Step Two: Cleaning The Automatic Document Feeder; For The Fi-4120C & Fi-4220C - Fujitsu fi-4120C Instruction Manual

Cleaning and consumable replacement instructions
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Step Two: Cleaning the Automatic Document Feeder

Clear the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of any documents.
Push the ADF cover release button and open the ADF cover to
the front. Be careful that the open cover does not close on your
hands during this process.
Using a soft dry cloth or a cloth moistened with F1 Cleaner,
clean the following items:
Pad Assembly: Gently wipe the pad assembly in a downward
motion. Be careful not to bend the metal pick springs.
Pick Roller Unit: Gently clean this roller. If dust or debris
becomes attached to the roller it will degrade
feed performance.
Feed Roller: Gently clean these four rollers. Dust, particles, or
toner residue on the rollers may affect paper feeding.
*** You can make the rollers rotate to facilitate cleaning the entire
roller surface by first:
A) Open the ADF cover while the operator panel reads anything
except "P" or "0".
B) Then press and hold down the "Send" and "Scan" buttons.
Ve r s i t e c 1 - 8 8 8 - 7 2 2 - 6 5 4 8
*For the Fi-4120c & Fi-4220c
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