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  • Page 2 Press the Menu key and tap Applications > Help. Tap the following for Help information: - User Forums - Help - My Nokia Tap the My Account icon on the Home screen to view monthly usage, bill summary, and other account information on your phone.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    SIM Card ................3 Memory Card ..............4 Plectrum ................5 Battery ................6 Power ................8 My Nokia ................. 8 Home Screen ..............9 Touch Screen Navigation ..........10 Menu and Applications ..........11 Keyboard ................ 12 Call Functions ..............14 Volume ................
  • Page 4: Introducing Your Phone

    INTRODUCING YOUR PHONE SERVICE ACTIVATION If you are a new T-Mobile customer and your service has not Nokia 5230 Nuron been activated, simply call Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 Charging port from your landline phone and a T-Mobile Activations represen- USB cable...
  • Page 5: Sim Card

    SIM CARD Remove the SIM card Remove the battery cover the wireless network. Your phone will not work without the SIM and battery. card. To insert the SIM and battery: Open the SIM card slot cover. Use a pen to push the SIM Detach your SIM card.
  • Page 6: Plectrum

    Remove the memory card BATTERY Open the memory card slot cover on the left side Connect the charger to the charger port on top of the phone. of the phone (the smallest hole on top of the phone). Push the memory card in and release. The card will Connect the other end of the charger to an electrical pop out of the slot.
  • Page 7: Power

    MY NOKIA Double-tap Light time-out. My Nokia is a free service that you can sign up to receive Touch and drag the bar to the left of the screen to the tips and support information about your phone, as well as desired duration.
  • Page 8: Home Screen

    HOME SCREEN TOUCH SCREEN NAVIGATION The Home screen is your starting point. Tap and double-tap To open most applications on the touch screen, you can tap must tap twice to perform an action. The following require double-tapping: Text Messaging My Account Tap to open the Tap to pay your bill Items in a list view, such as the Drafts folder in the folder...
  • Page 9: Menu And Applications

    MENU AND APPLICATIONS KEYBOARD To open the menu, press the Menu key on the phone to The on-screen keyboard allows you to enter characters by display applications. letters, numbers, or special characters. Your phone can complete words based on the built-in dictionary and it learns new words based on your input.
  • Page 10: Call Functions

    Use text input modes CALL FUNCTIONS Your phone supports the following text input modes: Make calls From the Home screen, tap the Dialer icon. Traditional mode Enter the number and press the green Send key. Tap the key until the desired letter appears. For example, to enter run, tap 7 three times, 8 twice, and 6 Answer and end calls twice.
  • Page 11: Voicemail

    VOICEMAIL Set up Visual Voicemail From the Home screen, press the Use voicemail Menu key. Set up voicemail Tap Visual Voicemail. From the Home screen, tap the Dialer icon. Tap Yes to activate. Touch and hold 1. Tap Setup to set up your account. Follow the tutorial to set up voicemail.
  • Page 12: Contacts

    Access and hear messages Call contact From the Home screen, press the Menu key. From the Home screen, tap the Contacts icon. Tap Visual Voicemail to view the Inbox. Tap the contact you wish to call. Double-tap the message. Press the green Send key. Tap the Arrow icon on the screen to play the message.
  • Page 13: Bluetooth

    BLUETOOTH ® Tap the device to pair. Your phone comes with Bluetooth technology, which is a wireless technology that enables a data connection between your phone Enter the passcode (default is 0000). and a Bluetooth wireless headset and other Bluetooth devices Tap OK.
  • Page 14: Emergency Dialing

    EMERGENCY DIALING TIPS FOR SAFETY While all phones are equipped with 911 emergency calling, Check with your doctor if you have a pacemaker or hearing this phone may or may not permit its location to be aid in order to ensure that cell phone usage is safe with your approximated during a 911 call.* phone.
  • Page 15: Caring For Your Phone

    CARING FOR YOUR PHONE MAKING IT LAST Your phone is a complex electronic device; think of it as a mini-computer. Here are some hints that should help you extend the life of your new phone. Phones aren’t cheap, so keep yours in a safe place—away be irresistible chew toys.
  • Page 17 Table of Contents E-mail ................1 Text Messaging ..............5 Instant Messaging ............7 Social Networking ............9 Camera ................. 10 Video Recorder ............13 Music Player ..............15 FM Radio ............... 18 Location ................ 19 Web Browsing .............. 21 Ovi Store ................
  • Page 18: E-Mail

    E-mail Your phone comes with e-mail capabilities so you can stay connected 11. Tap OK. while you are on the go with Yahoo! , AOL , and other popular e-mail ® ® 12. Tap the Password providers. Setting up e-mail on your phone is easy—enter your e-mail 13.
  • Page 19 Tap Yes to connect to your mailbox if needed. Tap Internet. Wednesday, August 26 Double-tap the e-mail to view. Tap the Trash can icon. Christine Tonight? 3:22p Tap Phone only or Phone and server. Jason RE: Sat May 5th 1:06p Tap OK to delete.
  • Page 20: Text Messaging

    Text Messaging Read text messages Send text messages From the Home screen, tap the Envelope tap Show. To read by going to the Menu: icon at the top of the screen. Tap the To From the Home screen, press the Menu key. You can also tap the Contact icon near Tap Messaging.
  • Page 21: Instant Messaging

    Instant Messaging Access instant messaging James05 From the Home screen, press the Menu key. movie @ 7.15. don’t b late. Tap Applications. Tap Instant Messaging. Tap the IM service. Tap OK. 0207_lana Tap the Username/ID or E-mail depending on which IM service you have no worries.
  • Page 22: Social Networking

    Social Networking Camera Access Facebook® Take pictures TIP: Use your plectrum to select links on your browser. Pictures are saved under Menu > Gallery > Images & videos. From the Home screen, press the Menu key. Press the Camera key on the right side of the phone. Tap Internet.
  • Page 23 Upload to upload the picture to Ovi, Flickr, or Vox. Tap Ovi by Nokia, Flickr, or Vox. Sign in to your account to upload. Audio postcard to record a message to send with your picture.
  • Page 24: Video Recorder

    Record and send videos Upload to upload the video to Ovi and Vox. Tap Ovi by Nokia or Vox. Sign in to your account to upload. Record the video following instructions above.
  • Page 25: Music Player

    Music Player You can transfer music from other compatible devices to your phone. Transfer music from a computer to your phone Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable. AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, and WMA. You can also use the music player to On your phone, tap Mass storage.
  • Page 26: Fm Radio

    FM Radio Tap Music. Tap Music player. Your phone has an FM radio. Before you can use the radio, you must Double-tap All songs. Tap the song you want to add to the new playlist. phone. Tap Options. Access the FM radio Tap Add to playlist.
  • Page 27: Location

    Tap Accept. Read the 30 day trial information. Tap Find places. Tap Go. Downloading maps, navigating with Nokia Tap OK when account is created. of the screen to open the keyboard. Maps, and searching for Enter your destination. updates, other premium...
  • Page 28: Web Browsing

    From the Home screen, tap the Grocery cart icon. Tap Download. Tap the desired content to download. Tap Create a Nokia account. Tap the Username TIP: You can use your plectrum to select links on your browser. Enter your username.
  • Page 29: Accessories For Your Phone

    Accessories for your phone 14. Tap the 15. Re-enter the password. Whether you are looking for a charger, a fashionable carrying case, 16. Tap the Checkmark icon when done. a Bluetooth® headset or just want to browse for fun extras for your 17.
  • Page 30: Additional Information

    Deutsche Telekom AG. CallerTunes is a registered trademark and web2go is a service mark, of T-Mobile USA, Inc. © 2010 T-Mobile USA, Inc. Nokia and Ovi are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation.

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