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EMPORIA RL1 User Manual

With desktopcharger (tl-rl1)
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Table of Contents
Congratulations on your emporia RL1 mobile phone!
To get you acquainted with your new mobile phone as quickly as
possible, we have put together all the essential information on a few
pages. The following pages of the user guide let you choose how much
time you want to spend acquainting yourself with the most important
functions of your mobile phone.
We hope you will have fun with your phone, and wish you all the best.
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Mobile phone
Charging cable
Battery pack
User guide
with Desktopcharger
(RL - V170EU)
(AK - RL1)
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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for EMPORIA RL1

  • Page 1 DEAR MOBILE PHONE USER! Congratulations on your emporia RL1 mobile phone! To get you acquainted with your new mobile phone as quickly as possible, we have put together all the essential information on a few pages. The following pages of the user guide let you choose how much time you want to spend acquainting yourself with the most important functions of your mobile phone.
  • Page 2: Start

    START 1.1 WHAT ARE ALL THE KEYS FOR? Volume adjustment Loudspeaker – Change the receiver volume during a call Display (=Screen) Operator – If telephone rings: End Call/Back/Delete key press to turn off the ringer – During a call: End call (it will ring again for the next call) –...
  • Page 3: Battery Compartment

    Flashlight key To switch on/off the flashlight. CAUTION: Don’t shine the light directly into the eyes of people or animals! Key lock Prevents accidental keypresses To lock/unlock the keypad press and hold for 2 seconds (See also chapter 3.4.2) Battery compartment High performance Li-Ion battery Internal antenna Signal strength...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENT 1 Start What are all the keys for? ........03 Inserting the SIM card.
  • Page 5 3 20 minutes for easy handling Useful functions of the keypad ......18 3.1.1 Key: Numbers Dialled.
  • Page 6 4 30 minutes for pros Entering text with the keypad .......24 SMS ...
  • Page 7 5 Menu overview ..........44. 6 Product and safety information .
  • Page 8: Inserting The Sim Card

    1.2 INSERTING THE SIM CARD You need a SIM card to use your phone. The SIM card is the small card with the clipped corner, which you got from your network provider. It serves as identification in the mobile phone network.
  • Page 9: Charging The Battery

    1.4 CHARGING THE BATTERY Please note: The battery pack included with your mobile phone should be charged for at least 4 hours before your first call. 1.4.1 Charging with the desktop charger 1. Insert the power plug into the power socket.
  • Page 10: You Are Ready: Turning The Mobile Phone On

    1.5 YOU ARE READY: TURNING THE MOBILE PHONE ON Press the key on the left of the mobile phone for two seconds. This will turn the mobile phone on. When you turn on your phone for the first time, you will be prompted to select a display language: Using move to the desired language and select it with...
  • Page 11: De-Activating The Pin Code Prompt

    1.6 DE-ACTIVATING THE PIN CODE PROMPT To prevent problems caused by forgetting the PIN code, we recommend you de-activate the PIN prompt. However, this is not possible with all network providers. 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to Settings and select it with 2.
  • Page 12: 10 Minutes To Get To Know Your Mobile Phone

    10 MINUTES TO GET TO KNOW YOUR MOBILE PHONE 2.1 DON’T WORRY IF YOU GET LOST IN THE MENU If you get “lost” in the menu, you can go back quickly by pressing several times. This will always return you to the familiar look of the screen in standby mode.
  • Page 13: Dialling With The Keypad

    2.3 DIALLING WITH THE KEYPAD ALWAYS enter the telephone number together with the area code. (Example: enter “049789789” for number 789789 with area code 049.) – Press to connect. – End the call by pressing . If the other caller hangs up first, you don’t need to press 2.4 REDIAL / CALL LIST 1.
  • Page 14: Dialling From The Phone Book

    2.6 DIALLING FROM THE PHONE BOOK Saved names and numbers are listed alphabetically in the phone book. 1. Press in standby mode: Phonebook will be displayed. 2. Use to navigate to the desired entry. 3. Press to call. Please note: To save yourself entering new telephone numbers into the phone book, you can have them sent to you via SMS.
  • Page 15: Accessing Your Phone Book With Sms

    2.8 ACCESSING YOUR PHONE BOOK WITH SMS You can receive Phonebook entries (from relations, friends, …) by SMS message. The messages have to be written in the following format: #Name#Number# Example: #Tobias#01509876543# – The telephone number has to be entered including the area code. –...
  • Page 16: 20 Minutes For Easy Handling

    20 MINUTES FOR EASY HANDLING 3.1 USEFUL FUNCTIONS OF THE KEYPAD 3.1.1 Key: Numbers Dialled 1. Press 3 seconds: The list of most recently dialled numbers will be displayed with date and time signature 2. Use to navigate through the list. 3.
  • Page 17: My Menu

    3.2 MY MENU You can set up your favourite menu functions in MyMenu (without spending time scrolling in the main menu, e.g. Silent/Sleep, calculator, search names and so on). Once MyMenu is activated you access by pressing in standby mode. 3.2.1 Activating My Menu 1.
  • Page 18: Alarm

    3.3 ALARM Your mobile phone is equipped with an alarm. The alarm will come with your selected alarm tone and a speaking clock. To access the alarm menu proceed as follows: 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to Settings and select it with 2.
  • Page 19: Snooze Function

    3.3.4 Snooze function To be reminded again after 5 minutes, select Snooze with the key while the alarm is ringing. You may repeat this up to 17 times (90 minutes). Otherwise shut off the alarm by pressing 3.3.5 Changing the alarm tone Settings / Sound &...
  • Page 20: Key Lock

    3.4 KEY LOCK To avoid accidental keypresses (if the phone is in your pocket or a handbag for example) you can lock the keypad. 3.4.1 Manual keypad lock – To activate the key lock press the - button on the right side of the mobile phone and hold it for 2 seconds.
  • Page 21: On/Off - Button

    3.5 ON/OFF - BUTTON To switch the mobile phone on or off hold the button on the left hand side of the mobile phone for 2 seconds. 3.6 MENU - BUTTON With the button you can access the menu points: SMS Message, Phone book, Call info, Settings VF1-Instruction-Manual-V2_54376-ENG.indd 23 VF1-Instruction-Manual-V2_54376-ENG.indd 23...
  • Page 22: 30 Minutes For Pros

    30 MINUTES FOR PROS 4.1 ENTERING TEXT WITH THE KEYPAD You may enter numbers and letters with the keypad. Every key represents several signs, depending on how often you press the key. You may delete or change signs in the entered text later on. –...
  • Page 23 I Made a Mistake. What Now? – To delete single signs on the left of the vertical line „ |“, press the key briefly. – If you press and hold the key for 3 seconds, all signs to the left of the vertical line „ |“ are deleted. (for instance to remove complete passages of text) Inserting Special Symbols Press the...
  • Page 24: Sms - Text Messages

    4.2 SMS - TEXT MESSAGES SMS are short written messages which may be sent to other mobile phone users. You only pay for sending them. Note: Some landline telephones can also receive SMS. 4.2.1 Writing SMS 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to SMS Message and select it with 2.
  • Page 25: Sending Sms

    4.2.2 Sending SMS 1. To send the completed text, press 2. Select Send with 3. Telephone number saved/not saved to your mobile phone: A Telephone number already saved in the phone book: 4. Select Search by pressing 5. Open Phone book by pressing again.
  • Page 26: Receiving Sms

    4.2.3 Receiving SMS A short signal and vibration indicates a received SMS. The display shows: New SMS Press to select the SMS. Now you can read the message. For longer texts, scroll down with the key. 4.2.4 Answering SMS 1. When you have finished reading the SMS, use to scroll down until the items Delete SMS, Call number, Read next SMS, Reply, Forward, Save to PhoneBk are displayed.
  • Page 27: Deleting Sms

    4.2.5 Deleting SMS Because a full SMS memory prevents the reception of further SMS, it must be deleted from time to time. 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to SMS Message and select it with 2. Use to navigate to Delete SMS and select it with 3.
  • Page 28: Creating And Inserting Templates

    4.2.7 Creating and Inserting Templates Templates are frequently used messages like Please call, or Running late, or I love you. Once made or selected from the template list they help save time when writing SMS messages. Existing templates can be changed before sending them.
  • Page 29: Sms Blacklist

    4.2.8 SMS Blacklist If you do not wish to receive SMS from certain people or advertisers, you can block whole numbers, or area codes (for instance 0900). 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to SMS Message and select it with 2.
  • Page 30: Phone Book

    4.3 PHONE BOOK The phone book allows you to save, change or search up to 500 numbers. The entries may be saved to the phone, or the SIM card. (See capter 4.3.7) Please note: We recommend saving your phone book regularly to a SIM back-up (available in stores, for instance as key pendants).
  • Page 31: Editing Phone Book Entries

    4.3.2 Editing phone book entries 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to Phone book and select it with 2. Use to navigate to Edit contact and select it with 3. Use 4. Use or the keypad to navigate to the entry to be edited, and select it with 5.
  • Page 32: Name Search

    4.3.3 Name Search You may select a number from the phone book list and call it. , to access Phone book in standby mode or Press via the menu Phone book / Search name. – Search for a phone book entry by entering one or more letters of the name on the keypad.
  • Page 33: Top 5: The Five Most Important Numbers

    4.3.4 Top 5: The five most important numbers Your five most important numbers can be placed at the beginning of the phone book list, regardless of their alphabetical order. Press and hold for your Top1 entry, the number is dialled; Press and hold for Top2, and so on …...
  • Page 34: Saving Telephone Numbers From Call Lists Or

    4.3.5 Saving telephone numbers from Call lists or SMS to the Phone book Call lists: You have opened a call list, and want to save a number in your phone book. to navigate to Save to PhoneBk at the end of the call list 1.
  • Page 35 Activating secure numbers: 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to Phone book and select it with 2. Use to navigate to Fixed dialling numbers and select it with 3. Use to select On/Off. 4. Press 5. Enter the PIN2 code using the keypad and confirm it with to select On and confirm with 6.
  • Page 36: Phone Book Settings

    4.3.7 Phone Book Settings Save entry on – SIM Card: You may transfer your phone book list to another mobile phone, or – Phone: Your phone book list stays in your phone when changing SIM cards. Memory in use determines if you are opening a phone book entry from SIM memory, phone memory, or from both locations.
  • Page 37: Settings

    4.4 SETTINGS If you want to change settings (for instance the alarm, ringer volume, display contrast …) this is the section to read. 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to Settings and select it with 2. Use Please note: The current setting is indicated by a checked box ( A new setting is indicated by a bar.
  • Page 38: De-Activate Pin Prompt

    Choose the Meeting/Theatre function (in Sound & alert), when you want to be alerted to a call or a message (by the vibration alarm), but don’t want others to notice – if you are sitting in a meeting, or in the theatre. Instead of ringing, your phone will beep twice and vibrate for 10 seconds.
  • Page 39: Sms To Phonebook

    4.4.3 SMS in Phonebook Here you can determine who may send you phone book entries by SMS. (See chapter 2.8) On: Anyone may send you phone book entries by SMS. They will be stored automatically in your phone book. Off: No one can send you phone book entries. However, entries will be displayed as SMS.
  • Page 40: Birthday Reminders

    4.4.4 Birthday reminders You can save birthday reminders. Save birthday reminders. 1. Press key. The menu will be displayed. to navigate to Settings and select it with 2. Use to navigate to Birthday reminder and select it with 3. Use to navigate to New birthday and select it with 4.
  • Page 41: Phone Book Settings

    4.4.5 Phone Book settings See chapter 4.3.7 4.4.6 Top 5: The most important numbers See chapter 4.3.4 4.4.7 Voicemail number If you press and hold the key for 3 seconds, you will be connected automatically with your voicemail. In case this number is not stored in your phone or on your SIM card, you will be prompted to enter the number.
  • Page 42: Menu Overview

    MENU OVERVIEW Operator SMS Message Phone book Di 26.01.2010 SMS Message Phone book Write new SMS Search name Received SMS Add contact Sent SMS Edit contact Unsent SMS Delete contact Templates Send contact by SMS Delete SMS Copy contact Send contact by SMS Top5 SMS Blacklist Fixed dialling numbers...
  • Page 43 Call info Settings Call info Settings Sound & alert Silent/Sleep mode Missed calls Ring tone Sound & alert Dialled numbers Alarm melody Handset volume Received calls Ringer volume Handsfree volume Delete all calls Silent/Sleep mode Display contrast Call duration Meeting/Theatre mode Text size Maximum/Bus mode SMS Text size...
  • Page 44: Product And Safety Information

    PRODUCT AND SAFETY INFORMATION Do not use while re-fuelling Read the Safety Information section of this user guide on page XX Do not use hand-held while driving This device may produce a bright or flashing light For body-worn operation maintain a Do not dispose of in a fire separation of 1.5 cm Small parts may cause a choking...
  • Page 45: Rf Exposure

    6.1 RF EXPOSURE Your phone contains a transmitter and a receiver. When it is ON, it receives and transmits RF energy. When you communicate with your phone, the system handling your call controls the power level at which your phone transmits. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver.
  • Page 46: Distraction

    Limiting exposure to radio frequency (RF) fields For individuals concerned about limiting their exposure to RF fields, the World Health Organisation (WHO) provides the following advice: Precautionary measures: Present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of mobile phones. If individuals are concerned, they might choose to limit their own or their children’s RF exposure by limiting the length of calls, or using ‘hands-free’...
  • Page 47: Ec-Declaration Of Conformity

    Vertriebs-GmbH & Co.KG., dass die Bauart des nachfolgend bezeichneten Gerätes den unten genannten einschlägigen EG-Richtlinien entspricht. We, Emporia Telecom Produktions- und Vertriebs- GmbH & Co. KG. declare under our sole responsibility that the following product is in conformity with the following relevant harmonised standards.
  • Page 48: Product Handling

    6.3 PRODUCT HANDLING This mobile phone is robust and designed for mobile operation. However, it must be protected from moisture (rain, bath…) and impact. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. Any utilization other than described above will cause damage to the device, and may be hazardous (electric shock, fire, etc.).
  • Page 49 Demagnetisation To avoid the risk of demagnetisation, do not allow electronic devices or magnetic media close to your phone for a long time. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) Do not touch the SIM card’s metal connectors. Power supply Do not connect your device to the power supply or switch it on until instructed to do so in the installation instructions.
  • Page 50: Repetitive Motion Injuries

    Repetitive Motion Injuries To minimise the risk of RSI, when Texting or playing games with your phone: – Do not grip the phone too tightly – Press the buttons lightly – Make use use of special features in the handset which minimise the number of buttons which have to be pressed, such as message templates and predictive text –...
  • Page 51: Electrical Safety

    6.4 ELECTRICAL SAFETY Accessories Use only approved accessories. Do not connect with incompatible products or accessories. Take care not to touch or allow metal objects, such as coins or key rings, to contact or short-circuit the battery terminals. Connection to a Car Seek professional advice when connecting a phone interface to the vehicle electrical system.
  • Page 52: Interference

    6.6 INTERFERENCE Mobile phones may cause interference in TV sets or radios, particularly when the handset is used close to such a device. Care must be taken when using the phone in close proximity to personal medical devices, such as pacemakers and hearing aids.
  • Page 53: Explosive Environments

    Aircraft Switch off your wireless device whenever you are instructed to do so by airport or airline staff. Consult the airline staff about the use of wireless devices on board the aircraft, if your device offers a ‘flight mode’ this must be enabled prior to boarding an aircraft. Interference in cars Please note that because of possible interference to electronic equipment, some vehicle manufacturers forbid the use of mobile phones in their vehicles unless a handsfree kit with an...
  • Page 54: Warranty

    Store these documents carefully. The extent of our warranty is based on the warranty conditions in effect at the time of delivery. To the greatest possible extent under current law emporia will not be liable under any circumstances for the following situations: –...
  • Page 55: Technical Product Description

    – Talk time: up to 150 Min. – Internal antenna, SAR 0.677 W/kg – Charger RL - V170EU (In: 110-240V~ Out: 5,0V— … 500mA) – Desktop charger: TL-RL1 (In: 5,0V— … 500mA Out: 5,0V— … 500mA) – Flashlight – Protection class 3 VF1-Instruction-Manual-V2_54376-ENG.indd 57 VF1-Instruction-Manual-V2_54376-ENG.indd 57...
  • Page 56: Frequently Asked Questions

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What do I have to pay for? You will begin to be charged for a phone call you initiated once someone (or your voicemail) has answered on the other end. When you use the SMS function, you will only be charged for sending the SMS, not writing or receiving it.
  • Page 57 How long will my phone work until I have to charge it again? The operating time depends among other things on the distance from the transmitter (if you are far away from it, the mobile phone needs a lot more energy to maintain contact), on the number of calls, and the volume setting.
  • Page 58 Did I select this function, or not? Your current setting is indicated by the checked box ( The new setting is indicated by a bar. Save the new setting with or keep the old setting with My call didn’t go through: –...
  • Page 59 The phone doesn’t charge Leave the mobile phone connected for at least 10 minutes. If it does not begin to charge (battery symbol displayed) contact your service centre, as the battery or the charger may be defective. Is it possible to hide my number? If you don’t want your telephone number to be seen by the other party, go to the menu and select Settings / Withhold number / Yes.
  • Page 60 Emporia Telecom Produktions- Emporia Telecom Hotline: und Vertriebs-GmbH & CoKG Deutschland: 0 180 · 59 13 181 Industriezeile 36 Österreich: 0 732 · 77 77 17 · 446 4020 Linz, Austria Schweiz: 0 8484 · 50 0 04 +43.732.77 77 17-0 +43.732.77 77 17-8...