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  • Page 1 Quick Start Guide...
  • Page 2: Keys And Parts

    15 — Menu key 16 — Call key 1 — Micro USB connector to connect to a compatible PC 2 — Nokia AV Connector (3.5 mm) for compatible headsets, headphones, and TV-out connectors 17 — Pen stylus 3 — Charger connector 18 —...
  • Page 3: Insert The Sim Card

    SIM card slot. 2. Insert a SIM card in the slot. Ensure that the contact area on the card is facing up and the bevelled corner is facing toward the device. Push the card in. © 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 4: Insert Battery

    1. Connect a compatible charger to a wall outlet. 2. Connect the power cord to the device. If the battery is completely discharged, it may take a while before the charging indicator starts scrolling. © 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 5: Switch The Device On

    4. Enter the date and time. When using the 12-hour time format, to switch between a.m. and p.m., select any To delete a number, select number. . The factory setting for the lock code is 12345. 3. Select your location. If you © 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 6: Lock The Keys And Touch Screen

    Important: Use only a stylus approved by Nokia for use with this device. Using 7. Lock the keys and touch screen To lock or unlock the touch screen and the keys, slide the lock...
  • Page 7: Access The Menu

    > > missed events, tap the top right corner (3). 9. Access the menu To access the menu, press the menu key. To open an application or folder in the menu, tap it. © 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 8: Touch Screen Actions

    Tip: To view a brief description of icons and buttons, place your finger or stylus on the icon or button. Example: To select Options > Help, tap Options, and Descriptions are not available for all icons and buttons. then tap Help. © 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 9: Media Key

    13. Nokia support To find the latest version of this guide, additional product, see www.nokia-asia.com/support or your local information, downloads, and services related to your Nokia Nokia website. © 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 10: User Guide

    Configuration settings service check the list of local Nokia Care contact centres at www.nokia-asia.com/contactus. To download configuration settings such as MMS, GPRS, e- Maintenance mail, and other services for your phone model, see www.nokia-asia.com/setup. For maintenance services, find your nearest Nokia Care point Nokia Care services at www.nokia-asia.com/repair.

Table of Contents