Page 28 Forrepair-in your home-of all major brandappliances, lawnand gardenequipment,or heatingand coolingsystems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! Forthe replacementparts,accessoriesand owner's manualsthat you need to do-it-yourself. For Searsprofessionalinstallationof homeappliances and items like garagedoor openersand water heaters. 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® (1-800-469-4663) Call anytime, day or night (U.S.A.

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