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Tub Clean - LG F1***ND1 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
QC Test Mode
- Press Temp. and Spin and Power buttons simultaneously
Water level frequency buttons
Crease Care
- Press
Time Delay & Beep ON/OFF
• Press the button when reservation washing is needed.
• When the button is pressed, [
• Each press advances time delay by the hour.
• Use [Power] button to cancel [Time Delay]
• [Time Delay] means the time required from the present to the completion of washing.
• The Beep on/off function can be set by pressing and holding the Time Delay button (About 3 seconds).
The Beep on/off function can be set at any time and it is automatically cancelled in the event of a power cut.
The Beep on/off function also works when power is off.
• Medic Rinse : Function that offers more purity in rinse operation by maintaining the optimum
temperature for elimination of remnant detergent. It can be selected in all courses with
the exception of Quick 30. Hand Wash/Wool, Delicate course.
• Intensive : • If the laundry is heavily soiled "Intensive" option is effective.
• By selecting the Intensive option, the wash time may be extended, depending on the
program selected.
• Pre Wash : If the laundry is heavily soiled, "Pre Wash" course is effective.
Pre Wash is available in Cotton and Synthetic Program.
• Crease Care : If you want to prevent crease, select this button with spin
] is displayed, maximum delay of [
] hours can be set.
Child -Lock
• Child Lock system can be set and
canceled by pressing and holding both
Medic Rinse button and Pre Wash
button simultaneously more than 3

Tub Clean

• Tub Clean course can be set by
pressing and holding Intensive and
Crease Care button simultaneously.
• Tub Clean is special cycle to clean
the inside of the washer.
Power button
• Press the button to turn power on
and off.
• Press the button to cancel the
time delay.


Table of Contents

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