Subwoofer Controls And Connections - JBL CINEMA SB400 Quick Start Manual

Powered soundbar speaker
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Bluetooth button (soundbar only): Press this button to play the
audio stream from a paired Bluetooth device through the soundbar. (The
Bluetooth Source Indicator LED will illuminate when a paired Bluetooth
device is the active source.) Press and hold this button to force the
soundbar into the Bluetooth pairing mode. See Bluetooth Operation, on
page 7, for more information.
Bass Boost button (remote control only): Press the remote's
Bass Boost button to enhance low-frequency performance. Pressing
the Bass Boost button again will return the soundbar's normal low-
frequency performance.


Subwoofer Level
Wireless Pairing
Wireless Pairing
Subwoofer Level control: Use this control to balance the subwoofer's
volume with that of the soundbar. Turn the knob clockwise to increase
the subwoofer's volume; turn it counterclockwise to decrease the
subwoofer's volume.
Crossover control: This knob adjusts the subwoofer's cutoff between
40Hz and 200Hz.The higher you set the Cutoff control, the higher
in frequency the subwoofer will operate and the more its bass will
"overlap" that of the soundbar. This adjustment helps achieve a smooth
transition of bass frequencies between the subwoofer and the soundbar
for a variety of different rooms and subwoofer locations. See Subwoofer
Crossover control, on page 8, for more information.
Phase switch: This switch determines whether the subwoofer driver's
piston-like action moves in and out in phase with the speakers in the
soundbar. If the subwoofer were to play out of phase with the soundbar
speakers, some of the sound waves produced by the subwoofer or
soundbar could be canceled, reducing bass performance and sonic
impact. This phenomenon depends in part on the relative placement of
the speakers in the room. See Subwoofer Phase switch, on page 8, for
more information.
Wireless Pairing switch and LED: Press this switch to initiate
wireless pairing between the subwoofer and the soundbar. See Pairing
the Units for Wireless Operation, on page 6, for more information.
• The LED lights blue continuously when the subwoofer is on and
linked to the soundbar.
• The LED slowly flashes blue when the subwoofer is on and the
wireless link is not established between the subwoofer and the
• The LED rapidly flashes blue during the wireless pairing process.
Power switch: Set this switch to the "On" position to activate the
subwoofer. In normal operation, this switch will be left in the "On"
position. See Turning the Subwoofer On and Off, on page 6, for more
If you will not be using the subwoofer for an extended period – for
instance, if you're going on vacation – set the Power switch to the "Off"
Power Cord connector: Connect the included power cord here and
into an active, unswitched AC outlet. See Power Connections, on page
5, for more information.
IMPORTANT: Do not connect the power cord to an AC outlet until
you have made and verified all other connections.
Power Cord

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