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Surefire A2-HA-xx Operator's Manual

Digitally-controlled dual light source flashlight
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Model A2-HA-xx
A2 AviatorDigital Plus™ Flashlight
Operator's Manual
D i g i t a l l y - C o n t r o l l e d D u a l L i g h t
S o u r c e F l a s h l i g h t
Revision A 6-1-2003


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Surefire A2-HA-xx

  • Page 1 Model A2-HA-xx A2 AviatorDigital Plus™ Flashlight Operator’s Manual D i g i t a l l y - C o n t r o l l e d D u a l L i g h t S o u r c e F l a s h l i g h t...
  • Page 2 A2 AVIATOR Introduction The A2 Aviator is fitted with three LEDs (Light ® Emitting Diodes) surrounding an incandescent main lamp. Powered by two 3-volt lithium batteries, the Aviator features digital current regulation circuitry and a two-stage switch. The current regulation circuitry matches the lamp’s current requirements to the batteries’...
  • Page 3: Operation

    O-rings. Note: DO NOT use petroleum- based lubricant on SureFire O-rings. After prolonged exposure to moisture, the bezel, lamp, and batteries should be removed, inspected, and dried if necessary.
  • Page 4: Led Assembly

  • Page 5 What can be said, in simple terms at this time, is that the light output of the A2 exceeds the 60 lumen output of comparable SureFire tungsten lamp flashlights (6P, C2, E2e, etc.), and runtime is longer than the one hour specified for these tungsten lamp flashlights.
  • Page 6 ® from defects in materials and workmanship. SureFire will repair or replace, at its option without charge, any product or part found to be defective under normal use and service. Such repair or replacement shall be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy under...

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