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Alternate Electrical And Gas Line Connections; Drain Pan; Freeze Protection; Furnace Suspension - Whirlpool WGFM29 Installation Instructions Manual

93% and 95% 2-stage variable-speed gas furnace


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See "Vent/Flue Pipe and Combustion Air Pipe" for details
concerning the conversion to the alternate vent/flue and
combustion air connections.
When using the horizontal alternate vent configuration, you must
use the RF000142 vent drain kit. See "Alternate Flue/Vent
Location" illustration.
NOTE: Alternate vertical piping connections cannot be used
when an upflow furnace is installed with the supply air
discharging to the right, or when a counterflow furnace is installed
with the supply air discharging to the left. In either case, use the
standard flue and combustion air piping connections.
Alternate Flue/Vent Location
A. Vent/Drain
B. Airflow
C. Field supplied drain hose
The field supplied drain hose is connected from the vent/drain
connection to the condensate drain line with a field supplied
Make a small loop in the drain hose to serve as a P-trap.
Recommended Installation Positions—Upright Upflow
A. Air discharge
B. Alternate flue pipe location
Recommended Installation Positions—Horizontal
Upflow—Left Side Panel Discharge
A. Air discharge
B. Alternate flue pipe location
C. Bottom return duct connection
C. Side return duct connections
D. Bottom return duct connection
Recommended Installation Positions—Horizontal
Upflow—Right Side Panel Discharge
A. Bottom return duct connection
B. Air discharge

Alternate Electrical and Gas Line Connections

This furnace has provisions allowing for electrical and gas line
connections through either side panel. In horizontal applications,
the connections can be made either through the top or bottom of
the furnace.

Drain Pan

A drain pan must be provided if the furnace is installed above a
conditioned area. The drain pan must cover the entire area under
the furnace (and air conditioning coil, if applicable).

Freeze Protection

Refer to "Horizontal Applications and Conditions—Drain Trap and

Furnace Suspension

If the furnace is installed in a crawl space, it must be suspended
from the floor joist or supported by a concrete pad.
NOTE: Never install the furnace on the ground or allow it to be
exposed to water. Refer to "Location Requirements and
Considerations—Furnace Suspension" for further details.


Possible property damage, personal injury or death may
Goodman 52
occur if the correct conversion kits are not installed. The
appropriate kits must be applied to ensure safe and proper
furnace operation. All conversions must be performed by
a qualified installer or service agency.
This furnace is shipped from the factory configured for Natural
gas at standard altitude. Propane gas installations require an
orifice change to compensate for the energy content difference
between Natural and propane gas.
High altitude installations may require both a pressure switch and
an orifice/spring change. These changes are necessary to
compensate for the natural reduction in the density of both the
gas fuel and the combustion air at higher altitude.


Table of Contents

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