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Troubleshooting; Maintenance - Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan PUHZ-W50VHA-BS Homeowner's Manual

Air source heat pump
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Basic Troubleshooting
Below is a list of basic problems and actions.
For a full list of Ecodan® fault codes, synopsis and remedial actions please consult the relevant service manual available to
download from
Water does not heat well
Water or vapour is emitted from the outdoor unit
The operation indicator does not appear in the
remote controller display
appears in the remote controller display.
When restarting the outdoor unit soon after stop-
ping it, it does not operate even though there is a
demand from the control equipment.
"PLEASE WAIT" appears in the remote controller
An error code appears in the remote controller


The maintenance is low on Ecodan® due to the unit being a sealed system like a fridge. Visual
checks that can be carried out by the homeowner keeping debris like leaves clear of the unit. Also
check for signs of damage to the unit. Repairs should not be carried out by the homeowner, this
will invalidate the warranty issued.
Check the temperature adjustment and adjust the set tem-
Make sure that there is plenty of space around the outdoor
During the heating mode, water may form and drip from the
heat exchanger of outdoor unit
During the defrosting mode, water on the heat exchanger of
outdoor unit—evaporates and water vapour may be emit-
Turn on the power switch.
controller display.
This is the normal display, the system is waiting for a signal
to operate from the control equipment
Wait approximately 3 minutes. (Operation has stopped to
protect the outdoor unit.)
The initial settings are being performed. Wait approximately
3 minutes.
If the remote controller is not only for FTC, change it
The protection devices have operated to protect the FTC
and outdoor unit
Consult the error code section of the relevant service man-
ual or call the technical support helpline on 0870 3000 300
for assistance
Will appear in the remote

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