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Erasing Playlists From Memory; Why Polarity Programming; Whole-disc Polarity Programming - Madrigal Audio Mark Levinson 39 Operating Manual

Cd processor.
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Erasing Playlists from Memory

Why Polarity Programming?

Important Note:
Polarity Programming
1. make sure that the Nº39 is in the programming mode by clicking
button until you see
2. press
mode –
while the CD is loaded, but before play has started.
3. the display will show
been temporarily overridden
The display will show the total number of tracks and the total time on the disc
(as it would if there were no playlist associated with the disc). The
playlist will be turned off. (If you change your mind, simply press
the previously created playlist.) All of the CD's tracks will subsequently be acces-
sible for normal operations, but the original playlist will still be retained in the
Nº39's memory .
To permanently erase a previously saved playlist from the Nº39's memory , press
and hold the
button while stopped in the
mode –
will show
During the recording process, the polarity of the recorded signal is typically in-
verted many times. If the total number of 180° inversions is even, the "net" polar-
ity remains unchanged; if odd, a 180° polarity inversion is introduced. Some
people seem quite sensitive to this distinction. (The difference can be envisioned
by imagining a kick drum being struck: the initial motion of the drum head is
forward, forming a compression wave; if inverted, it would be reproduced as
though the drum head had initially moved backward, creating a rarefaction.)
To complicate matters further, different portions of (or instruments on) the re-
cording may experience even or odd numbers of inversions, resulting in no
single "correct" playback setting. This problem is particularly common among
multiple-microphone recordings. Ultimately , only you can decide whether one po-
larity setting sounds better than the other, and if so, which you prefer.
Fortunately, if the Nº39 can control the playback polarity of its processor from the
its remote control. Moreover, the Nº39 can be asked to "remember" your prefer-
ence (should you have one) for each recording.
Programmed playlists include polarity information. The Nº39
will ensure the "correct" polarity (that is, the polarity you
chose when creating the program) upon playback of that
playlist. This polarity may only be overridden by either
temporarily overriding the playlist or by re-programming the
playlist (see below). If you are sensitive to polarity (many
people are not), you will want to determine the correct
polarity before creating your playlists.
If you want to remember only the preferred polarity for an entire disc, and do
not wish to store a custom playlist:
Press stop.
When in
tracks and time on the disc. (If you have already saved a program,
in the display
to indicate that the program has
, the Nº39 displays the total number of
that denotes
to restore
mode; the display


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