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Track-by-track Polarity Programming; Overriding A Polarity Program - Madrigal Audio Mark Levinson 39 Operating Manual

Cd processor.
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Polarity Programming

Overriding a Polarity Program

the track display will be preceded by a
number of tracks and time of the program, not the disc. Y ou must
not have a preexisting program if you wish to save a single polarity
for the entire disc in one step. To erase a preexisting program,
press and hold the
mode –
Make sure that the Nº39 is in the programming mode
button until you see
Choose your preferred polarity.
button on the processor or the
control. Select your preferred setting.
Press and hold the mode + button.
to indicate that it has saved your polarity program for the
entire disc. The display will show a small p preceding the total
number of tracks and time on the disc.
Some discs seem to flip back and forth in polarity between one track and the
next. If you wish to store polarity on a track-by-track basis, follow the directions
for assembling a playlist (above), making certain that the polarity indicated for
each track is correct before you press the
list. Similarly, you may "edit" the polarity of an existing program by pressing
and then reviewing the playlist one track at a time. Change the polarity of any
track you like while its information is being displayed, and then press and hold
button to revise the program.
program +
If you want to doublecheck you previously-saved polarity program, simply press
the polarity button at any time. Doing so will change the polarity of the Nº39, but
will not modify the polarity program (e.g., the next time you play the disc, the
polarity you saved in the program will be used).
, and indicate the total
in the display .
Y ou may use either the
button on the Nº39 remote
The display will show
button to add it to the play-
program +
by clicking


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