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Installation Drib Xl/Xxl Into The Range Hood; Installation Dreb Xl/Xxl On An External Wall; Electrical Connection - Miele DRIB XL Operating And Installation Instructions

Internal/external blower
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Installation DRIB XL/XXL into
the range hood
^ Please refer to the operating and
installation instructions supplied with
the range hood.
Installation DREB XL/XXL on
an external wall
If unsure or unfamiliar with these
installation procedures, please
contact Miele.
Select a suitable installation location.
– Make sure that there are no
supporting elements, electrical or
piping in the wall at the selected
– Install the external blower with the
exhaust outlet facing downwards.
^ The external blower must be installed
on a level surface.
If necessary, remove the wall
covering at the installation location.
^ Screw the fixing brackets a on the
backside of the the blower housing.
^ Make an hole for the exhaust duct
and the connecting cable.
The external blower DREB XL and the
range hood are connected by a 8"
(203 mm) exhaust duct C , the
external blower DREB XXL by a 10"
(254 mm) exhaust duct C (see "Air
^ Feed the connecting cable b with
the six-pole connectors through the
wall into the house.
^ Feed the exhaust duct c through the
wall and secure it to the motor unit
fixing bracket with a hose clip.
^ Apply a sealant along the outside
edge on the rear wall of the blower
^ Mount the external blower on the
external wall using four screws d.
^ Seal the screw heads.
^ The ducting is then connected to the
cooker hood.
If using 8" (203 mm) ducting C, insert
the reducing collar e supplied into
the exhaust connection, and secure
the exhaust ducting to the reducing
collar with a hose clip. (See
"Connection for air extraction").
^ Place the exhaust ducting on the
blower connection f for the
ventilation hood.
^ See "Air Extraction" for additional
instructions on installation the

Electrical connection

See "Electrical connection" and
"Important Safety Iinstructions"
before connecting to the electrical



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