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Analog Input Switching; Conditions That Affect Ir Performance - Madrigal Audio Mark Levinson 39 Operating Manual

Cd processor.
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Analog Input Switching

Conditions that Affect
IR Performance
: Pressing this button on the Nº39 remote control will
transparently and automatically lower the volume of a Linked
Mark Levinson preamplifier, minimizing the need to juggle mul-
tiple remotes. Since this function depends on the ability of the
Nº39 to pass the instruction to the Nº38 (for example), the two
components must be connected by a Link cable. (See Special
Functions for more information.) Alternatively , the Nº39 may be
configured to use its own, internal volume control in all-digital
systems lacking a preamplifier. (See Setup Options.)
: Pressing this button on the Nº39 remote control will
input select
transparently and automatically cycle through its various active
digital inputs, allowing you to select other digital sources con-
nected to the Nº39.
Alternatively, you may force the
among your analog inputs on a Linked Mark Levinson preampli-
fier by pressing and holding the button until it shows
then clicking the button to change it to
ing and holding the
your change. (You may change it back at any time by reversing
this procedure.)
The two AA batteries used by the Remote Control must be placed inside
the compartment at the bottom of the remote's housing. Using the hex
wrench provided in your accessory kit (look inside the slot within the foam
rubber), carefully remove the two screws on the bottom of the housing and
insert the batteries, being careful to orient them as indicated inside the bat-
tery compartment. Then replace the screws using the hex wrench.
IR communication between the Remote Control and the Nº39 can be affected by:
• direct sunlight
• interior lighting
• wall, window, ceiling, and floor treatments
• the angle of the Remote Control relative to the Nº39
If the Nº39 will be subject to direct sunlight, place it no more than 10 feet from
where you'll normally operate the Remote Control. Where bright sunlight virtually
floods the room, IR communication may be inconsistent.
In a room lighted primarily with incandescent fixtures, place the Nº39 no more
than 25-30 feet from where you'll normally operate the Remote Control. In a
room with fluorescent fixtures, this range will be reduced. Where bright fluores-
cent lighting virtually floods the room, IR communication may be inconsistent.
IR, like visible light, reacts differently when it meets different surfaces. Carpeting
and draperies, for example, tend to diffuse (scatter) IR and interfere with its trans-
mission. Glossy or reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and smooth walls, "bounce"
(reflect) IR and won't interfere with its transmission. When placing the Nº39, it's
important to account for potential IR bounce and diffusion. For example, in a
room with thick carpeting, heavy draperies, and many pieces of furniture, you
may need to place the Nº39 closer to where you'll normally operate the Remote
Control than you would in a sparsely furnished room with bare walls and hard-
wood flooring.
input select
button to select from
input select
button a second time to confirm
, and then press-


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