Nokia 5800 XpressMusic User Manual
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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic User Guide
Issue 1 (DRAFT)


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

  • Page 1 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic User Guide 9211237 Issue 1 (DRAFT) Cyan Cyan Magenta Magenta Yellow Yellow Black Black...
  • Page 2 Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, and Nokia Care are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Nokia tune is a sound mark of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.
  • Page 3 The third-party applications provided with your device may have been created and may be owned by persons or entities not affiliated with or related to Nokia. Nokia does not own the copyrights or intellectual property rights to the third-party applications. As such, Nokia does not take any responsibility for end-user support, functionality of the applications, or the information in the applications or these materials.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Manage your accounts......31 Headset.............13 Create a post..........31 Remove the SIM card.......13 Post files from Gallery......31 Attach a wrist strap.........14 12. Nokia Video Centre....32 3. Make calls......14 View and download video clips.....32 Proximity sensor........14 Video feeds..........33 Voice calls ..........14 My videos..........33 4.
  • Page 5 Contents Care and maintenance....40 Recycle............41 Additional safety information.......41 Small children..........41 Operating environment......41 Medical devices........42 Vehicles.............42 Potentially explosive environments...........43 Emergency calls........43 CERTIFICATION INFORMATION (SAR)............44 Index.........45 Cyan Cyan Magenta Magenta Yellow Yellow Black Black...
  • Page 6: Safety

    Safety Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. Read the complete user guide for further information. SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the device on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. ROAD SAFETY COMES FIRST Obey all local laws.
  • Page 7: Network Services

    You may also access other third-party sites through your device. Third-party sites are not affiliated with Nokia, and Nokia does not endorse or assume liability for them. If you choose to access such sites, you should take precautions for security or content.
  • Page 8: Find Help

    Software Updater PC application. Software updates may not be available for all products or their variants. Not all operators may endorse the latest software versions available. To update the device software, you need the Nokia Software Updater application and a compatible PC with the Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista operating system,...
  • Page 9: Access Codes

    2. Your device Memory card Use only compatible microSD and microSDHC cards approved by Nokia for use with this device. Nokia uses approved industry standards for memory cards, but some brands may not be fully compatible with this device. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card.
  • Page 10: Insert The Memory Card

    Your device Insert the memory card A memory card may be already inserted in the device. If not, do the following: 1. Open the cover of the memory card slot. 2. Insert a compatible memory card in the slot. Ensure that the contact area is facing up. Push the card in.
  • Page 11: Shortcuts

    Your device 5. Pull out the memory card. If the device is switched on, select OK. Shortcuts To switch between open applications, press and hold the menu key. Leaving applications running in the background increases the demand on battery power and reduces the battery life.
  • Page 12: Offline Profile

    Your device To add a contact to the home screen in contacts bar mode, select and either select a contact from your contacts, or create a new contact, and add a photo to the contact information. To communicate with your contact, select the contact and from the following: —...
  • Page 13: Headset

    To use the headphones with a remote control unit, connect the unit to the Nokia AV Connector in the device, then connect the headphones to the unit.
  • Page 14: Attach A Wrist Strap

    Make calls 3. Open the cover of the SIM card slot. Place the tip of the stylus in the opening under the battery, and push the SIM card sideways to slide it out of the slot. Pull the SIM card out. 4.
  • Page 15: Write Text

    Write text To make a call from the contacts list, select Menu > Contacts. Scroll to the desired name. Or, tap the search field to enter the first letters of the name, and scroll to the name. To call the contact, press the call key. If you have saved several numbers for a contact, select the desired number from the list, and press the call key.
  • Page 16: Handwriting

    Write text 5 — Numbers and symbols - Switches between numbers, most commonly used special characters, and alphabet characters in the on-screen keyboard. 6 — Character accents - Opens a pop-up window, in which you can select language character accents. 7 —...
  • Page 17: Traditional Text Input

    Write text 1 — Close - Closes on-screen keypad (Alphanumeric keypad). 2 — Input menu - Opens the touch input menu, which includes commands such as Activate predictive text Writing language. 3 — Text input indicator - Opens a pop-up window, in which you can turn predictive text input modes on or off, change the character case, and switch between letter and number mode.
  • Page 18: Touch Input Settings

    2. To write the desired word, tap the keys 2-9. Tap each key only once for one letter. For example, to write "Nokia" when the English dictionary is selected, tap 6 for N, 6 for o, 5 for k, 4 for i, and 2 for a.
  • Page 19: Messaging

    Messaging 5. Messaging Only devices that have compatible features can receive and display multimedia messages. The appearance of a message may vary depending on the receiving device. Messaging main view Select Menu Messaging (network service). > To create a new message, select message.
  • Page 20: Music Player

    Music player incur charges from your service provider. In the Outbox folder, you can delete such a message or move it to the Drafts folder. 1. To send a message, select message. To send an audio or e-mail message, select Options Create message, and the...
  • Page 21: Play A Song Or A Podcast

    Music player Play a song or a podcast To open Music player, select Menu Music Music player. > > You may have to refresh the music and podcast libraries after you have updated the song or podcast selection in your device. To add all available items to the library, select Options Refresh library.
  • Page 22: Transfer Music From A Computer

    Gallery 4. If you select Yes, select artists to find the songs you want to add to the playlist. Select to add items. To show the song list under an artist title, select Expand. To hide the song list, select Collapse.
  • Page 23: View Images And Videos

    Camera Sound clips — Listen to sound clips. ● Other media — View presentations. ● You can browse, open, and create folders; and mark, copy, move, and add items to folders. Files stored on your compatible memory card (if inserted) are indicated with To open a file, select a file from the list.
  • Page 24: Image Capture

    Camera Image capture Still image capture on-screen controls and indicators The still image viewfinder displays the following: 1 — Capture mode indicator 2 — Zoom slider. To turn the zoom slider on and off. tap the screen. 3 — Capture icon. Tap to capture an image. 4 —...
  • Page 25: Capture Images

    If you select a new scene, the capture settings are replaced by the selected scene. You can change the capture settings after selecting a scene if needed. For more information on the scenes, see the extended user guide on the product support pages of the Nokia website.
  • Page 26: Video Recording

    Camera After capturing an image After you capture an image, select from the following options (available only if Show captured image is enabled in the still image camera settings): Send — Send the image in a multimedia message, e-mail, or through connection ●...
  • Page 27: After Recording A Video Clip

    Camera To zoom in or out of the subject, use the zoom key in your device. 4. To stop recording, press the capture key. The video clip is automatically saved in Gallery.. The maximum length of a video clip is approximately 30 seconds with sharing quality and 90 minutes with other quality settings.
  • Page 28: Positioning (Gps)

    GPS service server only when needed. You must have an internet access point defined in the device to retrieve assistance data from the Nokia A-GPS service over a packet data connection. To define an access point for A-GPS, select Menu {No display_text mapping for >...
  • Page 29: Hold Your Device Correctly

    Connectivity point cannot be used for this service. Only a packet data internet access point can be used. Your device asks for the internet access point when GPS is used for the first time. Hold your device correctly When using the GPS receiver, ensure you do not cover the antenna with your hand. Establishing a GPS connection may take from a couple of seconds to several minutes.
  • Page 30: Share Online

    To subscribe to an online sharing service, go to the service provider's website, and check that your Nokia device is compatible with the service. Create an account as instructed on the website. You receive a user name and password needed to set up your device with the account.
  • Page 31: Manage Your Accounts

    Share online 3. Sign in to your account as instructed on the service provider’s website. The online sharing service is free of charge, but any data transferred over the network may incur charges from your service provider. For the availability and cost of the service, contact your service provider.
  • Page 32: Nokia Video Centre

    Nokia Video Centre 12. Nokia Video Centre With Nokia Video Centre (network service), you can download and stream video clips over the air from compatible internet video services using a packet data or WLAN connection. You can also transfer video clips from a compatible PC to your device and view them in Video centre.
  • Page 33: Video Feeds

    Nokia Video Centre schedule an automatic download for video clips in a service, select a category and Options Schedule downloads. Video centre automatically downloads new video > clips daily at the time you define. To cancel scheduled downloads for a category, select...
  • Page 34: Transfer Videos From Your Pc

    Web browser Transfer videos from your PC Transfer your own video clips to Video centre from compatible devices using a compatible USB data cable. Video centre will display only the video clips which are in a format supported by your device. 1.
  • Page 35: Browser Toolbar

    Web browser Important: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software. Important: Only install and use applications and other software from trusted sources, such as applications that are Symbian Signed or have passed the Java Verified™...
  • Page 36: Bookmarks

    Web browser Full screen — Switch to the full screen view. ● Rotate scr. — Rotate the screen between portrait and landscape modes. ● Subsc. feeds — View a list of available web feeds on the current web page, and ●...
  • Page 37: Connection Security

    Web browser Connection security If the security indicator ( ) is displayed during a connection, the data transmission between the device and the internet gateway or server is encrypted. The security icon does not indicate that the data transmission between the gateway and the content server (or the place where the requested resource is stored) is secure.
  • Page 38: Enhancements

    Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery intended for use with this device is BL-5J . Nokia may make additional battery models available for this device. This device is intended for use when supplied with power from the following chargers: AC-8, AC-5 .
  • Page 39: Nokia Battery Authentication Guidelines

    Keep your battery out of the reach of small children. Nokia battery authentication guidelines Always use original Nokia batteries for your safety. To check that you are getting an original Nokia battery, purchase it from a Nokia authorised service centre or dealer, and...
  • Page 40: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance What if your battery is not authentic? If you cannot confirm that your Nokia battery with the hologram on the label is an authentic Nokia battery, please do not use the battery. Take it to the nearest Nokia authorised service centre or dealer for assistance.
  • Page 41: Recycle

    More detailed information is available from the product retailer, local waste authorities, national producer responsibility organisations, or your local Nokia representative. Check how to recycle your Nokia products at, or if browsing on a mobile device, werecycle.
  • Page 42: Medical Devices

    Additional safety information Medical devices Operation of any radio transmitting equipment, including wireless phones, may interfere with the functionality of inadequately protected medical devices. Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device to determine if they are adequately shielded from external RF energy or if you have any questions.
  • Page 43: Potentially Explosive Environments

    Additional safety information explosive materials in the same compartment as the device, its parts, or accessories. For vehicles equipped with an air bag, remember that air bags inflate with great force. Do not place objects, including installed or portable wireless equipment in the area over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area.
  • Page 44: Certification Information (Sar)

    Use of device accessories and enhancements may result in different SAR values. SAR values may vary depending on national reporting and testing requirements and the network band. Additional SAR information may be provided under product information at Cyan Cyan...
  • Page 45: Index

    Index access codes 9 headset 13 active toolbar 26 help application 8 antennas 11 assisted GPS (A-GPS) 28 audio messages 19 internet connection 34 browser See also bookmarks 36 browser location information 28 bookmarks 36 lock code 9 browsing pages 34 cache memory 36 security 37 media...
  • Page 46 Index PUK codes 9 web connection 34 wireless LAN (WLAN) 29 recording video clips 26 wrist strap 14 removing SIM card 13 zooming 25, 27 security web browser 37 security code 9 sensors 12 sent messages folder 19 settings 24 video centre 34 Share online 30 accounts 31...

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