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Something Not Working - Zanussi FAE1025V Owner's Manual

Zanussi washing machine
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Something not working?

Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without
calling technical service. Before contacting your local Service Force Centre, please check the following possible
problems listed below.
During machine operation it is possible that
• 4 flashes = door open.
• 2 flashes = the water is not drained.
• 1 flash = there is no water filling.
Once the problem has been eliminated, press
checks, the problem persists, contact your local Service Centre.
Problems which can be resolved without a technician's help.
- The machine does not start up:
- The machine does not fill:
- The machine fills then empties
- The machine does not drain and / or
does not spin:
- There is water on the floor:
END light flashes to indicate that something is not working
START /PAUSE button to restart the programme. If after all
• The door has not been closed.
• The plug is not properly inserted in the power socket.
• There is no power in the socket.
• The main fuse or the fuse in the plug has blown.
• The programme selector dial is not correctly
positioned and
been pressed.
• The water tap is off.
• The filter in the inlet hose is blocked.
• The inlet hose may be squashed or kinked.
• The door has not been closed.
• The end of the drain hose is lower than the
• The end of the drain hose is submerged in water.
• There is no air circulation in the installation,
between the machine drain hose and the one in the
• The drain hose may be squashed or kinked.
The drain pump may be blocked.
The drain hose extension is not correct. Follow the
instructions to connect it to the drain.
The drainage system pipes are blocked.
The laundry load is off balance: redistribute the
garments in the drum to allow the machine to spin.
• There is too much detergent or an inappropriate
detergent has been used (it makes too much foam).
• Check whether there are any leaks from one of the
inlet hose fittings. It is not always easy to see this as
the water runs down the hose; check to see if it is
• The drain hose may be damaged or is not securely
positioned to prevent leaks.
• The detergent dispenser drawer is clogged.
• The drainage system pipes are blocked.
Possible cause
START /PAUSE button has not
option has been selected.



Table of Contents

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