When All Hookups Are Complete; Before You Call For Service - Frigidaire 40" DUAL FUEL RANGE Installation Instructions Manual

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2. Turn ON Electrical Power and Open Main
Shutoff Gas Valve
3. Check the Igniters
Operation of electric igniters should be checked after
range and supply line connectors have been carefully
checked for leaks and range has been connected to
electric power. To check for proper lighting:
a. Push in and turn a surface burner knob to the
LITE position. You will hear the igniter sparking.
The surface burner should light when gas is
available to the top burner. Each burner should
light within four (4) seconds in normal operation
after air has been purged from supply lines.
Visually check that burner has lit.
Once the burner lights, the control knob should
be rotated out of the LITE position.
There are separate ignition devices for each burner.
Try each knob separately until all burner valves have
been checked.
4. Adjust the "LOW" Setting of Surface Burner
Valves (see Figure 6)
a. Push in and turn each control to LITE until
burner ignites.
b. Quickly turn knob to LOWEST POSITION.
If burner goes out, readjust valve as follows:
Reset control to OFF. Remove the surface burner
control knob, insert a thin-bladed screwdriver
into the hollow valve stem and engage the
slotted screw inside. Flame size can be increased
or decreased with the turn of the screw. Adjust
flame until you can quickly turn knob from LITE
to LOWEST POSITION without extinguishing
the flame. Flame should be as small as possible
without going out.
Figure 6
(Models with Electric Ovens and Gas Cooktop)
5. Operation of Oven Elements
The oven is equipped with an electronic oven control. Each
of the functions has been factory checked before shipping.
However, it is suggested that you verify the operation of
the electronic oven controls once more. Refer to the Use
and Care Guide for operation. Follow the instructions for
the Clock, Timer, Bake, Broil, Convection (some models)
and Clean (some models) functions.
When checking oven element operation,
do not touch the elements. They will be hot enough to
cause serious burns.
Bake–After setting the oven to 350°F (177°C) for
baking, the lower element in the oven should become
Broil–When the oven is set to BROIL, the upper element
in the oven should become red.
Clean–When the oven is set for a self-cleaning cycle, the
upper element should become red during the preheat
portion of the cycle. After reaching the self-cleaning
temperature, the lower element will become red.
Convection–When the oven is set to CONV. BAKE/
ROAST at 350°F (177°C), both elements cycle on and
off alternately and the convection fan will turn. The
convection fan will stop turning when the oven door is
opened during convection baking or roasting.

When All Hookups are Complete

Make sure all controls are left in the OFF position.

Before You Call for Service

Read the Avoid Service Checklist and operating
instructions in your Use and Care Guide. It may save you
time and expense. The list includes common occurrences
that are not the result of defective workmanship or
materials in this appliance.
Refer to the warranty and service information in your
Use and Care Guide for our phone number and address.
Please call or write if you have inquiries about your range
product and/or need to order parts.


Table of Contents

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