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Troubleshooting Guide - LG CRD-8483B Service Manual

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1. Initial Lead-in Operation
2. Trouble List (Circuit)
A. LED doesn't light.
B. Pick-Up doesn't move to the inner-track.
C. The Laser of Pick-Up doesn't light.
D. Pick-Up lens doesn't move up and down.
E. Disc doesn't rotate.
F. TOC isn't read. (The LED turns on, but doesn't flicker.)
G. During Audio CD Play, LED flickers, but Speaker is silent.


Reset or Power-On.
LED Flickers.
Pick-Up moves to the inner-Track.
Laser on the Pick-Up lights.
Focus Search (through moving up and down the lens of Pick-Up)
Focus Servo On (FEO(TP15) signal generation)
Rotate disc.
Tracking Servo On (TEI(TP14) Signal generation)
Spindle Servo On (DMSO(TP25) Signal generation)
Read TOC Area (LED Flickers)
Search the Start of Data Area and then pause.