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Care And Maintenance - Madrigal Audio Mark Levinson 39 Operating Manual

Cd processor.
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Care and Maintenance

To remove dust from the cabinet of the Nº39, use a feather duster. To remove dirt
and fingerprints, we recommend isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.
Always apply the isopropyl alcohol to the soft cloth and then
wipe the Nº39 with the dampened cloth. Never pour or spray
even small amounts of any liquid directly on the Nº39, as
doing so may allow the liquid to reach the circuitry inside the
unit. Any liquid inside the unit poses a hazard to both the user
and to the unit, and must be avoided.
Make sure that the Remote sensor window on the front panel and the Remote
Control's projection lens are kept clean and dust-free.
Fluorescent lighting and sunlight may interfere with the operation of the Remote
Control. Avoid placing the Nº39 near fluorescent lamps or in direct sunlight.
When the Remote Control's batteries need to be replaced, use only AA batteries;
always replace both batteries at the same time. If you don't plan to use the Re-
mote Control often, remove the batteries. When not used for an extended period,
even "leakproof" batteries can leak corrosive acids that will damage the Remote
Control (and will void the warranty).
A CD, handled carefully , will last indefinitely . A warped, dusty, or scratched CD
can cause playback problems, including audible skipping or other noises. Handle
a CD by the outer edges only; if necessary , support it with your index finger at
the center hole.
When you're finished playing a CD, always return it to its plastic case. Store your
CDs where they won't be exposed to direct sunlight, high humidity , or extremely
high or low temperatures.


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