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Cleaning The Scanning Window; Laser Devices - Panasonic Barcode Scanners Using Instruction

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Cleaning the Scanning Window

If the scanning window is dirty, gently wipe the scanning window with a cloth or a cotton
swab moistened with water.
Do not allow materials that can easily scratch the scanning window to touch the window,
such as sandpaper or metal object. In addition, do not directly apply a liquid such as water,
detergent, or alcohol, on the surface of the window.
For parts other than the scanning window, please read "Maintenance" in the Handheld Com-
puter Operating Instructions.

Laser Devices

This equipment is using lasers that comply with US21CFR1040.10, 1040.11, and EN
60825-1+A11:1996 regulations.
The laser is a "Class 2" laser which is indicated on the label for this product."
Class 2 laser scanners use a low power, visible light diode. As with any very bright light
source, such as the sun, the user should avoid staring directly into the light beam. Momen-
tary exposure to a Class 2 laser is not known to be harmful.
Caution-Procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation ex-

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