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Korg POLY-800 Owner's Manual

Programmable polyphonic synthesizer.
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  • Page 2

    Thank you and Fongratulations on your choice of the KORG Poly-8OO. This instrument has been engi- neered for highest quality sounds and superb relia- bility. To obtain optimum performance from your new KORG Poly-800, please read this manual careful- ly before using.

  • Page 3

    MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DIGITAL INTERFACE (MIDI) bus sends and receives key data (pitches and gales), pitch bends, program changes, and full sequencer control. MIDI allows a Poly-800 to be linked with a second Poly-800 or another MIDI keyboard for rich layering effects.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TAPE INTERFACE ......................35 7.1 Saving program and sequencer data on tape ,.,_._! ............36 7.2 Recorded data tones ...................... 36 7-3 Verify ..........................7-4 Loading data into the Poly-800 0 ......... ~........L..36 POWER SUPPLY ......................40 Battery ,life ..

  • Page 5

    800 is left without a battery for more than five minutes. or LOCATION: if the batteiy becomes exhausted. the contents of the pro- D o avoid malfunction, do not use or leave the Poly-800 in the gram memory may be erased. Therefore, the batteries locations for long periods of time: should be checked reasonably often and replaced when direct sunlight.

  • Page 6

    Key assig: mode Joystick section Start/Stop switch step Speed Sequencer section...

  • Page 9

    strap peg H e a d p h o n e j a c k ’ program write switch Sequencer write switch...

  • Page 10

    When using an AC adaptor, use only the supplied KORG 9V AC adaptor (designed to be used with local voltage) to avoid possible damage. . Connect the AC adaptor to the Poly-800 rear panel DC r-OUTPUT L/MONO 9 V jack, and then plug the AC Adaptor into an AC wall...

  • Page 11: Selecting Programs

    Number of programs total program GRAMS and 10 SELECTPARAMETERS within 1 1 - 1 8 When the Poly-800 is turned on, Program Select made is 21-28 automatically chosen (only three characters shown in the 31-38 Disp1ay). The PROG/PARA button is used to switch bet- ween the two modes.

  • Page 12

    EXAMPLE: Selectlng Bank c’ PROGRAM NO. The dash in the right hand digit position means that the Poly-800 is waiting for you lo select the second digit. (The old program will sound until the second digit is entered.) BANK HOLD...

  • Page 13: Sound Synthesis

    SOURCES, sound MODIFIERS, and sound common way of creating new programs. CONTROLLERS. On the Poly-800. each parameter and its value are express. The basic sound SOURCES used in the Poiy-600 are eight ed by a pair of numbers: Digital Controlled Oscillators (DCOs). The DCOs produce the...

  • Page 14: Dc0

    3 . 4 . 1 DC0 1 With a Waveform Value o f all of the squarewave The basic sound sources of the Poly-800 are the eight Digitatly Harmonics (that are turned ON) are added together Controlled Oscillators (DCOs), which offer precise frequen-...

  • Page 15: Mode

    16’ and 4’ harmonics, at either the same level M O D E 3.4.2 (Square Waveform), or with the 16’ harmonic 3 times louder than the 4’ harmonic (Sawtooth Waveform). The DC0 MODE parameter determines the basic architec. When a Square Waveform is selected (Value of and any single ONE of the Harmonics parameters WHOLE Mode Is ON, a regular square wave is produced at the...

  • Page 16: Noise

    The Whiie Noise Generator &I be usad for a variety of special effects, either by ilself or mixed with the DCOs. Unlike any other synthesizar, the Poly-800 can “envelope” or arliculats Noise SEPARATELY from the oscillators, which can be used * to add small amounts of “breath noise”...

  • Page 17

    The Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) controls tonal quality (tim- bre) by selectively removing and emphasizing different over- tones of the DC0 waveforms. The VCF used in the Poly-800 Frequency and reduces or removes completely the overtones ABOVE rhe Cutoff Frequency. When RESONANCE is turn- ed up, any overtones very close to rhe Cutoff Frequency will be emphaslzed.

  • Page 18: Vcf

    Cutoff changes only 1 HALF OCTAVE Half ( VALUE EG INT FOR EVERY OCTAVE change in the Sweep deep lower notes brighter (more overtones) than higher notes, since the VCF cuts out shallow a note rises. pitch. Lower notes are much brighter than higher notes, as explained above.

  • Page 19: Deg

    HORUS 3.4.7 DEG The Poly-800 has nine Digital Envelope Generators (OEGs). the 8 individual OCOs. providing individual articulation (at- tack, decay, etc.) for each note. The remaining OEG (DEG 3) dynamically changes the VCF Cutoff and Noise level. These newly designed OEGs provide. highly improved percussive and instrumental sounds and many new special effects.

  • Page 20

    *Slope has no effect when Break Point and Sustain DECAY (Rats) are set to the same value. Determines the rate at which the envelope contour level falls from the maximum (Attack) lo the BREAK POINT level, after the ATrACK phase is completed, .

  • Page 21: Midi

    VALUE Delay of MG The Modulation Generator (MG) is a low frequency control Long oscillator used for regular, cyclic modulation of DC0 pitch and VCF cutoff frequency. The MG can be used for vibrato, growl, No delay: the effect begins automatic wah-wah and olher “repetitive”...

  • Page 22

    Poly-600 will respond to any Program Change codes received ovar the selected MIDI channel. With PROG CHANGE set to DISABLE (Value c ), the Poly-800 wilt IGNORE any Program Change codes received over MIDI. With hvo Poly-600s (or other compatible keyboards) linked together using MIDI.

  • Page 23: Creating Sounds

    CREATING SOUNDS 4. CREATING SOUNDS New sounds are created on the Poly-800 by changing or EDITING old programs. Since the Digital Control system pro memory, no Manual mode (found in older synthesizers) is needed. buttons To create a new sound, first select one of the 64 existing pro- grams that’s close to what you want (if no program is close.

  • Page 24

    The VCF Cutoff This dot shorn that the parameter Value has been changed; Parameter has now been selected. if you restore the parameter lo its previous Value. the dot will go out. However, if you leave Ihe new value in place (LED first (altered) parameter - the LED dot will NOT turn on.

  • Page 25

    You may now select any of the VCF parameters by press- Press the red WRITE button. The Program Number in the Display will be replaced by a pair of flashing lines. ing one of the Number buttons. For exadple. press ’ 3 ’ to show that you are in Wrile mode.

  • Page 26

    Select ttie program you want to move. using the Number Set the rear panel Program Write switch to the DISABLE buttons. position. EXAMPLE If you want to mow the sound In Program Number PROGRAM ENABLE/DISABLE ENABLE/DISABLE (so that only three dlglts are showing In the Display). Then, select Program Number the normal way.

  • Page 27

    CREATING SOlINnS Copy program 55 into Ii’,? This opens up 55 At this point, the sound originally stored in Program Number ,?j has been erased. and the same sound is is full but it’s not what you wanf. Copy r3 to 6 5 stored in two Program Numbers, : : and ?3.

  • Page 28: Tune

    Up footswitch. significantly extend the flexibility of the Poly-800. Adjusts the basic pitch of the Poly-800 to match other in- Up to eight fully-articulated notes may be played and releas- struments. Moving the slider towards ‘.#’ raises the pitch;...

  • Page 29

    PERFORMANCE FEATURES 53.3 CHORD MEMORY Any intewal or chord formation of up to 6 notes (WHOLE mode) or 4 notes (DOUBLE mode) can be “memorized” and notes. which can be monophonic lines, chords or any com- then reproduced by playing a single key. In CHORD MEMORY bination of the two.

  • Page 30

    Wrltlng a Note Play the note and release il. When you release the note, The Sequencer can record up to 256 “events’: If you’re recording a monophonic bass line where all notes are the the note is recorded with a leng!h of 1 step. same lenglh.

  • Page 31

    PERFORMANCE FEATURES While holding down a chord (‘F’, ‘A: ‘C: ‘E), press STEP Reaching the End of Memory twice and then release the keys, lo enter the chord with The Sequencer can record up to 258 events (see a length of a dotted 8lh note (a “dolled 8th chord’) (S;a. MEMORY CAPACITY, above).

  • Page 32

    . A FOdrSWlTCH (KORG PSI, S-l etc.) is normally con- nected to the PROGRAM UP jack on the rear panel. the sequence reaches the end jot the last note or reel you programmed, it returns to the peginning and .

  • Page 33: Musical Instrument Digital Interface (midi)

    The optional 5 pin DIN style MlDf connecti?g cable should be used for connecting the Poly-900 to another MIDI-corn- The Poly-800 can transmit and receive the f&lowing kinds of data over the MIDI bus. Key Data (pith of notes and when they begin & end) from the Keyboard .

  • Page 34

    If the sequencer or compuier does not send such mes- will also be played on the other synthesizer. sages, you can manually change the Poly-800 to the MULTI CH (OMNI Off) mode by simply selecting the RECEIVE CH parameter...

  • Page 35: Tape Interface

    You can then LOAD either Program data, Se- the CANCEL button lets you star? over again. Pressing quencer data, or both from the tape into the Poly-800. CANCEL during SAVE, LOAD, or VERIFY operations will whenever desired. The DISPLAY shows up to six different immediately cancel the operation.

  • Page 36

    It Is also useful for determining the best playback level to usa with your tape recorder Connect Poly-800 rear panel FROM TAPE jack to the tape recorder output j&k (EARPHONE or LINE OUT). Set FROM TAPE switch to HIGH (earphone) or LOW (line...

  • Page 37

    TAPE INTERFACE Start tape recorder playback. It will take about 14 seconds to Verify the data. There are three possibilities: The recorded data is GOOD (90 to step 7). There is an ERROR, and either the recorded data is bad or there is a level setting problem (90 to step 6). Rewind the tape to a little before the recording starts, and There is no apparent change (go to step 9).

  • Page 38

    LOADING doro from tape ERASES the corresponding dalo previously in /he Pa/y-800. LOW/HIGH ENABL Connect Poly-800 rear panel FROM TAPE jack to the tape recorder outpul jack (EARPHONE or LINE OUT). Set FROM TAPE switch to HIGH (earphone) or LOW (line LOW/HIGH future re1erence.

  • Page 39

    9. If you gel a “Err” (Error) message, or if the DISPLAY Select whelher Program data. Sequencer dafa or both does”‘1 change at all after about 15 seconds, press the will be loaded. CANCEL button and repeat the LOAD procedure from step 2;...

  • Page 40: Power Supply

    Turn off the POWER switch and disconnect the AC adapter from the PolyZtOO if it’s being used. Be sure to use only the recommended KORG SV AC adapter (rated at 300 mA). Other types of adapters may Remove the cover from the battery compartment in the cause malfunctions and can even damage the Poly-800.

  • Page 41

    Attack time, Decay time, Break Point l DC 9V level, Slope time, Sustain level. AC adapter jack (300 mA minimum; use only recommended KORG Release time (ALL 0 31). Attack time, Decay time, Break Point level, Slope time, Sustain level, Release time (ALL 0 _ 31).

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