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Potential problems


Metal loss

New buildings often contain a large amount of metal
(for example, meshes in concrete floors and ceilings).
The metal can change the tone of the audio signal on
the induction loops. You can adjust the tone of the
audio signal on the induction loops with the Metal loss
compensation control on the rear of the loop amplifier
(refer to section 5.3).


The larger the induction loops, the more overspill.
When there is overspill, people outside the room with
the induction loop system can overhear the audio signal
on the induction loop. Overspill can also cause
interference on other induction loop systems in the
same building.
When you design a quadrature system (refer to section
2.2.2 and section 2.2.3) or a low-spill system (refer to
section 2.2.4), you can avoid large induction loops and
thus avoid the potential problem of overspill.

Earth loops

Earth loops can cause interference on the induction loop
system. You can avoid earth loops when you connect
the shielding of cables only to one device.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents