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Before Using The Refrigerator; Safeguarding The Environment; Precautions And General Recommendations - Whirlpool ARC 0700 Instructions For Use Manual

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Your new appliance is exclusively for domestic use.
Use the low temperature compartment, if fitted,
for making ice cubes, storing frozen and deep-
frozen foods and freezing fresh and cooked foods
(only in the compartment marked
defrosting is a manual procedure. The
refrigerator compartment, which has an
automatic defrost feature, is used for the storage
of fresh food and beverages.
To get the most out of your new appliance, read
the user handbook thoroughly. The handbook
contains a description of the appliance and
useful tips for storing food.


The packaging material is entirely recyclable, and
marked with the recycling symbol.
Follow local regulations for scrapping.
Keep the packaging materials (plastic bags,
polystyrene parts, etc.) out of reach of children, as
they are potentially dangerous.
The appliance is made using recyclable materials.
Dispose of the appliance in conformity with local
environmental regulations.
Make the appliance unusable by cutting off the
power cord. The appliance must be delivered to an
authorised collection centre for the recovery of
refrigerant gas.


• Use the refrigerator compartment only for
storing fresh foods and the low temperature
compartment only for making ice cubes, storing
frozen foods and freezing fresh foods (only in
the compartment marked
• Do not cover or obstruct the air vents of the
• Do not store liquids in glass containers in the
low temperature compartment - risk of bursting.
• Do not eat ice cubes or ice lollies immediately
after taking them out of the low temperature
compartment - risk of "cold" burns.
Keep this handbook for future consultation.
1.After unpacking the appliance, make sure that
the door shuts properly.
Any damage must be reported to your dealer
within 24 hours after delivery of the appliance.
2.Wait at least two hours before connecting the
appliance to the power supply in order to
ensure the refrigerant circuit is fully
3.Installation of the appliance and electrical
connections must be carried out by a qualified
electrician, in accordance with the
manufacturer's instructions and local
This appliance does not contain CFCs (replaced
with R134a) or HFCs (replaced with R600a -
Isobutane). For more information, refer to the
identification data plate affixed to the appliance.
Declared performance refers to freestanding
appliances, not built-in.
• Do not allow children to play or hide inside the
appliance - risk of becoming trapped and
• Before servicing or cleaning the appliance,
unplug it from the mains or disconnect the
electrical power supply.
• The power cable may only be replaced by an
authorised person.
Declaration of conformity
This appliance is intended to come into contact with
foodstuffs and conforms to D.L. 108 of 25.01.1992
(European Directive 89/109/EEC).
Appliances with Isobutane (R600a)
Isobutane is a natural gas having low
environmental impact. Caution is required,
however, since isobutane is flammable. Therefore,
it is essential to ensure that refrigerant pipelines
are not damaged.