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Answering Calls - NEC Telephone system Quick Reference Manual

Analog single line (slt)
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If your call doesn't go through . . .
Camp On and Callback
When you hear sys-
tem busy, use Camp
On or Callback:
a free line or extension.
2. Lift handset when the system rings you back.
To cancel your Callback:
1. Lift handset.
Message Waiting
(Direct Messaging)
Leave a Message
1. Do not hang up +
Waiting when your co-
worker doesn't answer:
1. Lift handset +
To answer a Message
Waiting left for you:
to Camp On (wait without hanging up).
(Intercom calls) If you hear two beeps,
you can speak. If you hear busy/ring, dial
6 to send a Voice Over.
(Outside calls) When you hear new
dial tone, place your call again.
and hang up to leave a Callback for
Wait for the system to call you back.
(Outside calls) Place your call again.
(Intercom calls) Speak to co-worker.
+ Hang up.
Your co-worker's MW flashes fast.
With Voice Mail, dial 8 to leave a
message in your co-worker's mailbox.
To cancel all your messages (those you
left and those left for you), dial 873.

Answering Calls

Answering Outside Calls . . .
1. Lift handset.
Listen for two rings:
Answering Intercom Calls . . .
Listen for ringing:
1. Lift handset to speak.
Picking up calls not ringing your phone . . .
If a call is ringing
1. Lift handset.
Paging after hours:
When a call is ringing
1. Lift handset.
a co-worker's phone:
+ Co-worker's extension.



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