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Troubleshooting - Panasonic Barcode Scanners Using Instruction

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When reinstalling the driver
for Barcode Scanner, "File
Write Error" is displayed.
A message indicating insuf-
ficient memory appears
while scanning.
Scanning is not possible.
It is impossible to scan a
barcode even if the trigger
button is pressed.
Check if the computer memory is full. If it is full, de-
lete unnecessary files.
Check if the [Options] folder in [My Computer] has
been deleted. If it has been deleted, recreate the [Op-
tions] folder in [My Computer] as follows:
(1) Double tap [My Computer], tap [File], and then tap
[New Folder].
(2) Input "Options" for new folder name.
Free memory of at least two times the scan data is neces-
Confirm that the scanning application has been in-
Confirm that the barcode is readable (without damage,
Confirm the range for scanning
Be sure the scanner is programmed to read the type of
barcode you are scanning.
The distance from the scanner to the barcode is impor-
tant. As a rule of thumb, a farther distance should be
used for a larger symbol to allow the raster pattern to
cover the symbol. In addition, a closer distance should
be used for a thinner symbol.
If the laser beam is not emitted even after the button is
pressed, confirm the remaining battery level.
Confirm that the trigger button is active on the [Button]
tab under [Barcode] on the [Control Panel].

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