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Running Costs - Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan PUHZ-W50VHA-BS Homeowner's Manual

Air source heat pump
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Running Costs

Due to the fact that most houses will vary in size, occupants, electricity supplier
and desired heating requirements it is impossible to give a completely accurate
guide to electricity usage with a Ecodan® Air Source Heat Pump, but providing
the homeowner has followed the guidelines in this manual savings will be made
over conventional gas/ oil boilers.
Ecodan ®
4 Bedroom House
Oil Burner
Ecodan ®
3 Bedroom House
Oil Burner
Typical usage patterns—oil and electricity prices as per January 2008
When transferring from a gas boiler to a heat pump boiler please be aware that
your electrical bills will rise. The additional cost to your electrical bill should be
less than the previous gas bill.
If this is higher than previous, the homeowner will need to review the settings on
the air source heat-pump boiler as it is likely to be running for longer than neces-
sary. It is important to not waste energy as unnecessary CO
the homeowner will be paying for it. Significant savings will be made if the ASHP is
working in an optimum operating condition.
To find the cheapest energy for your area try online with they
can help reduce energy bills. Economy tariffs that provide cheaper electricity in
the early hours compliment ASHP's; the hot water tank can be heated up at the
cheapest time and then hot water is available when the occupants wake up. These
can be set by a timer so occupants do not need to wake in the middle of the night
to turn on the tank.
Carbon (kg) Actual Running Cost (£)
will be emitted and

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