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Husqvarna 136 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna chainsaw user manual.
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Operator's Manual
136 / 141
Instruction Manual
Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating
do so can result in serious injury.


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  • Page 1

    Husqvarna Operator's Manual 136 / 141 Instruction Manual Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructionsbefore usingthis product. Failureto do so can result in serious injury. 530088541 4/24/01...

  • Page 2: Chainsaw Overview

    Cylinder Cover Front Handle Front Hand Guard Starter Cover Chain Oil Tank Starter Handle CarburetorAdjusting Screw Choke Control Rear Handle 10. ON/OFF Stop Switch 11. Fuel Tank 12. Muffler WARNING! This chain saw can be dangerous! use can cause serious or even fatal injury. Read and understand Measured maximum kickback valuewithout chain combination...

  • Page 3

    • Keep fuel and oil caps, screws, and fas- teners securely tightened. • Use only Husqvarna accessories placement parts as recommended. HANDLE FUEL • Do not smoke while handling fuel or while operating the saw.

  • Page 4

    Thereshould b enosmoking, openflames, orworkthatcould causesparks. A IIowen- gineto coolbefore refueling. • Mix andpourfuelin an outdoor areaon bareground; s torefuelina cool,dry,well ventilated place;and use an approved, markedcontainerfor all fuel purposes. Wipeupallfuelspillsbefore startingsaw. • Moveatleast10feet(3meters) f romfuel- ingsitebefore starting engine. • Turnthe engine off andlet sawcoolin a non-combustible area,notondry leaves, straw, p aper, e tc.

  • Page 5

    Take your unit to the place of purchase Husqvarna Servicing Dealer, or to the near- est Authorized Husqvarna Service Dealer. "_ Large Radius Tip...

  • Page 6

    Federal OSHA Regulationsfor Commercial Logging. Contact your authorized Husqvarna service dealer. SAFETY NOTICE: Exposure vibrations through prolonged use of gasoline powered hand tools could cause vessel...

  • Page 7: Chain Tension

    Locationof shippingspacer Bar Clamp/ Bar Clamp Nuts Cha_ Bar Tool • An adjusting pin and screw is used to ad- just the tension of the chain. It is very im- portant when assembling the bar, that the pin located on the adjusting screw aligns intoa hole in the bar.

  • Page 8: Fueling And Lubrication

    Husqvarna oil operation, resists high temperature thinning. If Husqvarna bar oil is not available, use a good grade SAE 30 oil. • Never use waste oil for bar and chain lu- brication.

  • Page 9

    OF A ofthe guidebar. This Either of these events guide bars and low-kick- and are recom- If the brake a broken brake from a Husqvarna Service Dealer. chain brake manually (by hand) or activated, it is pullingthe front hand guard...

  • Page 10

    wristagainst t hehandguard without r eleas- ingyour griparoundthe fronthandle. T he chainshouldstopimmediately. Inertia activating function control _k, WARNING: When performing the fol- lowing procedure, the engine must be turned off. IMPORTANT POINTS • Check chain tension before first use and after 1 minute of operation.

  • Page 11

    Final (felling) cut here. 2" (5 cm) above center of_otch. First cut ,5c_ --, :÷1 / -- x!". /I Seco_6 cut_ __Notch • After removing the cutout of wood, make the felling cut on the opposite side of the notch. This is done by making a cut about two inches higher than the center of the notch.

  • Page 12

    BUCKING WITHOUT A SUPPORT • Overcut through 1/3 of the diameter of the log. • Roll the log over and finish with a second overcut. • Watch for logs with a compression prevent the saw from pinching. lustration for cutting logs with a compres- sion side.

  • Page 13

    _',WARNIN_: Muffler is very hot dur- ing and after use. Do not touch the muffler or allow combustible material such grass or fuel to do so. d}JLWARNING: Disconnect plug before performing maintenance except for carburetor adjustments. We recommend all service and adjustments not listed in this manual be performed by an Authorized Service Dealer MAINTENANCE...

  • Page 14

    CHAIN SHARPENING Chain sharpening is a complicated task that requires special tools. We recommended you refer chain sharpeningto a professional chain sharpener. IGNITION TIMING Ignition timing is fixed and nonadjustable. SPARK PLUG The spark plug should be replaced year to ensure the engine starts easier and runs better.

  • Page 15

    1 : LIMITED WARRANTY Husqvama Forest & Garden ("Husqvarna") warrants Husqvama product to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase for the "Warranty Period" of the prod- ucts as set forth below:...

  • Page 16

    Your emission control system includes parts such as the carburetor and the ignition sys- tem. Where a warrantable condition exits, HUSQVARNA will repair your lawn and gar- den equipmentengine at no cost to you. Ex- penses covered...

  • Page 17

    REPAIR DIFIED PARTS: The use of add-on or modi- fied parts can be grounds for disallowing a warranty claim. HUSQVARNA is not liable to cover failures of warranted parts caused by the use of add-on or modified parts. HOW TO FILE A CLAIM:...

  • Page 18

    Husqvama Printed in U.S.A.

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