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Setting For Barcode Scanner - Panasonic Barcode Scanners Using Instruction

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Supplementary Instructions

Setting for Barcode Scanner

(1)Tap [Start]-[Settings]-[Control Panel] and then double-tap [Barcode Scanner]
(2)If necessary, tap the tab and adjust the settings.
To display a hidden tab, tap the
[Keyboard Emulation]: Determines whether or not scanned barcode data is targeted for key
[Decode Format]:
[Code Type Option]:
[Code Type]:
(3)Tap [OK].
Close the [Barcode Scanner] settings screen when scanning a barcode.
Even if you perform "All Reset" on this computer, settings for [Laser], [Decode For-
mat], [Code Type Option], and [Code Type] items will not return to their default set-
To return these items to their default settings, tap the [Version] tab, and then tap the [Set
Default] button.
on the right edge of the tab.
Laser mode setting
[Raster Height] and [Raster Speed] can only be set when [Always Ras-
ter] and [Programmable Raster] have been selected.
In [The irradiation time of the laser], set the length of time before laser
irradiation stops in the event that the barcode scan is unsuccessful.
[Prefix/Suffix data format] and [code ID Data format] settings
Code type option settings
To add Check Digit Codes, tap [OPEN DIALOG BOX].
Select valid code type(s). Items showing check marks are valid items.
To scan barcodes by pressing the trigger on either side of the com-
puter, set [Trigger Enable/Disable] to [Enable].
When triggers are not used for scanning, select one of the following:
F1 button, F2 button, F3 button, or option button.
Set whether to emit a "beep" sound when the barcode scan is success-

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