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Controls & Connections - Harman Kardon SUB-TS15 Service Manual


Table of Contents
¡ Subwoofer-Level Control
™ High-Cut (Low-Pass) Filter Switch
£ External Trigger Input
¢ Audio-Sense On/Off Switch
¡ Subwoofer-Level Control: Volume
may be adjusted using the Subwoofer-
Level Control. Turn the control clockwise
to increase the SUB-TS15's volume, or
counterclockwise to decrease it.
™ High-Cut (Low-Pass) Filter Switch:
Placing this switch in the ON position acti-
vates circuitry that cuts out all audio input
signals above 120Hz. This allows the SUB-
TS15 to focus its power on reproducing the
low-frequency portion of the signal, avoiding
∞ Phase Switch
§ Line-Level Subwoofer (SUB) Input
¶ Line-Level Full-Range Inputs
• Speaker-Level Outputs
inefficiency and distortion. Engage this filter
when using the Speaker-Level Inputs ª,
or when using the Line-Level Full-Range
Inputs ¶, unless your receiver or processor
processes its line-level output using a low-
pass filter. The filter has no effect when the
SUB Input § is used.
£ External Trigger Input: Use the sup-
plied mini-plug cable to connect the trigger
output of another compatible product to this
jack. Whenever a trigger signal between
ª Speaker-Level Inputs
‚ Master Power Switch
⁄ AC Power Cord
3 and 30 volts (AC or DC) is detected, the
SUB-TS15 amplifier will turn on, even when
the Audio-Sense feature has been activated
by placing the Audio-Sense On/Off Switch
¢ in the AUTO position. The amplifier will
remain on for about 10–15 minutes without
a trigger signal.
¢ Audio-Sense On/Off Switch: When
placed in the AUTO position, and when the
Master Power Switch ‚ is turned on, the
SUB-TS15 will automatically turn itself on or

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents