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F²mc-16lx family v1.0
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2 Overview

2.1 Abstract

The ADA-91270-90340-100PFV is an adapter board that can be used together with the
evaluation board FLASH-CAN-100P-340 or as a stand-alone system with some limitations.
The ADA-91270-90340-100PFV supports devices of the 16-Bit MB90340 and MB96340
Series and 32-Bit MB91270 Series with LQFP package PFV/M05.
It can be used stand alone for software development and testing of with Flash-devices or as
a target board to work with the emulator system.
The board allows the designer immediately to start with the software development before his
own final target system is available.

2.2 Features of adapter board ADA-91270-90340-100PFV

< Supports the following series in FPT-100P-M05 package:
< MB90340 Series: MB90F34x PFV
< MB96340 Series: MB96F34x PFV (Please see chapter 7 for modification)
< MB91270 Series: MB91F272x PFV
< All resources available for evaluation
< All pins routed to connectors
< 4 MHz main-crystal, 32kHz subclock-crystal (selectable by jumpers)
< Run- / Program-Mode Selector
< One UART interface (optional)

2.3 Features supported by base-board FLASH-CAN-100P-340

< 9-12V unregulated external DC power supply usable
< 5V internal power supply, Power-LED
< In-Circuit serial Flash programming
< Two UART interfaces
< Two LIN interfaces
< Two High-Speed CAN Transceivers
< 8 User LEDs, optional: alphanumeric standard LC-Display connectable instead of LEDs
< Reset-Button, Reset-LED
< Up to 5 User-buttons
< 96 pin VG connector
The adapter board will be delivered with the MB91F272WPFV (dual clock version).
This microcontroller contains a 'burn-in'-boot loader for programming the flash.
This board must only be used for test applications
in an evaluation laboratory environment.
© Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH
ADA-91270-90340-100PFV v1.0
Chapter 2 Overview
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