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Troubleshooting - Kenmore 132.95203210 Use & Care Manual

Indoor infrared heater with pco air purifier and humidifier
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Fig. 1
Pantalla LCD
Tapa del Tanque
del Humidificador
Fig. 1A
Fig. 1B
Tanque de
Agua del
Interruptor de
Mueva el interruptor en la parte trasera
de la unidad a la posición de "on" antes
de presionar el botón de "power" en la
pantalla LCD


Why does the blower fan not work
after I have turned on the heater
power button?
Salida del
Aire del
Why does the blower fan keep
running after I have turned off the
power button?
The heater's airflow seems to
have diminished?
Salida del
The heater has shut itself off and a
Aire Caliente
red LED light is illuminated on the
front of the heater?
Once I initially plug the unit in and
turn it on, how long will it take to
heat my room?
Can I use the heater to heat multiple
rooms at the same time?
The blower fan will not work until
the heating element is hot enough to
heat the air passing by. It will
normally turn on after about
10 seconds.
The blower fan will continue to run
until the proprietary heat chambers
have cooled down. After a few
minutes the fan will shut off
Make sure the rear intake is not
blocked and that the filter is clean.
Follow the filter maintenance
procedure to clean the filter.
The heater has gone into Auto
Recovery mode. This occurs when the
internal temperature of the heater
exceeds a pre-defined limit. Simply
wait a few minutes for the internal
components to cool down, and restart
the heater. Check to make sure no
other appliances are operating on the
circuit used to run the heater, as this
could also cause overheating.
Generally, it takes less than an hour.
Please remember that with any type
of heating process there are many
variables: size of the room, how well
the room is insulated, how many
doors/windows, how much bare
concrete (which acts as a heat sink
with any type of heating), the opening
and closing of an exterior door, and
the outside temperature etc.
Yes. Keep in mind the heating will vary
based on how open your floor plan is
and the sizes of the rooms involved.
In some cases, running a ceiling fan
will help in heating multiple rooms
simultaneously by placing the unit in
a central room.

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