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Fujitsu D2679-B11 Technical Manual

Fujitsu D2679-B11 Technical Manual

For tx100 s1


System Board D2679-B11
for TX100 S1
Technical Manual
Edition June 2009



Summary of Contents for Fujitsu D2679-B11

  • Page 1 System Board D2679-B11 for TX100 S1 Technical Manual Edition June 2009...
  • Page 2 Your feedback helps us optimize our documentation to suit your individual needs. Feel free to send us your comments by e-mail to Certified documentation according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 To ensure a consistently high quality standard and...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Replacing the lithium battery ....25 Abbreviations ....... 27 Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction This technical manual describes the system board D2679-B11, which can be ® equipped with one Intel XEON™ processors. Further information you will find in the "BIOS Setup“. For additional driver information, refer to the Readme files located on the server hard disk and on the supplied CDs or DVDs.
  • Page 7: Important Notes

    Information on which system expansions are approved for installation can be obtained from our customer service center or your sales outlet. The warranty expires if the device is damaged during the installation ● or replacement of system expansions. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 8 Incorrect replacement of lithium battery may lead to a risk of explosion. The batteries may only be replaced with identical batteries or with a type recommended by the manufacturer. It is essential to observe the instructions in the chapter “Replacing the lithium battery”. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 9 Place all components on a static-free surface. ● You will find a detailed description for handling ESD components in the relevant European or international standards (EN 61340-5-1, ANSI/ESD S20.20). Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 10: Ce Certificate Of Conformity

    The board complies with the requirements of the EC directives 2004/108/EC regarding “Electromagnetic Compatibility” and 2006/95/EC “Low Voltage Directive”. This is indicated by the CE marking (CE = Communauté Européenne). Compliance was tested in a typical PRIMERGY configuration. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 11: Environmental Protection

    Cd Cadmium Hg Mercury Pb Lead Labels on plastic casing parts Please avoid sticking your own labels on plastic parts wherever possible, since this makes it difficult to recycle them. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 12 Details regarding the return and recycling of devices and consumables within Europe can also be found in the "Returning used devices" manual, via your local Fujitsu Technology Solutions branch or from our recycling center in Paderborn: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Recycling Center D-33106 Paderborn Tel.
  • Page 13: Features

    – Super I/O controller (SMSC DME1737) – thermal and system management controller (BMC Heimdall) Internal connectors – floppy disk drive – main power connector (ATX 24 pin) – main power connector (ATX 4 pin) – system fan – USB front Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 14 – PCI-Express x4/x8 slot – PCI-Express x8/x8 slot BIOS features – Phoenix BIOS – Power on self-test – system boot possible from: – CD/DVD-ROM – USB – LAN – hard disk – floppy disk drive Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 15 TPM or the system board is faulty you will not be able to access your data. – If a failure occurs, please inform your service about the TPM activation before it takes any action, and be prepared to provide them with your backup copies of the TPM content. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 16: Main Memory

    The following table shows an overview of the PCI slots: PCI slot 64Bit/ Frequency Description 32Bit in MHz PCI e x1 PCI-Express x1 slot PCIe x8 PCI-Express x8 slot PCIe x4 PCI-Express x4 slot 32 Bit 33 32 Bit PCI bus slot Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 17 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 The selected ISA interrupt is assigned to the PCI interrupt. You may not select an ISA interrupt that is used by a component on the system board (e.g. controller) or an ISA board. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 18 PCI slots Features Controller oder slot INT LINE Onboard controller Slot PCIe USB 1.1 2. 3. 1 (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5 (E) 6 (F) 7 (G) 8 (H) Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 19: Screen Resolution

    Fan monitoring Fans that are no longer available, blocked or sticky fans are detected. Fan control The fans are regulated according to temperature. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 20 When voltage exceeds warning level high or falls below warning level low an alert will be generated. System Event Log (SEL) All monitored events of the system board are recorded in the System Event Log. They could be retrieved after a system reboot via ServerView. Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 21: Connectors And Jumpers

    Features Connectors and jumpers Connectors and jumpers Battery Figure 3: Internal connectors of the system board D2679-B11 1 = Front panel + jumper (RCV) 8 = Parallel port 2 = ATX power 4pin (PWR2) 9 = Fan (FAN3 SYS) 3 = ATX power 24pin (PWR1)
  • Page 22 System and BIOS Setup password must be entered when the device is switched on. inserted The System BIOS executes from floppy drive A: and the inserted “Flash-BIOS-Diskette“ restores the System BIOS on the system board. not inserted Normal operation (default setting). Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 23: External Connectors

    Features Connectors and jumpers 3.6.1 External connectors 11 10 Figure 5: External connectors of the system board D2679-B11 1 = LAN port 7 = PS/2 keyboard port 2 = USB3 port 8 = USB6 port 3 = USB5 port 9 = USB4 port...
  • Page 24 1 LAN link/activity green LAN connection no LAN connection flashing LAN transfer 2 LAN transfer rate green + transfer rate 10 Mbit/s (or yellow no connection) green transfer rate 100 Mbit/s yellow transfer rate 1000 Mbit/s Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 25: Replacing The Lithium Battery

    Ê Press the locking spring into direction of the arrow (1), so that the lithium battery jumps out of its socket. Ê Remove the battery (2). Ê Insert a new lithium battery of the same type into the socket (3) and (4). Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 27: Abbreviations

    Automatic Server Recovery and Restart Advanced Technology Attachment Battery Backup Unit BIOS Basic Input Output System Baseboard Management Controller CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor COMmunication port Customer Replaceable Unit Customer Self Service Central Processing Unit Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 28 Dynamic Random Access Memory Error Correction Code EEPROM Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EMRL Embedded RAID Logic Electrostatic Discharge EVRD Enterprise Voltage Regulator Down Fully Buffered DIMM Hard Disk Drive Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 29 Intelligent Organization Of PCI IPMB Intelligent Platform Management Bus IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface iRMC integrated Remote Management Controller Local Area Network Light Emitting Diode Memory Controller Hub Multi Processor Specification Non Maskable Interrupt Network Operating System Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 30 Operating System Peripheral Components Interconnect Prefailure Detection and Analyzing Programmed Input Output Programmable Logic Device POST Power-On Self Test PS(U) Power Supply (Unit) Pulse Wide Modulation Preboot eXecution Environment RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 31 SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface SDDC Single Device Data Correction SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory SHDG Server Hardware Design Guide SHPC Standard Hot Plug Controller System Management Bus Server Management Mode Symmetrically Multi Processing Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)
  • Page 32 Abbreviations Solid-State Drive Trusted Platform Module UHCI Unified Host Controller Interface Universal Serial Bus Video Graphics Adapter Voltage Regulator Down Voltage Regulator Module Wired for Management Wake up On LAN Technical Manual D2679-B11 (TX100 S1)

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