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Air Extraction - Miele DRIB XL Operating And Installation Instructions

Internal/external blower
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Air extraction

Danger of toxic fumes.
Gas cooking appliances release
carbon monoxide that can be
harmful or fatal if inhaled.
To reduce the risk of fire and to
properly exhaust air, the exhaust
gases extracted by the hood
should be vented outside of the
building only.
Do not vent exhaust air into
spaces within walls or ceilings or
in attics, crawl spaces or garages.
To reduce the risk of fire, only use
metal ductwork.
Please read and follow the
INSTRUCTIONS" to reduce the risk of
personal injury. Follow all local building
codes when installing the hood.
Exhaust ducting and connections
– The ducting should be as short and
straight as possible, and the number
of sharp bends should be minimized.
– For most efficient air extraction, the
diameter of the ductwork should not
be less than 8" (203 mm) for
DRIB/DREB XL and 10" (254 mm) for
DRIB/DREB XXL. Use of flat ducts
also reduces the air extraction
– Noise levels of the hood will increase
if flat ducts or round ducts of less
than than 8" (203 mm) for
DRIB/DREB XL and 10" (254 mm) for
DRIB/DREB XXL in diameter are
– Use smooth or flexible pipes made
from approved non-flammable
materials for exhaust ducting.
– Where the ductwork is horizontal, it
must slope away from the hood at
" per foot (1 cm per meter) to
prevent condensation dripping into
the appliance.
If the ductwork runs through rooms,
ceilings, garages, etc. where
temperature variations exist, it may
need to be insulated to reduce



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