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LG F1***ND1 Service Manual page 14

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Table of Contents
QC Test Mode
- Press Option and Spin and Power buttons simultaneously
Water level frequency buttons
- Press Time Delay and Temp. simultaneously
Time Delay & Beep ON/OFF
• Press the button when delayed washing is needed.
• When the button is pressed, [
• Each press advances time delay by the hour.
• Use [Power] button to cancel [Time Delay]
• [Time Delay] means the time required from the present to the completion of washing.
• The Beep on/off function can be set by pressing and holding the Time Delay button (About 3 seconds).
The Beep on/off function can be set at any time and it is automatically cancelled in the event of a power cut.
The Beep on/off function also works when power is off.
Power button
• Press the button to turn power
on and off.
• Press the button to cancel the
delay finish.
] is displayed, maximum delay of [
Tub Clean
• Tub Clean course can be set by pressing and
holding Option and Rinse button simultaneously.
• Tub Clean is special cycle to clean the inside of
the washer.
Child -Lock
• Child Lock system can be set and canceled by
pressing and holding both Option button and
Rinse button simultaneously more than 3 seconds.
Water temperature selector
• Press the button to select water temperature.
• 95°C is selected for Cotton and Baby Care only.
• By pressing the button while operating the
washer, the present temperature is displayed.
] hours can be set.


Table of Contents

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