Mitsubishi Electric A1 S64TCTT User Manual page 4

Melsec-a series
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0 Do not bundle, on install, the control cables and communication
cables with, or near, main circuit and power cables. Keep them at
least 1 OOmm away from such cables. Noise may cause errone-
ous operation.
0 Use the PC in the environment given in the general specifications
section of this manual.
Using the PC outside the range of the general specifications may
result in electric shock, fire, or erroneous operation or may dam-
age or degrade the product.
0 Insert the tabs at the bottom of the module into the holes in the
base unit before installing the module.
Improper installation may cause erroneous operation, accidents,
or the module to fall out.
0 Use a special PC N0.3 type ground or above to ground the FG
terminal. Not doing so could cause a malfunction.
0 Correctly wire the PC after checking the product's rated voltage
and the terminal layout. Connecting to other than the rated volt-
age or incorrectly wiring the PC could cause fire or damage.
0 Tighten the terminal screws with the specified torque. Loose ter-
minal screws could cause short circuits, fires, or a malfunction.
0 Be sure that cuttings, wire chips, or other foreign matter do not
enter the module.
Foreign matter may start a fire or cause
an accident or erroneous
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