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Honeywell CX80-ND Quick Start Manual

Non-dockable scan handle


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CX80 Non-Dockable Scan Handle
Model CX80-ND

Quick Start Guide




Summary of Contents for Honeywell CX80-ND

  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    CX80 Non-Dockable Scan Handle Model CX80-ND Quick Start Guide CX80-ND-EN-QS Rev A 04/18...
  • Page 2 Out of the Box Make sure that your shipping box contains these items: • CX80 Non-Dockable Scan Handle (CX80-ND) • Regulatory Sheet If any of these items are missing or appear damaged, contact your Customer Account Representative. Keep the original pack- aging in the event that you need to return the scan handle for service or if you want to store it while not in use.
  • Page 3: Insert The Cx80 Into The Scan Handle

    Insert the CX80 into the Scan Handle No special tools are required to attach the scan handle to the CX80. • Slide the CX80 into the scan handle until it clicks firmly in place.
  • Page 4 Scan a Bar Code with the Scan Handle The scan handle makes it easy to scan a bar code with the CX80. The scan handle does not interfere with the ability to hear a beep on a good read. • Pull on the handle trigger to scan a bar code.
  • Page 5 Remove the CX80 from the Scan Handle If you need to replace the battery, you will need to remove the CX80 from the scan handle: • Press in on the bottom of both scan handle latches and slide the CX80 out of the handle.
  • Page 6: Limited Warranty

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