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Honeywell HSD-361P Operation Manual

Vista series hsd speed dome
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VISTA Series HSD Speed Dome
HSD-361P Operation Manual
Read this Manual carefully before installation and keep it by hand for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell HSD-361P

  • Page 1 VISTA Series HSD Speed Dome HSD-361P Operation Manual Read this Manual carefully before installation and keep it by hand for future reference.
  • Page 2 CAUTION  Persons without technical qualifications should not attempt to operate this dome device before reading this Manual thoroughly.  Remove any power to the dome before attempting any operations or adjustments inside the dome cover to avoid potential damage to the mechanism. ...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Auto AF…………………………………………18 ……………………………………………1 Cautions Auto AE…………………………………………18 ……………………………………1 Package contents …………………………1 ………………………………18 Chapter One – Introduction Vector Scan AF Vector Scan Still…………………………………18 …………………1 Performance Characteristics ……………………1 4.5 Diagnostic Options ……………………………18 Features and Functions Clear Memory …………………………………18 ………………2 Chapter Two – Camera installation Restore Def Setting ……………………………18 ………………………2 Important Safeguards...
  • Page 4: Package Contents

    Package Contents Please check the quantity of the package contents when open the carton. Description Manual, Certificate each1 BNC Wire Rubber Cushion Lower housing of dome Bag of screws High Speed Dome Camera Module Wall bracket AC24V transformer Camera Shroud Terminal Please contact the distributors in time if the spare parts are missing.
  • Page 5: Chapter One - Introduction

    Chapter One – Introduction 1.1 Performance Characteristics  0~255 individually addressed units. The dome address is defined using a dip switch with 8 positions (Binary addressing scheme).  Integrated multi-protocol and auto protocol differentiation. Note: The dome can auto differentiate the protocol of the controller only on power up.
  • Page 6: Chapter Two - Camera Installation

     Intelligent power off real time memory (Should power fail while the dome was in operation, the dome well resume its preprogrammed function upon power restores).  Highly efficient 3-dimensional scan function (User can change the pan scan tour when the dome is in manual scan or auto scan between two pan points).
  • Page 7: Package Contents

    2.2 Package Contents 2.2.1 Below figures illustrate the package contents. Figure 1. Illustrates the upper layer of the carton (top half), Figure 2. Illustrates the lower layer of the carton (bottom half). Fig 1 Fig 2 Sequence No. Description Manual, Certificate BNC Wire Rubber Cushion Lower housing for the dome, Terminal...
  • Page 8: Camera Installation

    Sony camera model screw holes Honeywell camera model screw holes Fig.6 Fig.7...
  • Page 9: Camera Shroud Installation

    2.4 Camera Shroud installation Fig.8 illustrates the location of the 4 screw holes for the camera shroud (M3). Fig.8 Fig.9 Screw holes Tighten the screws Fig.10 Fig.11 2.4.1 Position the open end of the camera shroud towards the camera lens as illustrated on Fig. 9. Align the 4 holes of the shroud with the 4 holes on the core of the dome as illustrated in Fig.
  • Page 10 Fig. 14 illustrates installation of wall bracket Fig 15 illustrates installation of pendent bracket 4- M 8 W al l br acket B r a c k e t a d a p t e r S i l i c a g e l S i l i c a g e l Fig.14 Fig.15...
  • Page 11: Installation Of The Acrylic Dome Cover

    Installation of the acrylic dome cover The Way of installation is to rotate the acrylic dome cover. Caution should be exercised when handling the clear dome by wearing the cotton glove so as to prevent any abrasions or scratches to the surface as this will affect the optical performance of the camera Installation instruction Carefully align the two parts and slowly rotate counterclockwise as illustrated in Fig.
  • Page 12: Wiring Specifications

    Wiring Specifications Fig. 19 is the illustration of the wiring diagram for the electrical connections to the dome unit. Fig. 20 illustrates the supplied power supply. : Yellow/green Ground wire 黄 绿 相 间:接 大 地 BNC Connector:Video output 视 频 输 出 黑...
  • Page 13: Chapter Three Basic Configuration

    Chapter Three – Basic Configuration Wiring User can understand the dome electric connection property and adjust, assemble, test and operate the device on show with convenience Please read the wiring illustration carefully for the first time use Any wrong connection may cause the permanent damage of the dome or other equipments :...
  • Page 14: Protocol And Baud Rate Setting

    : Yellow/green Ground wire BNC Connector:Video output Connect to keyboard Orange:RS485+ controller Yellow:RS485- Red,black:AC24V power supply Terminal:Connect to the dome device : Yellow/green Ground wire Caution: This operation should be performed with the power OFF. Before installation and use, the unique address for each dome and the communication protocol including transmission speed (baud rate) should be set to correspond with the chosen control system Protocol and baud rate setting (Caution: This operation should be performed with the power OFF.) Protocol and baud rate...
  • Page 15: Address Setting Of Each Dome

    On/Off Baud rate 2400 4800 Thi s fi gur e shows pr otocol of 9600 PELCO- D, Baud r ate of 2400. 19200 Address setting of each dome ( Caution: This operation should be performed with the power OFF.) Setting method: The sum of switch numbers when it is at ON position is the address of dome device Calculation example of dome device address: (2+4+16=22), the address is 22 Dome device range: 0 ~...
  • Page 16: Chapter Four Menu Setting

    Chapter Four – Menu setting Operation in struction Menu operation To make a selection, move the joystick in the UP or DOWN direction The on-screen arrow points to the selected option Press OPEN or use the joystick t o the Left or Right position you can change the value of your selection or enter the submenu for the selected option Press CLOSE to exit menu or return to the previous menu Number...
  • Page 17: Control Options

    Control Options Diagnostic Options Set the dome in manual or auto operation Data information management setup and make its tilt and pan action as well as Diagnostic Options the camera to be compatible with the whole → 1. Clear Memory ontrolling sy stem and user indiv idual setting...
  • Page 18 PreShot Setup Setup the preset position on the menu 1. Move the joystick Left/Right or press OPEN to enter Display Options. PreShot Name 2. Move the joystick Left/Right to move the cursor to select the PreShot Options. 1. Number 3. Move the joystick Left or Right or press OPEN to enter PreShot Options. →...
  • Page 19  PreShot Name PreShot Name Edit PreShot Name 1. Number 1. Ref<number input instruction>edit PreShot name. 2. PreShot Setup 2. Move the cursor to select PreShot name. 3. Call PreShot 4. Move the joystick Left or Right or press OPEN to enter Name 4.
  • Page 20  Sector Name 1. Select Sector Name. Press OPEN to enter Name Editing. Sector Setup 2. Edit name. 1. Number →2. Name 3. Pan Start POS 4. Pan End POS 5. Tilt Start POS IRIS CLOSE to Exit  Pan Start POS Sector Setup 1.
  • Page 21 Steps: Sector Setup Select Name Display and move the joystick Left 6. Tilt End POS or Right or press OPEN to switch On/Off. → 7. Name Display IRIS CLOSE to Exit Coordinates Crosshairs Display Options Display Options 1. Preset Position 1.
  • Page 22: Restore Def Setting

    Set Default Function Steps: Move the joystick Up or Down to move the cursor to select Restore Def. Set Default Function Move the joystick Left or Right to setup PreShot Position/ PTZ tour/ → 1. Set Default Function Vector scan Select Number and press OPEN to enter Function Numbering setting.
  • Page 23: Color System

    Color System Function: Setup video mode of dome same with that of camera. Diagnostic Options Steps: 1. Clear Memory Move the joystick Up/Down to move the cursor to select Video Mode. 2. Restore Def. Setting → Note: This camera only supports PAL. 3.
  • Page 24 AE Control AE Control 1. AE Mode → 1. AE Mode Auto Steps: 2. Shutter Speed Auto 1) Move the joystick Up or Down to move the cursor to select AE Mode. 3. Iris Level Auto 2) Move the joystick Left or Right to setup AE Mode. 4.
  • Page 25: Camera Name

    Others Others → 1. Sharpness 2. Back Light 3. WB Mode Auto 4. R Gain Auto 5. B Gain Auto 6. Vertical Mirror 7. Horizontal Mirror 8. R SW Mode Auto 9. Stabilization 10. Function 11. Line Sync IRIS CLOSE to Exit Setup Mask Zone Function: User can mask the zone and protect the mask Zone.
  • Page 26: Mask Zone

    Mask Color Camera Options 1. Mask Color 1. Camera Exposure Steps: 2. Camera Name 1) Move the joystick Up or Down to move the cursor to select 3. Others Color Setting of Camera. 4. Mask Zone → 2) Move the joystick Left or Right to move the cursor to select 5.
  • Page 27: Ptz Tour

    Vector Scan Vector Scan Function: User can combine different Auto-Scan Tour based on all Function Programming kinds of tours. → 1. PTZ Tour  Vector Scan Tour Operation: 2. Vector Scan 1. Move the joystick Up or Down to select Vector Scan. 2.
  • Page 28: Of Dome Device

    Short-cut operation and specification of dome device Problem Description Possible Reason Solutions Remarks S.N. Check if the power cable is Power cable is connected improperly connected to power of AC24V Please follow After power on, Fault of power PCB of dome device Change the power PCB above basic system No motion and no image.
  • Page 29: Short-Cut Operation Table

    Short-cut operation table Operation Function description SONY CALL Save speed of Line Scan √ √ PRESET Run default Preset Tour √ √ CALL Enable Line Scan √ √ PRESET Save start of Line Scan √ √ PRESET Save end of Line Scan √...
  • Page 30: Product Specifications

    Product Specifications Dome type HSD-36IP Color system Pickup device 1/4"Sony IT CCD Total pixels 795(H)X596(V) Effective pixels 752(H)X582(V) Scanning frequency H:15.625KHz/V:50.00Hz Horizontal Resolution Color:480Lines/B\W:570Lines Minimum illumination Color:0.5Lux/F1.6(50IRE) B\W:0.001Lux/F1.6(50IRE) Optic zoom 36X f=3.6~129.6mm(F1.65~F4.2) Digital zoom Angle of view(H) 53.8°(wide)~1.64°(tilt) Sync system Internal (V-LOCK) S/N ration >50db(AGC OFF)
  • Page 31: Lightning Arresters And Surge Suppressors

    Operation Humidity 0%~90% (without condensation) Supplied Power DC 9V~DC 14V Power consumption Max 5W(Motor Active) Weight 0.27Kg Dimensions 51.6 x 60 x 82.5mm(W x H x D) ¤ Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Lightning arresters and Surge Suppressors The product adopts TVS lightning proof technology to prevent from damage by lightning strike below 1500 W and impulse signals such as surge;...