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Operating Precautions - JVC LST0952-001A Instructions Manual

Fixed dome camera
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Operating Precautions

Storage and Location of Use
This camera has been designed for indoor use. It cannot be used outdoors.
Do not install the camera in the following places.
- In a place exposed to rain or moisture.
- In a place with vapor or oil, for example in a kitchen.
- When the ambient temperature rises above or falls below the acceptable
range (from -10 f to 50 f)
- In a place at which corrosive gases are emitted.
- Near a source of radiation, X-rays, strong radio waves or magnetism.
- In a place subject to vibration.
- In a place with excessive dirt.
Using this unit in the vicinity of the transmitting antenna of a radio or TV,
devices that emit strong electromagnetic waves such as a transformer or motor,
or wireless devices such as a transistor or mobile phone may give rise to noises
in the image and changes in its color.
Do not install in an environment where there is cold air or near the air outlet of
an air conditioner. The dome cover may become foggy as a result of sudden
temperature changes.
Clean the dome cover lens using a lens wiper cloth (or a tissue). For tough
stains, wipe with a neutral detergent diluted with water, followed by wiping with
a dry cloth. Do not use benzene or thinner to wipe the camera. Doing so may
melt the surface or cause it to fog.
Energy Conservation
When the camera is not in use for a long time, turn off the power for safety and
energy conservation reasons.
Copyright Protection
With the exception of the user being the copyright holder or when permission
such as for duplication has been granted by the copyright holder, permission is
required in principle for the duplication, modification, or transmission of
copyrighted material.
Unauthorized duplication, modification, or transmission of copyrighted material
may constitute a copyright infringement, and the user may be liable to
compensate for any damages. When using copyrighted material, be sure to
check the license agreement of the copyrighted material thoroughly.
When rights or rights holders are involved with regard to the targeted
duplicating subject, permission may be required for shooting or using
(processing) it. Be sure to check the licensing conditions thoroughly.



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