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Transistor Inverter
High-performance Inverter TOSVERT™


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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba TOSVERT VF-AS1

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    Transistor Inverter High-performance Inverter TOSVERT™...

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    • Applications: Process lines, Printing machines, Coilers/uncoilers *1 Depends on the voltage and capacity range *2 When a TOSHIBA standard 3-phase, 0.4 to 3.7kw 4-pole motor are driven ™ High-performance Inverter TOSVERT Applicable Motor Output (kW)

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    Function IEC harmonics standards. Parameter setting macro function requirements. Conventional models (400 V, 30 kW) VF-AS1 (400 V, 30 kW) V/f control mode selection Maximum frequency Input current value 87.6 A Input current value 58.8 A • You can also use the EASY key as a panel/remote key to switch...

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    Built-in transistor for dynamic braking • The VF-AS1 has a built-in transistor for dynamic braking up to 160 kW, *2: DeviceNet is a registered trademark of ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor which makes it ideal for lifting applications.

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    This panel is an 23-character x 8-line display, and can be used Ambient temperature 60°C The VF-AS1 can be used at a rating up to an ambient for simple setup and monitoring temperature of 50°C and in environments up to 60°C at a by s e l e c t i o n o f p a ra m e t e r s derating current.

  • Page 6: Basic Functions

    Basic functions Standard specifications ■ Each “setup item” that determines the control characteristics of the inverter is called a “parameter.” Standard specifications (200 V class - 0.4 to 45 kW, 400 V class -0.75 to 75 kW model) For example, to change the acceleration time, you choose the acceleration time parameter (titled “ ”).

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    Standard specifications ■ ■ Standard specifications (200 V class -55 to 75 kW, 400 V class -90 to 500 kW model) Common Specifications 200 V class Item Specification Control system Sinusoidal PWM control Output voltage adjustment Main circuit voltage feedback control. (Switchable between automatic adjustment/fix/control off) Item Specification Setting between 0.01 to 500Hz.

  • Page 8: External Dimensions

    External dimensions ■ 200 V class - 0.4 to 45 kW, 400 V class -0.75 to 75 kW model Figure A Figure B Figure G Figure H 4-ø16 4-ø16 2-R4.5 2-R3 2-R2.5 W1 (Installation W1 (Installation 2-R2.5 dimension) dimension) W1 (Installation W1 (Installation dimension) dimension)

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    External dimensions ■ 200 V class - 55 to 75 kW, 400 V class - 90 to 500 kW model Figure J Figure J' Figure M Figure M' 4-ø24 4-ø24 2-R5.7 2-R5.7 2-R5.7 W1 (Installation 2-R5.7 dimension) W1 (Installation W1 (Installation dimension) dimension) W1 (Installation...

  • Page 10: Standard Connection Diagrams

    Standard connection diagrams Terminal functions ■ Main circuit terminal Main circuit power supply Terminal Symbol Terminal Function 200 V class: Grounding terminal for inverter casing +DC -DC 0.4 to 55 kW 3-phase, 200 to 240 V - 50/60 Hz 200V class: 400V class: 0.4~45kW Three-phase 200~240V-50/60Hz...

  • Page 11: For Inverter Users

    Toshiba CCR12 type of relays) in both the same and other lines. When ELCBs Installing a power factor improvement capacitor on the input or output side causes are used, the PWM carrier frequency needs to be increased to operate the...

  • Page 12: Peripheral Devices

    Note 1) Indicates the recommended model No. of product made by Toshiba Schneider Electric Ltd. Note 2) Selections for use of the Toshiba 4-pole standard motor with power supply voltage of 200V/400V-50Hz. Note 3) Choose the MCCB according to the power supply capacity.

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    Toshiba inverter is incorporated or to any equipment that is used in combination with the Toshiba inverter. Nor shall Toshiba, its subsidiaries, affiliates or agents be...

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