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Whirlpool ARC 5200 Instructions For Use Manual page 12

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Is there a power failure?
Is the plug properly inserted in the socket?
Is the double-pole switch on?
Has the fuse blown?
Is the power cord in perfect condition?
Is the thermostat set to z (Stop)?
Has button 1 been pressed?
Are the doors closed properly?
Is the appliance installed near a heat source?
Is the thermostat setting correct?
Are the air circulation grilles blocked?
Is the condenser clean?
Is the thermostat setting correct?
Is the defrost water drain blocked?
Is the thermostat setting correct?
See if you can solve the problem yourself with
the help of the Troubleshooting guide.
Switch the appliance on again to see if the
problem has been solved.
If it has not, disconnect the appliance from the
power supply and wait for about an hour before
switching on again.
If the problem persists after this course of
action, contact After-sales Service.
Is the appliance in contact with other furniture
or objects?
Are the pipes at the back touching or
Has the compressor locking pin been
Perform the checks for problem 1, and then:
Disconnect the appliance from the mains
power supply.
Remove the bulb cover.
Check the bulb and, if necessary, unscrew it
and replace it with a new one. Replace using
maximum 15W bulb.
the nature of the problem,
the model,
the Service number (the number after the word
SERVICE on the data plate on the inside of the
your full address,
your telephone number and area code.