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Engine Service And Maintenance; Caring For Vacuum Hoses; Cleaning Exhaust Screen - Husqvarna 540200800 Operator's Manual

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Maintenance and Service Instructions

Engine Service and Maintenance

Follow the engine manufacturer's maintenance instructions. Should any malfunction occur with the
engine during the warranty period, take it to an Authorized Service Dealer. DO NOT tear down the
engine, as this may void the Engine Manufacturer's Warranty.
NOTE: Refer to engine manufacturer's owner's manual for all engine service information.

Caring For Vacuum Hoses

1. Inspect hoses before each use. If hoses have excessive wear, tears, or punctures, replace
2. To prolong the life of the hose, periodically rotate hose and turn hose end to end. Refer
to Preventative Maintenance Schedule in this manual.
3. Avoid twists and sharp turns in the hoses, as they will increase wear on the hoses.
4. Avoid dragging the lower hose along the sides of buildings or other hard surfaces.

Cleaning Exhaust Screen

To assist with "blowout" problems that will develop when air cannot exit the containers, the rubber flap
bolted to the upper surface of the steel top insert (right rear corner) is designed to open if the top
assembly is otherwise clogged.
If the rubber flap opens, it will release debris behind the vacuum system. While the containers will
typically continue to fill, this is an indication that the top insert needs to be cleaned.
To clean the top insert:
1. Shut off all engines.
2. While wearing gloves, open the top, remove the containers, and reach in and up to wipe debris off
the expanded metal openings inside the top assembly.
3. A household water hose can also be used to assist in the cleaning process, but the unit should be
allowed to dry as the moisture may cause clogging to occur more quickly during operation.


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