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Cisco 7965 User Manual

Call manager
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Cisco Call Manager 7965 VOIP Phones
Status line
Soft key labels
Information bar at top of display Displays the Time, Date, and Primary Telephone Number.
Line Keys — Includes Primary Extension, or blank buttons available for Speed Dial
Soft Keys — In the lower part of display indicates available features: REDIAL, NEW CALL, CFWDALL (other features are
optional). If you see MORE that indicates additional features to choose from. The Soft Keys change with call activity
(more features to follow)
Scroll Bar — The arrows in the middle of the phone are used to scroll through menus and between calls
Fixed Keys include the following:
Message Key — Press this button as a shortcut to reach Voice Mail and with the CFWDALL to send all calls to Voice Mail
Settings Key Press the SETTINGS button, then SELECT button for User Preferences
Ring Type — Press SELECT for Ring Type, press SELECT Default ring. Scroll through the variety of ring types,
press PLAY to hear each one, and press SELECT, then OK to Save it.
Contrast — Scroll down to SELECT Contrast Use the UP or DOWN soft key to adjust the contrast and press SAVE
and then EXIT.
Directories - To view Received, Placed or Missed Calls Log or the Corporate Directory, scroll to select directory desired.
View numbers, edit numbers or dial numbers you see in the display. Caution: The Clear key erases all the numbers
except in the Corporate Directory
Services — View the URL to access the CCM User page where speed dial can be configured.
OnLine Help Key - Press the ? button and wait for a help directory, or press any key to display help for that key.
Headset Mute
New Dialing Instructions
Caller ID –
Dial a 4-digit extension
Call Window
Local Calls
Active Call
Dial 9 + number
Line Lights
Long Dist –
Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number +
Authorization code
International Dist –
Dial 9011+country code + number + #
Wait for a short tone, then enter
Authorization code
Voice Mail
Direct to VM box dialing
*+ extension number
— outside access
- 0


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Cisco 7965

  • Page 1 Cisco Call Manager 7965 VOIP Phones New Dialing Instructions Caller ID – Inter-office – Message Dial a 4-digit extension Call Window Waiting Local Calls – Active Call Status line Dial 9 + number Line Lights Long Dist – Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number +...
  • Page 2 Volume Control - Handset, Headset, Speakerphone, or Ringer volume. Use the volume bar on lower right of the phone. The volume control adjusts the volume for the current active condition. To save the setting, press SAVE. When the phone is idle it controls the ringing volume. Caution: Be careful not to turn the ringer completely off. Speaker Key —...
  • Page 3 SETTING UP YOUR MAILBOX From Offsite (Enrolling as a Cisco Unity Subscriber)  Dial the Voicemail telephone number Step 1 Call Cisco Unity Voicemail from Your 425-739-8240. Cisco IP Phone, or Another IP Phone  P r e s s ...
  • Page 4 Cisco Unity Voicemail Quick Reference During Message Retrieve Message After Message Restart message Rewind message Replay Message Forward message Save Pause Resume Save/Restore as saved* Save as new/Restore as new* Delete Fast-forward Delete Rewind message Saved Slow playback Fast-forward to end...
  • Page 5 Press the Services button on your phone. Use the navigation button to scroll to the IP Phone Agent service. This is an example of the IP Phone Agent screens shown in the Cisco IP Phone Agent User Guide, which will be reproduced in this guide.
  • Page 6 One Button Login Another phone service on the ACD phone is One Button Login. This service holds the agent's login credential, and when activated, directly sends the credential to the Contact Center server, and logs the agent in to the system. This service will be invoked by the second line button from the bottom on the 6961 phone.