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Honeywell IQ Express Reference Manual

Iq express docking station for multipro
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Honeywell Analytics, Inc.
405 Barclay Boulevard
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
(800) 711-6776
(847) 955-8200
Fax (800) 995-4992
Part number 13-287
Version 4
27 August 2012


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Docking Station

    Reference Manual IQ Express Docking Station MultiPro Honeywell Analytics, Inc. 405 Barclay Boulevard Lincolnshire, IL 60069 (800) 711-6776 (847) 955-8200 Fax (800) 995-4992 Part number 13-287 Version 4 27 August 2012...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Delivery 2.Installation Installation Overview IQ Administrator Pro and PostgreSQL Database Server Installation IQ Database Manager Software Installation MultiPro IQ Express PC Software Installation Install IQ Administrator Pro and PostgreSQL database Power and Connectivity 2.6.1 PC – Single Dock via USB 2.6.2...
  • Page 4: Warnings And Cautions

    About IQ Express 6.Software Upgrades Appendix A: USB Architecture with Network Access Appendix B: Calibration Frequency Honeywell Analytics Warranty Gas Detection Products Warnings and Cautions Signal Words The following signal words, as defined by ANSI Z535.4-1998, are used in the MultiPro IQ Express Reference Manual.
  • Page 5: Overview

     Visual alarm test and to view and test the e-mail system.  Vibrating alarm test (if applicable) In the MultiPro IQ Express, e-mail may be  Fresh air calibration sent by the dock to a single e-mail  Bump test address when a fault is detected at the ...
  • Page 6: Pc Requirements

    2.6. section 3.2.1 below or the IQ Database 1.6 Sensor compatibility Manager Pro manual. The MultiPro IQ Express Dock is capable 1.3 PC Requirements of processing instruments containing any  Pentium II Processor 400MHz or...
  • Page 7: Installation Overview

    IQ Administrator Pro Whenever the user chooses to activate Reference Manual that is included with the MultiPro IQ Express without an active the IQ Express. PC connection, the dock will operate with 2.3 IQ Database Manager Software...
  • Page 8 “Next” to continue. The upgrade information and PC requirements will be shown. 7. To install IQ Express in the default directory at “C:\Program Files \ Biosystems \ IQ Pro \ MultiPro IQ Express Pro \” click “Next”. To install the files to another directory, click “Browse”...
  • Page 9: Install Iq Administrator Pro And Postgresql Database

    Instructions booklet if you are planning to connect the dock to the PC via Ethernet. Once the instructions in the booklet have been followed and the IQ Express Dock is connected, return to section 2.7 for Once the installation is complete, the...
  • Page 10: Connecting The Calibration Gas Cylinder To The Dock(S)

    2.7 Connecting the Calibration Gas regulator. Each IQ Express dock is able to draw calibration gas at a Cylinder to the Dock(s) maximum rate of 0.75 liters/minute. Connection requirements for calibration The demand flow regulator supplied by gas cylinders vary with how many docks Honeywell Analytics (part number 12- will be connected to the cylinder.
  • Page 11: Fresh Air Port Instructions

    used to connect a single gas cylinder Air Filter Check directly to a single dock. Connect the at Dock Valve(s) white quick disconnect fittings to the Single Dock in Fresh GAS ports on the docks and connect the open ends to the manifold’s open Multiple Docks in t-fittings.
  • Page 12: Providing Fresh Air In A Contaminated Environment

    Providing Fresh Air in a Contaminated gas cylinder is used to provide fresh air to Environment the dock(s). If the IQ Express is to be located in a Option 2: Using a Sealed Conduit to potentially contaminated environment, Provide Fresh Air to the Dock...
  • Page 13: Initial Pc- Dock Connection

    If 8 docks will be used, no on the MultiPro IQ Express Dock. modifications are necessary. For 2 to 2.8.1 PC screens 7 docks, begin by separating the The Found New Hardware screens will be tubing at the location described below.
  • Page 14: Dock Screens

    ↓ The IQ Express is ready to go once it alternates between the following two screens. In Windows XP, a warning screen will be  shown stating that MultiPro IQ Express software has not passed Windows Logo testing. Click “Continue Anyway” (XP Note: The asterisk to the right of the Only).
  • Page 15: Dock Status (Usb Connection)

    recognized. At the top of the right side of For more information regarding the screen there is a tab for each dock template settings, see the IQ Database that is currently installed and recognized. Manager Pro Reference Manual. Within each dock tab are two sub-tabs: If a fault is detected and the dock is one for dock controls and one that shows unable to complete the tests, the red fault...
  • Page 16: Hardware Configuration

    To change the configuration of the levels. For the best results, select the one MultiPro IQ Express Dock that is that most closely approximates the displayed, click on the “Change Config” background noise level expected during button at the lower right of the screen.
  • Page 17: Status After Test

    “Set Config” button is pressed. the instrument itself is not due for Status After Test calibration. Once the MultiPro IQ Express Dock Gas Configuration finishes processing an instrument, it can The calibration gas configuration for the be programmed to turn the instrument off,...
  • Page 18: Dock Lcd Display

    button to upload the new settings to the To test the dock connection, press the dock. Ping button. A status window will be shown to indicate whether the ping was successful or not. The software will notify you once the dock configuration has been updated.
  • Page 19: Advanced Settings / Passcode

    3.3 Advanced Settings / Passcode on the lower right. The software will automatically show the Security Login The MultiPro IQ Express Dock may be set screen and prompt you for your user to verify a specific 4-digit passcode (PIN) name and password. If the in any instrument that interfaces with the “Advanced”...
  • Page 20: Dock Use

    PIN setting to the instruments. The software will Dock Use automatically show the Security Login Once the MultiPro IQ Express is screen a second time and prompt you connected to the gas cylinder(s) and has for your user name and password.
  • Page 21: Test Sequence

    “zero air” containing 20.9% oxygen on the spacer should face down and be and 0 PPM toxic gases must be flush with the IQ Express Dock housing. connected to the fresh air port with a Once the spacer is in, insert the detector demand flow regulator and a piece of into the dock.
  • Page 22: Irda Connection Issues

    LCD will first indicate that the IrDA is not 4.3.2 Span calibration failure responding. If the IQ Express is unable to complete the span calibration, the dock will show the failure on the LCD. The failure will If the dock fails to reestablish the...
  • Page 23: Tools Menu

    The Tools menu contains options for the The Calibration Gas Lot Number is an MultiPro IQ Express including the input box that allows the user to enter the following: lot number into the PC’s records. The lot ...
  • Page 24: Certificates

    The checkbox to the left of “Display Gas To change the destination directory for the Readings” controls whether gas readings downloaded files, either type the address are shown on the IQ Express dock during in directly or use the “Browse” button to instrument processing. locate it.
  • Page 25: Software Upgrades

    C:\ Program Files \ the PC. The AC power supply may also Biosystems \ MultiPro IQ Express \ Dock be plugged back in at that time. Flash. Then run the Flash Upload...
  • Page 26: Appendix A: Usb Architecture With Network Access

    Appendix A: USB Architecture with Network Access...
  • Page 27: Appendix B: Calibration Frequency

    Calibration Checks are subject to poisoning. sensors are critical to survival in a or Bump Tests Honeywell Analytics’ website is hazardous environment, frequent The MultiPro has been shipped verification of sensor performance with a default calibration interval is paramount.
  • Page 28: Honeywell Analytics Warranty Gas Detection Products

    General Honeywell Analytics, Inc. (hereafter Honeywell Analytics) warrants gas detectors, sensors and accessories manufactured and sold by Honeywell Analytics, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the periods listed in the tables below. Damages to any Honeywell Analytics products that result from abuse, alteration, power fluctuations including surges and lightning strikes, incorrect voltage settings, incorrect batteries, or repair procedures not made in accordance with the Instrument’s Reference Manual are not covered by the Honeywell Analytics warranty.

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