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Pioneer DVR-RT502 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd recorder & vcr
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DVD Recorder & VCR
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Operating Instructions
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Pioneer DVR-RT502

  • Page 1 DVD Recorder & VCR DVR-RT502 Register Your Product on (for Canada) Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ INSTRUCTIONS — All the safety and GROUNDING OR POLARIZATION OBJECT AND LIQUID ENTRY — Never push operating instructions should be read before the • If this product is equipped with a polarized objects of any kind into this product through product is operated.
  • Page 4 Use of this copyright protection the power cord once in a while. When you find it technology must be authorized by Macrovision damaged, ask your nearest PIONEER authorized Corporation, and is intended for home and other service center or your dealer for a replacement.
  • Page 5 We Want You Listening For A Lifetime Used wisely, your new sound equipment will provide a lifetime of fun and enjoyment. Since hearing damage from loud noise is often undetectable until it is too late, this manufacturer and the Electronic Industries Association’s Selecting fine audio equipment such as the unit Consumer Electronics Group recommend you avoid you’ve just purchased is only the start of your...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents UNDO FINALIZE ............. 28 01 Before you start DIMMER (Brightness of the display window) ....29 Features ................8 DISPLAY/CALL (Turning the screen display Discs which can be played back ........9 “ON” or “OFF”) ............... 29 Discs on which video can be recorded ......10 Setting the screen ............
  • Page 7 Playing back a selected track ........42 Erasing a scene (Edit title) ..........68 Random playback ............43 Combining the title ............70 Repeat playback of selected track ........ 43 Erasing a playlist ............71 Repeat playback of all tracks ........43 Editing an original title ..........
  • Page 8: Before You Start

    Before you start Chapter 1 Before you start Recording function Features • Timer recording Not only can you playback and record video tapes, but VR mode Video mode DVD-R you can also playback DVD discs or make recordings You can program the recorder to record up to 12 using DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R discs with this unit.
  • Page 9: Discs Which Can Be Played Back

    Ver. 1.1 discs. • Compatibility of the disc and this unit. • Compatibility of the disc and the recorder used. The following table shows older Pioneer DVD recorder • Unfinalized discs. compatibility with DVD-RW Ver. 1.2 / 4x discs.
  • Page 10: Discs On Which Video Can Be Recorded

    Before you start DVD-R Discs on which video can be recorded • You can record on the disc only in the Video mode. • You can record until the disc becomes full. To record video with this unit, use the discs below: •...
  • Page 11: Disc Playback In Other Players

    Before you start Title/Chapter/Track Disc playback in other players A DVD-Video has large partitions called “Titles”, and A disc recorded in this unit can be finalized. The disc smaller partitions within them called “Chapters”. can be played back in other players that can playback A music CD has other partitions called “Tracks”.
  • Page 12: Controls And Displays

    Controls and displays Chapter 2 Controls and displays Front panel PLAY button STOP button Cassette Loading Slot REW (Rewind) button VCR EJECT button IR Remote senser STANDBY/ON FF (Fast Forward) button button VCR/DVD button Disc tray DUBBING DVD indicator OPEN/CLOSE button VCR indicator Display window AUDIO (L/R)/VIDEO...
  • Page 13: Display Window

    Controls and displays Display window Display Description Lights during video tape playback. Video tape is temporarily stopped. Lights during video tape recording. Progressive scanning mode. Timer recording display. XP/SP/LP/EP 4 DVD recording modes. XP , SP, LP or EP is selected in turn by pressing the REC MODE/SPEED repeatedly. SP/EP 2 VCR recording modes.
  • Page 14: Remote Control

    Controls and displays Remote control VCR Plus+ (page 59) 26 SLOW (pages 36, 51) Display the VCR Plus+ program Starts slow motion playback. screen. 27 REC (pages 55,57,82) RETURN (pages 23, 45) Starts recording. Closes the menu window. 28 REC MODE/SPEED (pages 55, 57) 10 CANCEL Selects the recording mode.
  • Page 15: Putting The Batteries In The Remote Control

    Controls and displays • The are also used to navigate on- Putting the batteries in the remote screen menu system. • You can directly access specific channels using control numeric keys. • Each press of DVD/VCR, switches the screen Open the battery compartment cover on the back of between the DVD screen (DVD mode) and the VCR the remote control.
  • Page 16: Connecting Up

    Connecting up Chapter 3 Connecting up Important • Before making or changing any rear panel connections, make sure that all components are switched off and unplugged from the wall outlet. Antenna connection If you are using an antenna system, follow these instructions. If you are a Cable TV subscriber, skip ahead to page 18 for the proper connections.
  • Page 17 Connecting up DVD/VCR TO TV CONNECTION After you have connected the antenna to the DVD/VCR, you must connect the DVD/VCR to the TV. Below are 3 common methods of connecting your DVD/VCR to a TV. Find the type of TV you are using and follow the connection diagram.
  • Page 18: Cable Tv Connections

    Connecting up Cable TV connections Many cable companies offer services permitting reception of extra channels including pay or subscription chan- nels. This DVD/VCR has an extended tuning range and can be tuned to most cable channels without using a cable company supplied converter box, except for those channels which are intentionally scrambled.
  • Page 19 Connecting up Important • Make sure the TV/CABLE menu option is set to the “CABLE” mode. This DVD/VCR cannot receive scrambled programs since it does not contain a descrambler. In order to receive scrambled programs, your existing descrambler must be used. Descrambler boxes are available from cable companies. Consult your local Cable TV company for more information concerning connection to their descrambler equipment.
  • Page 20: Connections With The Tv Or Audio Component

    Connecting up Connections with the TV or audio component The exact arrangement you use to interconnect various video and audio components to the DVD/VCR is dependent on the model and features of each component. Check the Owner’s Manual provided with each component for the location of video and audio inputs and outputs.
  • Page 21 Connecting up Connect to a stereo amplifier with audio output You can enjoy high quality audio by connecting the audio output to your amplifier. Connect the audio output jacks to any line-level inputs (such as AUX, DVD, CD, etc.) of an audio amplifier. DVD/VCR Stereo Amplifier Audio (L) output...
  • Page 22: Getting Started

    Getting started Chapter 4 Getting started Auto clock setting Preparation: You must connect the antenna or cable before connect- ing the AC cord to the power source. After the clock is set automatically, you may have to set the Standard Time (time zone) and Daylight Saving Time.
  • Page 23: Setup Menu

    Getting started Select any channel to receive a TV station in Press SETUP while the DVD and video tape is your area. stopped. The channel number will appear on the screen for about The SETUP MENU screen will appear. 4 seconds. SETUP MENU For a push-button TV tuner TIMER REC SET...
  • Page 24: Setting The Language

    Getting started Selectable languages: Setting the language ENGLISH, FRANCAIS, ESPANOL You can choose the language of the menu screen, DVD The language you have selected will play if it is menu, DVD audio and subtitles. recorded on the disc. Preparation: ORIGINAL •...
  • Page 25: Setting The Parental Control

    Getting started Note Setting the parental control • The selected level will apply to operations executed Some discs are specified as not suitable for children. after this. This unit can prevent playback of such discs. • The unit cannot restrict playback of some discs. Preparation: •...
  • Page 26: Setting The Clock

    Getting started STANDARD TIME (Time zone) Setting the clock In the rare event that you live within the broadcast range The clock is set to the correct time automatically, but it of two stations in two different time zones, the DVD/VCR can also be set manually.
  • Page 27: Setting The Disc

    Getting started Note Setting the disc • When the format finished, “REFORMATTING You can format, protect, or finalize a disc. COMPLETED PRESS ENTER.” will appear. Press Preparation: ENTER to clear the screen. • You cannot format Ver. 1.0 DVD-RW and DVD-R. •...
  • Page 28: Finalize

    Getting started FINALIZE UNDO FINALIZE To play a DVD(-R/RW) disc recorded on this unit you You can cancel the finalization of a finalized DVD-RW (in VR mode). must finalize the disc to insure compatibility with other You cannot cancel the finalization for discs other than DVD players.
  • Page 29: Dimmer (Brightness Of The Display Window)

    Getting started TV SCREEN SETUP MENU You can select the TV screen size to suit the screen TIMER REC SET LANGUAGE OTHER image. SYSTEM SETUP PARENTAL DIMMER AUTOMATIC Select “TV SCREEN” and select screen size from the list AV SETUP DISPLAY/CALL CLOCK REC SETUP...
  • Page 30: Line1 Input/Line2 Input

    Getting started LINE1 INPUT/LINE2 INPUT BLACK LEVEL CONTROL (PLAY) This unit comes with an S-Video input jack and Video To select the black level of playback pictures, set your input jack. When you use an S-Video or Video input jack, preference and monitor’s ability.
  • Page 31: External Audio Input

    Getting started EXTERNAL AUDIO INPUT INITIAL REC TO The audio mode for the audio input jack can be se- You can select the recording media that is first dis- lected, choosing either stereo or monaural. played in the item “REC TO” on the timer recording Select “EXTERNAL AUDIO INPUT”...
  • Page 32: Setting The Channel

    Getting started ADD/DELETE (channels) Setting the channel You can add the channels you want or delete the This DVD/VCR is equipped with a channel memory channels you do not want manually. feature that allows you to skip channels up or down to Select “ADD/DELETE”...
  • Page 33: Playback

    Compact Disc Digital Audio specification, it may or may not be played with this product. – If you need further information about playability of DualDisc, please see ‘Service & Support’ on the Pioneer web site (
  • Page 34: Playback By Selecting A Title

    Playback Press to select the title you want to Playback by selecting a title playback. In case the disc includes more than 9 titles, you can VR mode Video mode DVD-R turn to the next or the previous page. Press , then press to display next/previous page.
  • Page 35: Checking Media Information

    Playback Press DISPLAY while the media information Checking media information above is displayed. The next media information will appear. DVD-Video VR mode Video mode DVD-R Various information on the loaded disc can be displayed Title on the TV screen. Media type Disc name DISC NAME ––––...
  • Page 36: Special Playback

    Playback Fast forward playback Special playback Press F.FWD during normal playback. Each press of F.FWD will increase the speed of the DVD-Video VR mode Video mode DVD-R search (x2), (x12), (x24), (x100). (The speed of the serch is increased up to only 2 steps Note in Audio CD.) •...
  • Page 37: Commercial Skip / Locating A Specific Scene

    Playback Locating a specific scene Commercial skip / Locating a specific Specify the time recorded on the disc, chapter or title to scene playback. Press PLAY MODE. DVD-Video VR mode Video mode DVD-R The play mode screen will appear. TIME CHAPTER TITLE REPEAT...
  • Page 38: Repeat Playback

    Playback One touch repeat Repeat playback This feature can be used to repeat the last 10 seconds of viewed material, then playback as normal. DVD-Video VR mode Video mode DVD-R Press ONE TOUCH REPEAT during playback. The video returns to a point 10 seconds before and playback resumes.
  • Page 39: Title Selection / Dvd Menu

    Playback DVD menu Title selection / DVD menu Some DVDs allow you to select the disc contents using the menu. When you playback these DVDs, you can DVD-Video select the subtitles language, soundtrack language, etc. using the DVD menu. Press DVD MENU during playback. The DVD menu appears on the screen.
  • Page 40: Changing Angles / Zooming

    Playback Changing angles When playing back a disc recorded with multi-angle facility, you can change the angle that you are viewing the scene from. Press ANGLE during playback. Changing angles / Zooming The current angle will appear. Press ANGLE repeatedly until the desired angle DVD-Video VR mode Video mode DVD-R...
  • Page 41: Changing Soundtrack Language

    Playback Changing soundtrack language Changing soundtrack language / Sub- You can select the language when you play a multilin- titles gual disc. Press AUDIO during playback. DVD-Video The current soundtrack language will appear. Press AUDIO repeatedly until the desired language is selected. The on-screen display will disappear after a few seconds.
  • Page 42: The Cd Track Info Screen

    Playback Press TITLE MENU/TOP MENU. The CD Track Info screen The TRACK INFO screen will appear. The elapsed time and total time of the music This section describes the TRACK INFO screen where data (during playback) music CDs can be played back using the various The track number Scroll bar during playback...
  • Page 43: Random Playback

    Playback Repeat playback of selected track Random, repeat and program play Press to select the track number you want to repeat playback and press Press to select “REPEAT TRACK” from the menu list and press ENTER. Press PLAY. The selected track will be played back repeatedly. To cancel repeat track playback, select “REPEAT TRACK”...
  • Page 44: Mp3/Wma/Jpeg/Divx Playback

    Playback Using the BROWSER screen ® MP3/WMA/JPEG/DivX playback Press TITLE MENU. The BROWSER screen will appear. ® MP3, WMA and DivX files can be played back. You can BROWSER also display JPEG files on the TV screen and enjoy them as a slide show.
  • Page 45: Playing Back Mp3/Wma Files

    Playback Playing back MP3/WMA files Press to select MP3 or WMA file. • In case the disc includes more than 10 files, you can turn to the next or the previous page. (See page MP3 CD 42.) • MP3 files must have the extension letters “.mp3”. •...
  • Page 46: Playing Back Jpeg Files

    Playback Press to select JPEG file. Playing back JPEG files • In case the disc includes more than 10 files, you can turn to the next or the previous page. (See page 42.) JPEG CD BROWSER JPEG files must have the extension letters “.jpe”, “.jpeg” /popArt Alfred Ia Guigne.jpg or “.jpg”.
  • Page 47: Playing Back Divx Video Files

    Playback Playing back DivX ® video files Press to select DivX ® file. • If the disc includes more than 10 files, you can DivX ® video specifications move to the next or previous page. (See page 42.) • DivX ®...
  • Page 48: Progressive Scan

    Playback Preparation: Progressive scan • Connect to a TV equipped with component jacks which support progressive video input. DVD-Video VR mode Video mode DVD-R • Turn ON the TV and set it to the corresponding The unit supports the progressive scanning system as video input mode.
  • Page 49: Loading And Unloading A Cassette Tape

    Playback Unloading Loading and unloading a cassette tape You can eject the video tape while the unit is turned off. Press EJECT on the unit or the remote control. Remove the cassette tape. Use only video cassette tapes marked • Cassettes marked “VHS” (or “S-VHS”) can be used with this video cassette recorder.
  • Page 50: Cassette Tape Playback

    Playback Load a prerecorded tape Cassette tape playback (When loading a cassette tape without the erase prevention tab, playback will start automatically). To start playback Press PLAY. Playback will start. “ ” will appear on the screen for about 4 seconds. To stop playback Press STOP once.
  • Page 51: Special Playback

    Playback Manual tracking adjustment Special playback If automatic tracking cannot eliminate noises well during playback, press TRK + / – to eliminate the noises. “MANUAL TR.” will appear. Press it briefly for a fine adjustment, or press and hold for a coarse adjustment. Note •...
  • Page 52: Zero Return Function / Video Index Search System

    Playback Switching the display between clock and counter ZERO RETURN function / Video index Press CLOCK/COUNTER. The clock and tape counter alternate with each other in the display. search system ZERO RETURN function This function makes tape rewinding stop at the counter “00:00:00”...
  • Page 53: Recording

    Recording Chapter 6 Recording program being recorded will be lost or the disc may Read this before recording on disc not be playable. Manufacturer cannot guarantee against loss of program or disc should this occur. This section explains what you must know to record onto a disc.
  • Page 54 Recording Disc remaining time CPRM CPRM is a copy protection/scrambling system devel- VR mode oped for the recording of ‘copy once’ broadcast • Recording is possible as long as there is available programs. CPRM stands forContent Protection for space on the disc. (Finalized discs can be recorded Recordable Media.
  • Page 55: Recording A Tv Program

    Recording Preparation: Recording a TV program • Turn ON the TV and set it to the video input mode. • Load a recordable DVD or video tape into the unit. VR mode Video mode DVD-R • Press DVD/VCR to select the appropriate mode. You can record programs you watch on TV onto video Press REC MODE/SPEED to select the recording tapes or DVDs.
  • Page 56 Recording Press REC. Recording one program while watching another When recording starts, “ ì ” appears on the screen for While the unit is recording, press TV/VIDEO to select about 4 seconds. the TV position. The “TV” will go on and recording will continue. Select the TV channel you want to watch by using the TV Note channel selector.
  • Page 57: One-Touch Timer Recording (Otr)

    Recording Preparation: One-touch Timer Recording (OTR) • Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode. • Load a recordable DVD or video tape into the unit. VR mode Video mode DVD-R • Press DVD/VCR to select the appropriate mode. The One-touch Timer Recording feature provides a Example: simple and convenient way to make a timed recording.
  • Page 58: Vcr Plus+ ® Programming System

    Recording Press to select “GUIDE CH SET” and press VCR Plus+ ® programming system ENTER. A window appears to set a guide channel number and VR mode Video mode DVD-R the corresponding tuner channel number. What is the VCR Plus+ programming system? SETUP MENU VCR Plus+ system is a timer programming system TIMER REC SET...
  • Page 59 Recording Setting the timer program using the VCR Plus+ Press to highlight OK, then press ENTER. system VCR Plus+ The VCR Plus+ system simplifies timer recording so PlusCode# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 that you just enter a PlusCode number (which you can TYPE ONCE find in your TV listings guide) for the program you want...
  • Page 60: Timer Recording

    Recording 7 Press TIMER REC. In five minutes before your • If a recordable tape is not inserted or no disc space Timer Recording starts, the CH will change to the is available, the timer record indicator “ ” flashes, programmed CH automatically and the unit stand and “TIMER RECORDING ERROR.
  • Page 61 Recording Press SETUP. ONCE: Recording on the selected “DATE” The SETUP MENU screen will appear. EVERY SUN: Recording every Sun. EVERY MON: Recording every Mon. SETUP MENU TIMER REC SET EVERY TUE: Recording every Tue. SYSTEM SETUP EVERY WED: Recording every Wed. AV SETUP REC SETUP EVERY THU: Recording every Thu.
  • Page 62 Recording 10 Press to select “REC MODE” and press Checking or changing the timer recording ENTER. When you want to check the selected timer recording, The recording modes for the media selected in “REC follow the steps 1 and 2 of “Setting timer recording” and TO”...
  • Page 63: Chase Playback

    Recording While recording a TV program onto the DVD- Chase Playback RAM disc, press PLAY to start chase playback. The TV program as it is being recorded will played back. Locate a scene you want through the following You can begin playback from the beginning of a program currently being recorded.
  • Page 64: Stereo Recording And Playback

    Recording When a MTS STEREO broadcast is received, the word Stereo recording and playback “STEREO” will appear on the screen and the program can be viewed or recorded in stereo. The Hi-Fi STEREO recording procedure is the same as The VHS Hi-Fi audio system permits high fidelity for normal recordings.
  • Page 65: Editing

    Editing Chapter 7 Editing Editable items Editing the disc The items that can be edited are different between original title and playlist. For the disc in Video mode, This section explains how to edit the recorded contents only the title name can be edited. on DVD-RAMs and DVD-RWs.
  • Page 66: Editing A Playlist

    Editing Creating a playlist Editing a playlist VR mode VR mode Press TITLE MENU. You can create and edit the playlist based on the The title menu will appear. original title. TITLE MENU DISC NAME:———— REC DATE :11/23/2006 Title 1 11/23/2006 08:41AM 006 EP TIME :08:41AM...
  • Page 67: Changing A Title Name

    Editing Changing a title name Press ENTER. The keyboard screen will appear. VR mode Use the keyboard screen to enter the title name. Family RETURN Letters Exit Numbers CANCEL < > Back Signs DISPLAY DISPLAY STOP Space bar Caps Press DISPLAY to return to the title menu. TITLE MENU DISC NAME:————...
  • Page 68: Erasing A Scene (Edit Title)

    Editing Erasing a scene (Edit title) Press ENTER. The EDIT TITLE screen appears. VR mode You can erase an unnecessary scene from the created EDIT TITLE playlist. When you erase the scene from the playlist, the scene is not erased from the original title. NAME Family CHAPTER...
  • Page 69 Editing Press to select “SET END” at the end point of the scene you want to erase and press ENTER. The still image at the end point appears at the right small screen. EDIT TITLE NAME Family CHAPTER 00:15:58 LENGTH 00:15:58/00:30:17 Adjust start Adjust end Finish...
  • Page 70: Combining The Title

    Editing Combining the title Press ENTER. Select the title that you want to combine from the title menu. VR mode You can create a playlist by combining the several original titles or playlists. TITLE MENU To combine the titles, it is necessary to create a playlist DISC NAME:————...
  • Page 71: Erasing A Playlist

    Editing Erasing a playlist Press ENTER. The selected playlist will be erased. VR mode You can erase the created playlist. Even if you erase the TITLE MENU playlist, the original title will not be erased. DISC NAME:———— REC DATE :12/01/2006 11/23/2006 08:41AM 006 EP TIME :06:52PM...
  • Page 72: Editing An Original Title

    Editing Adding a chapter mark Editing an original title VR mode VR mode You can add a chapter mark to the original title. You In VR mode, you can edit various items, whereas in can add up to 999 chapter marks to one disc. Video mode, you can only edit the title names.
  • Page 73 Editing At the point in the scene you want to add the chapter mark, press ENTER. The playback is paused and the position of the added chapter mark appears green. ADD CHAPTER MARK NAME 11/23/2006 08:41 AM CHAPTER LENGTH 00:03:08/00:30:17 The added chapter mark If you want to continue to add chapter marks, repeat step 5.
  • Page 74: Combining Chapters

    Editing Combining chapters Press SKIP + or SKIP – to select the chapter marks to be erased. VR mode Press ENTER. By erasing the added chapter marks, the chapters can The chapter marks are erased and 2 chapters are be combined. combined into 1 chapter.
  • Page 75: Erasing A Scene (Edit Title)

    Editing Erasing a scene (Edit title) Press TITLE MENU to display the title menu. Select the original title where a scene you want VR mode to erase is included. You can erase an unnecessary scene from the original • Press to select the original title.
  • Page 76: Erasing An Original Title

    Editing Erasing an original title Press TITLE MENU to display the title menu. Select the original title you want to erase. VR mode • Press to select the original title. You can erase an original title. Erasing the title deletes •...
  • Page 77: Changing A Disc Name

    Editing Changing a disc name Changing a disc name Press TITLE MENU to display the title menu. VR mode Video mode DVD-R • Press to select “DISC NAME”. You can change a disc name from the title menu. • Press to display the editing menu.
  • Page 78: Using The Keyboard Screen

    Editing Using the keyboard screen Inputting characters There are two methods for inputting characters. VR mode Video mode DVD-R This section explains the function of the keyboard Character input 1 screen and how to input characters. The disc name and Press to select the character to be the title name can be changed using the keyboard...
  • Page 79 Editing Erasing a character Selecting between uppercase and lowercase letters You can erase the input character. You can select either uppercase or lowercase letters when modifying your titles, using the keyboard screen with the “Letters” tab. Erasing method 1 Press STOP. Press to select “Back”.
  • Page 80: Dubbing

    Dubbing Chapter 8 Dubbing Press DVD/VCR and set the unit to VCR mode. Dubbing a tape onto a disc Confirm that the VCR indicator lights. VR mode Video mode DVD-R You can record video or audio on a video tape onto a Press DUBBING.
  • Page 81: Dubbing A Disc Onto A Tape

    Dubbing Press DVD/VCR to set this unit to VCR mode. Dubbing a disc onto a tape The VCR indicator will light. Press REC MODE/SPEED and select the recording VR mode Video mode DVD-R mode. You can record both video and audio from a disc to a •...
  • Page 82: Dubbing Using Other Equipment

    Dubbing When a video is recorded using this unit Dubbing using other equipment Preparation: VR mode Video mode DVD-R • Turn ON the TV and set the unit to the video input mode. You can connect another VCR or camcorder for •...
  • Page 83: Additional Information

    Additional information Chapter 9 Additional information Language code list Enter the appropriate code number for the initial settings “DVD MENU”, “AUDIO” and/or “SUBTITLE” (see page 24). Language(Language code letter), Language Code Abkhazian, 1112 Danish, 1411 Italian, 1930 Norwegian, 2425 Swedish, 2932 Afar, 1111 Dutch, 2422 Japanese , 2011...
  • Page 84: Glossary

    Additional information discs. Keeping the same terminology as DVD-Video, Glossary individual DivX video files are called "Titles". When naming files/titles on a CD-R/RW disc prior to burning, keep in mind that by default they will be played in A-B Repeat Playback alphabetical order.
  • Page 85 Additional information one touch repeat subtitle language If ONE TOUCH REPEAT is pressed during playback, Language used for subtitles of movies, etc. Viewers can playback returns to a point 10 sec earlier and resumes. watch in a language of their choosing. original title title The file created by recording something is called an...
  • Page 86: Error/Warning Message List

    Additional information Error/Warning message list ERROR/WARNING CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS PAGE MESSAGE SYSTEM ERROR The power was shut down with- Wait until the message disap- Power ON PLEASE WAIT out completing the termination pears. process due to a power failure or disconnection of the AC cord plug.
  • Page 87 Additional information ERROR/WARNING CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS PAGE MESSAGE You cannot record to the video CANNOT RECORD You tried to record a copy-guard containing copy-guard signal. video. PROTECTED IMAGE You cannot record to the video RECORDING INTERRUPTED The video was changed to a copy- guard format in recording.
  • Page 88: Troubleshooting

    Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Investigate the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified even after checking the points below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. Note •...
  • Page 89 Additional information SYMPTOMS POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS PAGE A disc recorded using this recorder • Check that the disc is finalized. cannot be played back in other • Some DVD players will not play even if the disc has been finalized. 10, 28 players.
  • Page 90: Handling Discs

    Use of shaped discs is not recommended scratches can still result in a disc becoming unusable. for this product. Pioneer disclaims all liability arising in Should a disc become marked with fingerprints, dust, connection with the use of shaped discs.
  • Page 91: Video Head Cleaning

    Additional information Video head cleaning Hints on installation We want you to enjoy using this unit for years to come, Video head clogging so please bear in mind the following points when The video heads are the means by which the DVD/VCR reads choosing a suitable location for it: the picture from the tape during playback.
  • Page 92: Specifications

    Additional information Audio characteristics Specifications frequency response ........DVD: 4Hz - 22kHz CD: 4Hz - 20kHz S/N Ratio ................90dB GENERAL Harmonic distortion ........... Less than 1% Power supply ............. AC 120V 60Hz Wow and flutter ........Less than 0.01% Wrms Power consumption ........
  • Page 93 Additional information...
  • Page 94 Additional information...
  • Page 95 Additional information...
  • Page 96 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936 TEL: 65-6472-7555 PIONEER ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 178-184 Boundary Road, Braeside, Victoria 3195, Australia, TEL: (03) 9586-6300 PIONEER ELECTRONICS DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. Blvd.Manuel Avila Camacho 138 10 piso Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico,D.F. 11000 TEL: 55-9178-4270 K002E...

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