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Amana GUIS Installation Instructions Manual

Two-stage gas-fired warm air furnace.
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Table of Contents
To The Owner .............................................................. 2
To The Installer ........................................................... 2
I. Safety and Unit Location ..................................... 2
II. General Information ............................................. 3
III. Combustion and Ventilation Air Requirements . 4
IV. Category I Venting (Vertical Venting) .................. 6
V. Gas Supply and Piping ........................................ 8
Vl. Electrical Wiring ................................................. 12
VlI. Circulating Air and Filters ................................. 14
VIII. Sequence of Operation ..................................... 15
IX. Start-Up, Adjustments, and Checks .................. 16
X. Maintenance ....................................................... 24
Amana Forced Air Central Furnace Design Complies With Requirements
Embodied in The American National Standard / National Standard of Canada
Shown Below.
ANSI Z21.47•CSA-2.3 Central Furnaces
As a professional installer you have an obligation to
know the product better than the customer. This
includes all safety precautions and related items.
Prior to actual installation, thoroughly familiarize
yourself with this Instruction Manual. Pay special
attention to all safety warnings. Often during
installation or repair it is possible to place yourself
in a position which is more hazardous than when
the unit is in operation.
October 2001
Rev. 5
Air Conditioning
1810 Wison Parkway • Fayetteville, TN 37334
Installation Instructions
Affix this manual, Specification Sheet and Users
Information Manual adjacent to the furnace.
Remember, it is your responsibility to install the
product safely and to know it well enough to be able
to instruct a customer in its safe use.
Safety is a matter of common sense...a matter of
thinking before acting. Most dealers have a list of
specific good safety practices...follow them.
The precautions listed in this Installation Manual
are intended as supplemental to existing practices.
However, if there is a direct conflict between existing
practices and the content of this manual, the
precautions listed here take precedence.
Two-Stage Gas-Fired
Warm Air Furnace


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    VIII. Sequence of Operation ........15 IX. Start-Up, Adjustments, and Checks ....16 X. Maintenance ............24 Amana Forced Air Central Furnace Design Complies With Requirements Embodied in The American National Standard / National Standard of Canada Shown Below. C E R T I F I E D ANSI Z21.47•CSA-2.3 Central Furnaces...

  • Page 2

    If the information in these instructions is To prevent possible death or personal injury not followed exactly, a fire or explosion due to asphyxiation, Amana Non- may result causing property damage, Condensing Gas Fired Warm Air Furnaces personal injury or loss of life.

  • Page 3

    WARNING level. A tight seal should be made between the furnace base and floor by using a silicone rubber caulking To prevent possible death, personal injury compound or cement grout. or property damage, do not install this unit • Counterflow Installation over a combustible floor. If in a mobile home, trailer or recreational installation over a combustible floor becomes neces- vehicle.

  • Page 4

    TRANSPORTATION DAMAGE AIR REQUIREMENTS Check the furnace for any shipping damage. If damage is Most homes will require outside air be supplied to the found, contact the company where the furnace was pur- furnace area by means of ventilation grilles or ducts con- chased.

  • Page 5

    installed in the combined space shall be considered in making 2. When communicating with the outdoors through vertical this determination. Each opening shall have a minimum free ducts, each opening shall have a minimum free area of 1 area of 1 square inch per 1,000 BTU per hour of the total input square inch per 4,000 BTU per hour of total input rating of rating of all gas utilization equipment in the confined space, but all equipment in the enclosure (Figure 3).

  • Page 6

    To prevent possible death or personal injury (c) Where practical, close all building doors, windows, and due to asphyxiation, Amana Non- all doors between the space where the appliances remain connected to the common venting system are Condensing Gas Fired Warm Air Furnaces located and other spaces of the building.

  • Page 7: Blower Assembly

    (d) Following the lighting instructions, place the furnace Vent being inspected in operation. Adjust thermostat so appliance will operate continuously. (e) Test for spillage at the draft hood relief opening after 5 minutes of main burner operation; use the flame of a match or candle.

  • Page 8

    High altitude kits are purchased according to the installation altitude and usage of either natural or propane gas. Refer to the product Specification Sheet or an Amana distributor V. Gas Supply and Piping for a tabular listing of appropriate altitude ranges and corresponding manufacturer’s high altitude (Natural, Pro-...

  • Page 9

    Install a manual shutoff valve between the gas meter • GAS PIPING CONNECTIONS and unit within six feet of the unit. If a union is installed, General the union must be downstream of the manual shutoff valve, between the shutoff valve and the furnace. CAUTION Tighten all joints securely.

  • Page 10

    A ground joint union, drip leg, and manual shutoff valve must also be supplied by the installer. In some cases, the installer may also need to supply a transition piece from 1/2" to another pipe size. Figure 12 Gas Inlet Through Furnace Top Side (Upflow) The gas piping connections shown in Figures 10 and 12 are for a furnace equipped for a right hand discharge (Figure...

  • Page 11

    When the gas piping enters through the right side of the NOTE: Never exceed specified pressures for testing. furnace, the installer must supply the following fitings (start- Higher pressure may damage the gas valve and cause ing at the gas valve): subsequent overfiring, resulting in heat exchanger failure.

  • Page 12

    CAUTION Refer to Figure 16 for typical propane gas installations. When servicing controls, label all wires before disconnecting. Wiring errors can 5 to 15 PSIG First Stage (20 PSIG Max.) Regulator Continuous cause improper and dangerous operation. 11" W.C. After servicing is completed, always verify proper operation.

  • Page 13

    A 40 VA transformer and an integrated electronic control 9. Attach pressure switch bracket to left side of furnace are built into the furnace to allow use with most cooling where the junction box was using the screws saved in Step 5.

  • Page 14

    Control Module AIR CIRCULATION BLOWER TIMING All items in this section refer to the air circulation blower, not Neutral 120 VAC Hot 120 VAC to the induced draft blower. The timing sequence for the induced draft blower is not adjustable. When a call for cooling occurs, the air circulation blower will come on.

  • Page 15

    (high heat speed for high heat or low heat speed for low heat). On F I L T E R some Amana models, the high heat air circulator speed Figure 26 may be the same as the low heat circulator speed.

  • Page 16

    9. The furnace is now operating on the specified stage This furnace is also equipped with a self-diagnosing elec- called out by the two stage thermostat. tronic control module. In the event a furnace component is not operating properly, the control module LED will flash 10.

  • Page 17

    WARNING 5. For horizontal-left installations, a hole is provided near the igniter end of the manifold assembly. Insert the To prevent death, personal injury or rollout protection device into this hole and attach with property damage due to fire or explosion, screws removed in Step 3.

  • Page 18

    Timing Charts For Two Stage Integrated Ignition Control Operation Example 1: Continuous Call For Low Stage Heat Only High Circulator Blower Gas Valve Ignitor PS2 Closed PS1 Closed Pressure Open Switches High Induced Draft Blower High Thermostat 60, 90 120, or 180 Example 2: Continuous Call For High Stage Heat Only High Circulator...

  • Page 19

    Example 3: Initial Call For Low Heat, Change In Call To High Heat Call Change to High Heat High Circulator Blower Gas Valve Ignitor PS2 Closed Pressure PS1 Closed Switches Open High Induced Draft Blower High Thermostat 60, 90 120, or 190 Example 4: Initial Call For High Heat, Subsequent Call To Low Heat Call Change to Low Heat 30 Seconds After Call Change to Low Heat...

  • Page 20

    Integrated Ignition Control Diagnostic Signal Chart For Corrective Action Refer Light Signal to Abnormal Operation Number Continuous Light 1 Internal Lockout 1 Flash 2 External Lockout 2 Flashes 3 Pressure Switch Stuck Closed 3 Flashes 4 Pressure Switch Stuck Open 4 Flashes 5 Thermal Protection Device Open Continuous Flashing...

  • Page 21

    WARNING IMPORTANT: If you have to frequently reset your furnace, it means that a problem exists that should be corrected. To prevent death, personal injury or Contact a qualified servicer for further information. property damage due to fire, follow these 3.

  • Page 22

    4. Remove the door on the front of the furnace. With Power and Gas On: 5. This furnace is equipped with an ignition device to 2. Put furnace into heating cycle and turn on all other gas automatically light the burners. Do not try to light consuming appliances.

  • Page 23

    5. Repeat #1 through #3 on high stage (2nd stage). Gas Adjustments 6. Turn ON gas and relight appliances turned off in step 1. Natural Gas Ensure all the appliances are functioning properly and 1. Adjust the high stage regulator to required manifold that all pilot burners are operating.

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  • Page 25: Filter Removal

    AIR FILTER - UPFLOW FURNACES AIR FILTER - COUNTERFLOW FURNACES To remove the external upflow filter from the external filter A furnace mounted filter rack, shipped with the furnace, can rack, disconnect electrical power to the furnace and follow be used in a counterflow installation. the directions provided with the external filter rack kit.

  • Page 26: Burner Flame

    exchanger tubes. While reversing the drill, work the cable in and out several times to obtain sufficient FILTER cleaning. Use a large cable for the large tube, and then ACCESS repeat the operation with a small cable for the smaller tube.

  • Page 27

    2. Although only functional parts are shown in the parts list, all sheet metal parts, doors, etc. may be ordered by description. 3. Parts are available from your Amana distributor Blower/Box Gasket Gas Valve Flame Rollout Switch...

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