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Troubleshooting Guide


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for SONY BRAVIA

  • Page 1 SONY BRAVIA Troubleshooting Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Power Picture/Display Sound related TV cannot turn on (no power) or TV screen is black……………….….2 Picture quality is not as good as viewed at the store………………… 3 Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD)……………………. 4 The picture is too dim or too bright…………………………………………. 5 The picture is not full screen (cropped or too small)…………………...
  • Page 3: Tv Cannot Turn On (no Power) Or Tv Screen Is Black

    Power & Display/Picture TV cannot turn on (no power) or TV screen is black 1. Make sure the AC power cord is connected securely to a working wall outlet. Plug in the socket properly Check the cable connection Check connection of AC Adapter 2.
  • Page 4: Picture Quality Is Not As Good As Viewed At The Store

    Display/Picture Picture quality is not as good as viewed at the store View the BRAVIA Image available on your TV to confirm picture quality. BRAVIA image is sample image available by default on your BRAVIA. For R Series Press the HOME button, and then go to Media > Photo to view sample image.
  • Page 5: Standard Definition (sd) And High Definition (hd)

    Display/Picture Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) Standard Definition (SD) has a vertical resolution between 480 and 576 lines. High Definition (SD) has a vertical resolution between 720 and 1080 lines (Full HD). When SD video signal is displayed on HD TV, the image will either appear smaller on or up-scaled (resized) to fit the screen.
  • Page 6: The Picture Is Too Dim Or Too Bright

    Display/Picture The picture is too dim or too bright If the picture brightness is not comfortable for your eyes, you can adjust the brightness. 1. Press the HOME button. Settings  Display  Picture  Brightness. 2. W Series: Select Settings System Settings Picture Brightness.
  • Page 7: No Picture And No Sound

    Display/Picture & Sound No picture (screen is dark) and no sound 1. Make sure the TV is on and connected to device source properly. Check which ports SIGNAL PICTURE QUALITY SOCKETS/PORTS are common on both TRANSMITTED PERFORMANCE the device and TV, then choose a cable Picture + Sound Best quality...
  • Page 8: No Sound/low Sound

    Sound No Sound/Low Sound Make sure Volume is not muted either on TV or cable box if being used and no headphone plug is connected to the TV. Select proper Sound settings. Press the HOME button. Settings → W Series: Select Sound.
  • Page 9 Need more information of your BRAVIA TV? Press i-Manual button on your remote and get the most of your BRAVIA (W Series only).

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  • Ken Apr 26, 2019 05:18:
    I have both horizontal and vertical lines on the screen when turned on. The t-con was replaced but the streaks are still there. What would you suggest the next step to be?
  • barry Mar 02, 2019 06:02:
    tv has flashing red light on power button
  • Roy Dec 22, 2018 10:34:
    Wide angle spots shots very blurry
  • louisa Dec 03, 2018 04:34:
    I can't get the TV to do anything . I have to turn it off and on manually. and I can't get it to move off channel 4. to get the
    stations to work
  • Janice Oct 19, 2018 10:17:
    Tv is off flashing red light unplugged still nothing! Any ideas?