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Design And Planning; Introduction; System Types; Simple System - Bosch PLN-1LA10 Installation And User Instructions Manual

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Plena Loop Amplifier | Installation and User Instructions | Design and planning

Design and planning

2. 1


We advise you to contact the local association of
hard-of-hearing people to make sure that the induction
loop system will be satisfactory in every way.

System types


Simple system

A simple induction loop system consists of a (master)
loop amplifier with one or more induction loops (refer
to figure 2.1 and figure 2.2).
figure 2. 1 : Simple system, single loop
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When you connect more than one induction loop to a
(master) loop amplifier, make sure that the induction
loops are of the same size (refer to figure 2.2).
figure 2.2: Simple system, multiple loops

Quadrature systems

2.2.2. 1
One of the key features of the Plena Loop Amplifier is
that it can be used in quadrature systems. In a
quadrature system, an even number of Plena Loop
Amplifiers work together to make a magnetic field that
has the same strength throughout the whole covered
area drops fast to zero beyond the borders of the
covered area.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents