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Disassembly & Assembly; Precaution - Asus MB17SE Service Manual

Lcd monitor
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V. Disassembly & Assembly

1. Precaution

Please read the precautions as follows to prevent any damages to the LCD
Monitor and also select the appropriate tools for disassembly and re-assembly.
Make sure all power connection is removed. Be sure that the LCD Monitor
is in power off status.
Prepare soft cloth and sponge as working platform to place LCD monitor
Hold LCD by the side carefully and DON'T touch or press panel directly.
Remove all rings, watches and any other metal objects from your hands
which possible to cause scratch.
Always wear a ground strap or anti-static glove to protect the parts from
static discharge. ESD (electro-static discharge) protection is required to
guarantee the safety of product and personnel.



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